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Ending The Drug War, Healing Our Communities: Cops, Docs, And Clergy Speaking With One Voice


protect families firstIf you are in the area:

When: Saturday, December 5at 9:00am – 12:30pm in EST

Where: Gloria Dei Lutheran Church 15 Hayes St, Providence, Rhode Island 02908

For over forty years the war on drugs has been waged with the criminal justice system its primary weapon. This war has cost the United States over a trillion dollars and millions of lives. Today, 1 in 35 American adults is under control of the criminal justice system, with arrests, convictions, and lengthy sentences impacting Blacks and Latinos disproportionately. Drug overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, claiming the lives of more than 44,000 people each year, and tens of thousands of people in Mexico and Central America have been killed, disappeared, or displaced because of drug war violence.

But people are coming together and calling for change.

Please join us for a regional conference featuring faith leaders, community organizers, law enforcement officials, and health professionals to learn about the growing movement to end the war on drugs.

Free Spanish translation services available.


Confirmed speakers include:

-Neill Franklin, Executive Director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
-Dr. James Crowley, MD, Professor Emeritus at Brown Medical School
-Rev. Alexander Sharp, Executive Director of Clergy for a New Drug Policy
-Richard Van Wickler, superintendent of Chesire County Dept. of Corrections in New Hampshire

RSVP at: http://copsdocsclergy.eventbrite.com/

Durante más de cuarenta años, la guerra de drogas se ha luchado a través del sistema de justicia penal. Esta guerra ha costado a los Estados Unidos más de un trillón de dólares y millones de vidas. Hoy en día, 1 de cada 35 adultos estadounidenses está bajo el control del sistema de justicia penal, con arrestos, condenas y sentencias largas que afectan a las personas afroamericanas y latinas desproporcionadamente. Sobredosis es la causa principal de muerte accidental en los Estados Unidos, cobrando la vida de más de 44,000 personas cada año, y decenas de miles de personas en México y Centroamérica han sido asesinados, desaparecidos o desplazados por la violencia de la guerra contra las drogas.

Pero la gente se están uniendo y diciendo “Alto a la guerra contra las drogas.”

Por favor acompáñenos para una conferencia regional con líderes religiosos, organizadores comunitarios, policía, y médicos para aprender sobre el movimiento creciente para poner fin a la guerra de las drogas.

Servicios de traducción gratuitos disponibles.


Ponentes confirmados incluye:

-Neill Franklin, Director Ejecutivo de Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
-Dr. James Crowley, MD, Professor Emeritus de Brown Medical School
-Rev. Alexander Sharp, Director Ejecutivo de Clergy for a New Drug Policy
-Richard Van Wickler, superintendente de Departamento de Correcciones de Chesire County en New Hampshire

RSVP a: http://copsdocsclergy.eventbrite.com/


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  1. This weekend, just like every other one, over 3,000 Americans will die of CANCER, after suffering pain beyond the ability of words to describe — Cancer is the most brutal, sadistic killer of all time — and its completely mindless.

    Cancer wants to grow and spread — it doesn’t care. It doesn’t understand. It can’t be reasoned with.

    But Cancer isn’t just a horrible way to die — its incredibly common place.

    If you’re an American man, you’ve got a 1 out of 2 chance of getting Cancer and a 1 out of 2 chance of dying from it if you do.

    If you’re an American woman, you’ve got a 1 out of 3 chance of getting Cancer and a 1 out of 2 chance of dying from if you do.

    We’ve got to get serious about the War on Cancer.

    As a country we spend almost nothing on it compared to the pain, suffering and death it causes America.

    We need every weapon we can get our hands on in the War on Cancer and Medical Marijuana is an incredibly important one, and HDMMOT looks extremely promising. We need to begin large scale clinical trials of it NOW..

    We need to get Marijuana removed from Schedule 1 IMMEDIATELY.

    Marijuana is a “Wonder Drug” for Cancer Patients undergoing Chemotherapy, and that’s more than reason enough to legalize it in all 50 states without waiting even one minute longer.

    Every minute yet another American dies of Cancer — after going through hell on earth.

    The next time it could be you or someone you love.

    If you’re working for the legalization of Marijuana – work harder.

    America’s Cancer Patients Can’t Wait.

    If you wait until you or someone you love gets Cancer it will be too late.

  2. jasen joseph hylbert on

    I agree with most of your points. Forgive me, but I feel justified in being very negatively critical of myths which have been attempted to be forced on me and my ancestors. People needing a prescription for herbal cannabis is a myth.

  3. jasen joseph hylbert on

    As a matter of fact, I would put some of the blame for the backwardness on the corruptions of government known as relgions…

  4. jasen joseph hylbert on

    Thank goodness and logic for the facts that hemp is being grown again and that people have abilty to self provide with less fear. Believing that the supernatural had anything to do with anything is simply untrue. We ought to give credit where credit is due, rather than to some monotheistic bigotted myth.

  5. jasen joseph hylbert on

    Thank goodness and logic for the facts that hemp is being grown again and that people have abilty to self provide with less fear. Believing that the supernatural had anything to do with anything is simply untrue. We ought to give credit where credit is due, rather than to some monotheistic bigotted myth.

  6. jasen joseph hylbert on

    It is not illegal – it is unconstitutionally prohibited. There is a real legal difference.

  7. jasen joseph hylbert on

    The state by state repeal of prohibition concept amounts to a small scale economic civil war and a microcosm of the berlin wall.

    If only there was a consistent humanistic libertarian and/ or group of humanistic libertarians in control this nonsense could be over in an instant and every human on earth could have a better life due to the gains in efficency of the system without prohibition. One really has to be naive to think that prohibitions work for anything other than creating chaos.

  8. There’s a cruel irony in the fact that while there’s no reason for Marijuana to be illegal at all, in 27 states Oncologists (or any physician) can’t prescribe it for their patients, even for Cancer Patients who are dying, or Children with Dravet’s Syndrome who’s lives depend on it, even though they can prescribe Fentanyl, even Fentanyl “lollypops” to anyone they see fit to.
    Marijuana isn’t just a “Wonder Drug” for a single condition, its one of the most versatile medications in the history of medicine and has an unmatched safety profile.
    Google Marijuana Therapeutic Index
    Google Marijuana NCI.
    Google Marijuana Dravet’s Syndrome.
    Google Marijuana Oil Cancer.
    Then you’ll understand why its so important to do everything you can to help get Marijuana taken off of Schedule 1 immediately.

  9. God bless the brave officers of LEAP.
    Its nuts that in 27 states American Cancer Patients have to buy a medication that 82% of Oncologists want them to be able to use, Medical Marijuana, on the “Black Market”
    This is AMERICA.
    Not the old Soviet Union.

    We also have got to get large scale clinical trials of High Dose Medical Marijuana Oil Therapy (HDMOT) going.
    HDMMOT fights Cancer in multiple ways at the same time, making it much more difficult for the Cancer to mutate into a form that can defeat HDMMOT. The Science behind HDMMOT is extremely compelling as is the anecdotal evidence from Cancer Patients who have used it. Its IMMORAL to prevent Cancer Patients from having Safe, Legal, Access to Medical Marijuana, including HDMMOT. Its one of the most important MORAL issues of our time!!!

  10. Everyone who is interested in this issue should spend time viewing the videos on the LEAP website: http://www.leap.cc.
    They bring out a lot of great points, that are especially important given recent events.
    The best way to get police and the public on the same side and do cut off organized crime’s money supply is to end prohibition 2.0.

  11. New Mexico is arresting school age kids on campuses on a weekly basis for using/possessing marijuana.

  12. saynotohypocrisy on

    Thanks for checking that out. I suspected as much.
    Why don’t you find some new place to spread your lies, skoallio? Preferably a new planet, your kind has done enough damage to this one already.

  13. Searching “Adolescence Abuse Institute”, the supposed source of that graph, returns absolutely 0 results, and the graph is contrary to every other piece of data we’ve seen. Making stuff up really doesn’t work anymore when the people you’re talking to are rational, logical thinkers.

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