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Earl Blumenauer To Provide Federal Marijuana Law Update This Weekend

earl blumenauer marijuana garden fundraiser

(image via Oregon Cannabis Connection)

United States Representative Earl Blumenauer is a hero in my eyes, and should be in the eyes of all cannabis consumers and supporters. Earl Blumenauer has always done an outstanding job of representing the State of Oregon in Congress when it comes to cannabis reform, and has also represented the cannabis movement as a whole. Chances are if you hear of a pro-cannabis bill being introduced in the United States House of Representatives, Earl Blumeaner will be involved with it, if he didn’t introduce it himself.

The next Congress is going to be an active one when it comes to cannabis legislation, with potential ramifications for the entire country. Congress will hopefully pick up where they left off, with a number of marijuana bills being considered before the last session ended. Anyone who is involved in the cannabis industry should be hanging on everything Earl Blumenauer has to say about federal cannabis reforms, since he will be at the heart of it. If you can make it to Portland, Oregon this weekend for the Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference, you can hear Earl give a keynote speech which will no doubt be full of useful federal cannabis legislation information. Per Marijuana Politics:

Cannabis industry participants are rightfully concerned about banking regulations that outlaw financial services to state-regulated marijuana businesses. Congressman Blumenauer has done a tremendous job explaining this critical issue to federal officials, helping bring Oregon Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden to the cause. The ridiculous 280e IRS tax code that prevents marijuana businesses from deducting normal business expenses also plagues cannabis entrepreneurs and Blumenauer has worked to bring conservative officials and even activists like Grover Norquist to his side of the issue. Fittingly, Blumenauer has joined forces with Colorado’s Jared Polis to introduce a federal legalization bill. The cannabis community doesn’t have a greater ally in Congress nor a better resource to discuss the present and future of federal marijuana law.

Tickets to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference are still available. In addition to Representative Earl Blumenauer, the Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference will have a number of other world-class speakers and fantastic learning and networking opportunities.


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  1. Wake up folks. America has a RECORD-BREAKING, DO-NOTHING, REPUBLICAN CONGRESS that has set new records for DOING NOTHING. They certainly are not going to pass any progressive legislation. As long as the 2/3 of Americans who didn’t even bother to vote in our last election are still asleep on their couches, Republicans will inflict a most CONSERVATIVE INACTION.

  2. Republican when it comes to the fate of the nation, foreign policy. Liberation on most social issues.

  3. “Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.” ― Henry David Thoreau

    Am I dreaming, or can we make this happen? MY hopes
    are that states that have legalized marijuana would be willing to step forward
    once again and sign this petition in masses. Other people in states that
    haven’t evolved, may feel that they could be penalized, and tracked down for
    signing it. I hope not, but I think that many people who support this, don’t
    want to risk it for some odd reason. So only help if you can. Thank
    you! Michael,

    Can medical marijuana be included in the American
    Disability Act (ADA)?

    Can an executive order be written?


    We petition the Obama administration to:

    Reclassify marijuana as a less abusive drug. To be added to the American
    Disability Act, (ADA) for MS conditions.

    Request that marijuana be reclassified as a less abusive drug. To be added to
    the American Disability Act, (ADA) that a trial of cannabis is deemed to be a
    reasonable option if other treatments have not been effective. Marijuana may be
    used for MS Conditions and is approved in ten countries and should be allowed
    in the U.S.A. without penalty. President
    Obama can rewrite the ADA.

    A 2012 review found no problems with tolerance, abuse or addiction. Opiates,
    such as morphine which is highly addictive, aren’t effective at treating MS
    with that sort of pain.

    Any fines, punishments by City Councils/States, be eliminated or reduced to
    $1.00 to remove any incentives of cities making money off of a person’s

    Published Date: Aug 30, 2015.

    Or, In Heaven’s Name! Grant me my Religious

    Should marijuana be a religious

    States that have legalized marijuana, have shown a 2% drop
    in teen use from 8th grade to 12th.
    Marijuana has been used in religions date back to Hinduism 2000 years
    before Jesus Christ. I quoted scripture from three verses of its use in Jesus
    times. I give you an example from my own experiences of smoking marijuana for
    my religious reasons. Let’s review those as it helps me reach an Oneness
    with my inner Being. These words and thought
    are inspired by one of my modern day spiritual teachers, Abraham Hicks.

    I can’t help but feel, and to say with certainty, that
    smoking marijuana brings me closer to God. That when presented with clarity how
    marijuana helps me turn off my mind, expand my feelings and emotions, to ask
    the question behind the question behind the question in search for God’s truth
    for myself. I think a good man could bring this understanding of awareness to
    the masses of people and allow smoking marijuana as a religious freedom. As
    Abraham Hicks points out, we create with our thoughts and our feelings. What
    I’ve discovered is that smoking marijuana expands my focus. Our mind is how we
    focus. This is the reason, and why we are creators, and even deliberate
    creators, of our own destinies because we allow the mind to focus.

    This focusing creates a vibration. Humans are vibrational
    beings. The universe is a vibrational energy. Energy is something that can
    never be destroyed. So the way we understand this vibration is the way we
    understand what focus is. Focus is all about what we’re thinking, and speaking.
    So the way we understand how we focus, is on how we’re feeling. Our emotions
    determine how we’re feeling. So when I discovered that when I pay attention to
    the way I feel, I can control the way I feel by focusing my thoughts. I can
    then get into the same vibrational energy as with the source that’s within me.
    This source is the source that’s within us all. We can have this source
    vibrational energy walk with us throughout our day.

    I think thoughts that are in alignment with what I feel
    source feels about me, or what source feels about anything, I feel that power
    of energy then going through me. Pretty amazing, so now I know with certainty I
    came from source energy. Every time I can, I then plug into this source energy.
    I can feel the power of this source. Like clarity more than confusion. Like
    happy more than sad. Like a feeling of love, more than a feeling of hate. Like
    a feeling of appreciating or optimism more than pessimism. Etc.

  4. Rep. Earl Blumenauer is a true friend to the cannabis nation. Thank you Sir, for being a true representative for your people. We need more like him and I am a Republican.

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