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Enter The TWB Halloween Marijuana-Themed Pumpkin Carving Contest


the weed blog twb pumpkin carving contestEarlier today I was sitting in my cubicle and I received a text from my buddy Kaliko. He had a great idea that we should do a TWB pumpkin carving contest for our readers. I was hesitant at first because we don’t really have any prizes to give away (did I mention I work in a cubicle!?), but I think that we can still do something fun, and who knows, maybe it turns into something that we do each year.

To enter the contest, just get us a copy of a picture of your marijuana-themed pumpkin carving by any means necessary (other than an attachment, I rarely if ever open those). You can put the picture in the body of an e-mail and mail it to me (johnnygreen@theweedblog.com), you can tweet it at me (@thatjohnnygreen) or at The Weed Blog (@theweedblog), you can put it on Instagram or Facebook, or any other communication channel. Make sure to use the hashtag #TWBHalloween.

We will look over all of the entries, choose the one we like the best, and announce it on this blog. As I stated, we don’t really have any prize to give out, but we can offer up bragging rights, and make sure that the online marijuana community knows who the undisputed champion of marijuana-themed pumpkin carving is! If we can get something together, we will try to offer up a prize, but for now, we can offer blogosphere credibility (!) and more fun than you can shake a stick at. I can’t wait to see what people create!

***If you want to sponsor the contest with a prize, e-mail me.***

The winner will be announced on Halloween morning via a blog post.


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