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Epilepsy Foundation Of Virginia Endorses Medical Marijuana Bills


virginia medical marijuanaMedical marijuana has proven to be an effective treatment for epilepsy. It seems like every week there are more and more stories in the media about medical marijuana, especially CBD, helping to dramatically reduce seizures by those that suffer from epilepsy. That is why the Epilepsy Foundation of Virginia has publicly endorsed medical marijuana bills in Virginia, and has expressed support for further bills. Per the Augusta Free Press:

The Epilepsy Foundation of Virginia calls State Senate Bill 1235 and House Bill 1445, as well as other bills for expanded use of certain marijuana compounds for epilepsy, a good first step.

The EFVA and the national Epilepsy Foundation strongly support the initiative to sponsor legislation to amend the state code to add an article to 54.1 and to amend articles 18.2 250.1. 18.2-251.1 and and to include epilepsy in the list of disorders for which certain marijuana compounds Cannabis subtracts can be used. EFVA worked hard to get the FDA to approve extended (compassionate) use for cannabis CBD oil with neurologist Dr. Lyons in Winchester.

EFVA experience suggests that even when prescribed by a physician, Virginians have a hard time finding the product. The Federal Drug Enforcement Agency’s scheduling of marijuana as one of the most dangerous drugs of all the drug schedules with potentially severe psychological or physical dependence gives potential growers a pause. So does article in the Virginia code, which punishes cultivation of larger quantities of marijuana.

Endorsements like this one carry a lot of weight with the general public. When long time marijuana advocates support a medical marijuana bill, it doesn’t get as much legs because after all, of course we support such legislation. However, when a prominent health foundation endorses legislation, it can potentially sway a lot of people that don’t consume marijuana and are on the fence on the issue. Hopefully the bills pass, along with others, and Virginia patients get the relief they need.


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  1. Cannabis should be De-scheduled not re-scheduled.

    Cannabis has NEVER killed anyone and therefor shouldn’t be on the list AT ALL.

    The scheduling is for dangerous drugs that can do great harm or kill, or least harm and horribly addictive.

    Pot CAN NOT KILL, does great well for epileptics and cancer folks, is damn near harmless and is only mildly addictive but still CAN NOT KILL.

    Cannabis needs to be UN-scheduled.

  2. Actually the status of cannabis as a Federal schedule 1 drug is a violation of international treaties, because the Single Convention requires the states to set up a specific regulatory framework for controlling cannabis that includes taking “physical possession” of the cannabis harvest. (See Articles 28 and 23 in that order.) Now no treaty can force a state to actually do that — a fact which the treaties themselves admit and allow for — but the Controlled Substances Act (combined with the schedule 1 status of cannabis at the federal level) makes it downright illegal (a federal crime) for states to comply with the treaty. In fact every state that has a medical cannabis law has designed its regulatory framework so as not to require any state official to violate the CSA, thus guaranteeing that none of those states are in compliance with the treaty. It’s really very ironic when you think about it.

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