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Economic Damage: Unintended Consequences Of Marijuana Prohibition For Farmers


oregon measure 91 legalization new approachOregon farmers are forced to watch while consumers here buy millions of dollars in hemp seed for food, clothing made of hemp and thousand of other products made from this cash crop, all grown in foreign countries.

Ryan Basile is an Oregonian, a farmer and an agricultural businessman. In this video, he alerts us all to unintended consequences of laws banning marijuana and how it’s holding back an entire economy perfect for Oregon’s climate.

Ryan knows that Measure 91 will compel the state Department of Agriculture to cut the remaining red tape and allow hemp growing and manufacturing in Oregon.

  • Hemp plants are considered a dangerous narcotic simply because they’re related to marijuana plants.
  • Smoking hemp will NOT get you high.
  • Hemp is a fibrous plant that can be turned into oil, wax, rope, resin, cloth, paper, pulp and food.
  • Canadians make half a billion dollars a year on it, and about 90% of the hemp they grow is exported to the United States. Oregonians are seeing the consequences for our strange approach to hemp while Canadians are profiting off of us.
  • Canadians have a 20-year lead on us in hemp research, and everyday it is illegal to grow hemp in Oregon we fall further behind.

“There is an entire hemp economy sitting on the sidelines waiting for voters to pass Measure 91”, says Ryan Basile, a farmer and agricultural salesman from Oregon. “From fiber processing to clothing manufacturing, the hemp industry will create jobs and money for our economy,” Basile says.

“Hemp is even being used in auto and tractor parts instead of fiberglass! The sooner we fix the marijuana laws, the faster we can get to work driving the Oregon economy, instead of feeding foreign economies.” said Ryan Basile.

Hemp is just one example of how our current drug policies make no sense.

Measure 91 will regulate, legalize and tax marijuana in Oregon. It will empower hard-working Oregonians to take over an industry currently run by gangs and violent cartels. It will raise tens of millions of tax dollars to benefit schools, law enforcement and drug prevention and treatment.


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  1. Secretary Of War on

    And isn’t it weird that Conservative Capitalists want to keep it illegal?

    Wouldn’t the citizens having access to an extremely valuable crop that exists in the public domain be good for the economy?

    Oh, wait… There are some corporations that would lose profits because of that.

  2. The plant bio-synthetic pathways end with CBDA and or THCA. Cannabis & Hemp produce ingredients from which THC can be made sure, but they don’t produce THC. They cannot.

  3. You’re right about the good side of prohibition but 2000$/ lb? Are you selling 1/8th to teenagers? 1000$/lbs is more what we get here and it’s still an highly profitable business. The end of prohibition would mean heavy taxes and cannabis culture would end up being as profitable as growing vegetables which mean living on the verge of poverty with huge debts.

  4. LOL…I don’t think so.

    The market that large corps would be in sells Cannabis flowers for $50-150/lb wholesale completely untaxed and unregulated (they would be taxed and regulated btw). They can’t do much in my market where you are looking at $1600-3000/lb wholesale (my current market is $2000/lb untaxed and with fairly low regulatory requirements). I know they won’t be hiring me unless I have sole proprietorship and they are subordinated meaning I can fire them for being incompetent.

    Thee Cannabis economy won’t add anything. It already exists. The economic benefit would be the elimination of jail time for consumption, distribution, and production of Cannabis. Average people actually profit more from prohibition. If prohibition never happened, I would have very little opportunity to make it into the “ownership/investor class.”

  5. I can make THC from any hemp plant.

    All CBD can be isomerized to D9THC by refluxing in an acid. Some acids are better than others, but Ace Hardware or Lowes has most of what you need to cook up pounds of THC from hemp plants. The internet will happily supply the rest of the equipment. 1lb of hemp flowers can be extracted and isomerized to yield 15-40g of THC (a strong dose is 15mg and you probably consume 50mg to get 15mg absorbed). The black market does not care about complex impurities that might be produced by “cooking” raw plant extracts in boiling acids and hydrocarbons. A hemp field would require the same protection as a drug Cannabis field if drug prohibition is maintained (assuming not every person is an ignorant fool).

    Hemp is legal in Oregon anyways. The problem is that people are BITCHES and cannot stand up for objective reality. The Federal government cannot rationally justify prohibition and that is why the Supreme Court will not actually hear fundamental challenges to the physical properties of drugs vs prohibition. Hemp is not competitive in Oregon. It can’t be much more than an occasionally profitable cover crop at this point in time (OSU determined nearly 2 decades ago that varieties specific to the region would be required just for marginal profitability). The Supreme Court thinks its OK to feed children Amphetamine to make them behave the way they want but thinks its wrong (bad for society) for an adult to take Amphetamine as a performance booster (think about what that means). In other words, children medical speed=OK, adult performance enhancement speed= NOT OK

  6. BIG Corporations own market share. They have no interest in the dirty work of bringing this viable product to market. It will provide Jobs & Opportunity to their employees, and that provided “price competition” for the labor product they purchase from the workers. They are letting the little guy do the groundwork, and they will step in when the market volume has reached their interest level. So the little guy should do the opposite. Grow illegal until BIG Corporations gets it on the shelf etc. Then appeal to the Regional market with Oregon Hemp vs. some “corporate” branding.

  7. Did anyone ever think of telling the public that Cannabis & Hemp CANNOT produce THC? THC is the transient cannabinoid that is a result of the Non-Enzymatic Decarboxylation of THCA. This process begins in earnest at 174F. Maybe if you stop choosing from the Democrat/Republican Syndicated options and offer TRUTH to the people perhaps they will get behind the effort then. Maybe they don’t want to choose a Syndicated option? Just a thought. :-/

  8. Once upon a time we as American s could grow hemp an our farmers could earn an income but when government got involved it was illegal if anyone can Remember what happened to many farmers when that happened our agricultural community went down the tube .I’ve been self medicating since I was 9 for chronic asthma now 50 year s later I still self medicate for numerous health issues I signed up to normal way back when n I’m still it’s biggest advocate

  9. That would be great just imagine if it was on a national level. China is the biggest grower of hemp for fiber.

  10. Maybe the farms owned by corporation should get involved in legalization. So they can grow hemp. Wy should other countries bennifit because of our unjust ignorant laws. Laws passed by corporate greed and lobbying

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