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Embarrassment Over Marijuana Use Quickly Fading In Entertainment


rihanna marijuana bluntIt used to be that if a celebrity were caught smoking marijuana, he or she would have to perform a whole song and dance to the tune of regret and shame. There’d be the pulled endorsements, the heartfelt public apology via print, the heartfelt public apology via talk show circuit, and the hefty donation to a drug rehabilitation center. And even after all the tears and penitence, some careers just couldn’t recover.

Luckily, more and more celebrities are refusing to apologize for using a substance that is safer than alcohol, and more sectors of society are refusing to stigmatize them for it.

With social followings in the millions, entertainers like Rihanna and Justin Bieber are in a unique position. They have a platform to educate people about the comparative dangers of marijuana versus alcohol and to reach out to elected officials to promote policy change. We can only hope that as the fear of ruined careers dissipates further, more celebrities will take advantage of that platform and help out the people who face much harsher consequences for making the safer choice: everyone else.

Some, such as Brad Pitt, have already started.

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Johnny Green


  1. We are talking about mainstream entertainment? The type of entertainment portrayed by the TV networks, that thin film of scum floating atop an ocean of talent and diversity?

    I get your point, but it always amuses me when things break into the mainstream (usually by force). The mainstream is lagging behind trends and when it becomes acceptable in the mainstream it is an indication of a flatline or downturn in popularity.

    I think it may not be that cannabis is more acceptable, its just, everywhere now…

  2. There’s no more social stigma unless you publicly denounced cannabis use in the past, like Steve Katz, and then “get caught” with it. Celebrities and politicians, alike know they’ll never go to jail for cannabis. Hypocrisy will always be stigmatized, and rightfully so.

    In fact, I’ve been fairly entertained by teen celebs being photographed using cannabis because the photos always turn into jokes or internet memes.
    Like Kristen Stewart, the Twilight actress known for looking sad all the time… The caption of her photo was “Smokes Weed — Still Won’t Smile”
    Or the Michael Phelps photo: “Winners don’t smoke marijuana — CHAMPIONS DO”
    But my all-time favorite: “This week, Justin Beiber was spotted smoking weed. In other news, smoking weed is no longer considered cool.”

  3. If they have to fear that they will lose their career over smoking Weed, then they’re not in control of their careers in the first place and are just a cog in the machine.

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