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Eric Holder Reigns In DEA Chief for Undermining Obama’s Position On Marijuana


eric-holder-marijuanaBy Brandon Isaak

In recent talks with Attorney General Eric Holder, DEA Chief Michele Leonhart was encouraged to tone down the Drug War propaganda she has been advancing since the Obama administration did not sue the state of Colorado for legalizing marijuana. Since then, she has taken several public stands against the administration’s rhetoric on marijuana legalization and, more recently, lessening the punishment of people who commit federal drug crimes.

According to Huffington Post‘s Ryan Reilly and Ryan Grim, Leonhart was “called in” by Holder for a “one [on]one chat about her recent insubordination.” As a 34-year bureaucrat of the DEA, Leonhart is having a hard time shifting her tone away from the DEA’s aggressive stance against illegal drugs.

Since the talks, Leonhart has said she “supports the Attorney General’s sentencing reform initiative to ensure those sentences are imposed appropriately” through legislation like the Smarter Sentencing Act. This type of legislation would save taxpayers billions of dollars and keep thousands of people out of jail for certain types of nonviolent crimes, like marijuana use, by eliminating mandatory minimum sentencing.

Michele Leonhart’s alignment with the Obama administration’s stance on drug sentencing and marijuana policy creates cautious optimism for change in the prosecution of unnecessary federal arrests.

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  1. And yet the past 3 presidents have admitted to using it. Sad that this president can’t see how similar persecuting cannabis users is to persecuting black people for using the front of the bus.

  2. Fire her. Pure and simple. Then dismantle the DEA altogether and make a new organization.

  3. fflinstone…I am a Navy veteran also…and am with the VA Healthcare system also…I’m a HepC survivor…and I toked mj throughout my treatment…an’ still do to this day…without any repercussions as yet…I’ve told my drs at different times to back off an’ they do…HM1 veteran..

  4. Dude that’s just not right! You served this country. You should have the right to choose which medicine is best for you.

  5. she needs to get her head out of the box and see that people are the ones that want and need this medicine…..

  6. I am A U.S. NAVY veteran (73-77). I was being treated here in Reno Nv. V.A. hospital. Until I stopped in the great state of Colorado and bought some legal weed and in fact smoked it legally too. On my return to Nev. i was given A drug test by the V.A. I tested positive for weed. So they say I violated my pain management program by smoking this legal weed in Colo. and terminated all medications I was receiving and just yesterday my good doctor dr. Nyhan kicked me out of her office. I contacted Sen. Dean Hellers office and they say even though i viollated no state laws what-so-ever I violated federal law and the V.A. is within their rights to terminate any or all of my medical care. True story. Veterans beware.

  7. if this was to occur in the private sector insubordination like this would result in termination. Eric, terminate her for cause. Obama is your superior and as such sets the priorities. You are her superior and it should be your way or the highway

  8. If it weren’t illegal, and were I certain the NSA isn’t listening, I would suggest a lynching. Too bad only our government can destroy lives and families with impunity. That can change.

  9. She should be fired, and should have been long ago. We do have to keep in mind the fact that not everyone recognizes the reality of the sea change that has occurred in the American people’s opinion on cannabis, and it’s use as medicine, or relaxation. Her ludicrous comments on the her inability to distinguish between the horrors of methamphetamines or heroin, and then to include cannabis in the same breath as if they are equally dangerous. She is all about maintaining the institution with which she is in thrall, the DEA (Dumb Enforcement Assholes) and which should be taken out of her psychotic hands and broken up and made part of the FBI, and no longer an independent agency!

  10. Interesting reaction from Ms Leonhart. Perhaps she is actually more interested in her career than in battling the terrible evils of marijuana.

  11. I always feared other countries with strick drug laws when I was young but it turns out this country is the one to fear most .

  12. Fire her! And put someone on het place who truly believe in cannabis legalisation nationally! Time to end this psycho pharmaceutical McCarthyism now!

  13. Randy Baker on

    its about time someone tells the DEA they are not all that.. They think they run everything.. Too many chiefs in that department and not many Indians

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