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Eric Holder ‘Satisfied’ With Lack of Action On Rescheduling Marijuana


Eric Holder drug policy reform marijuanaRecently Eric Holder was quoted as saying that he would be willing to work with Congress to look into rescheduling marijuana. Currently marijuana is a Schedule 1 substance according to the Controlled Substances Act. This means that according to the federal government, marijuana has no medical value, which is a slap in the face to science and logic. There have been petitions, letters from elected officials, and countless other attempts to get the Obama Administration to get on the right side of history and science on this issue, but the administration has failed to do anything except stand in the way.

So when Eric Holder made his previous statement, it didn’t resonate with people that have been following this issue for a long time, despite the fact that a lot of marijuana media outlets hailed it as some great step in the right direction. Yesterday Eric Holder was called out for his rhetoric. Below is an excerpt from Fire Dog Lake:

During a House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing today Rep. Steve Cohen (D) directly pointed out to Attorney General Eric Holder that the power to reschedule any drug, including marijuana, rests with his office.

When explicitly asked why he hasn’t even at least request the medical evaluation that would begin the rescheduling process Holder responded, “I’m satisfied with what we have done.”

What they “have done”  is actively stood in the way of change. Under Holder’s leadership the Department of Justice has not only refused to move forward with a petition from several sitting governors regarding the rescheduling of marijuana but has actually gone to court to fight against efforts to compel them to act.

Below is great video footage of Federal Representative Steve Cohen grilling Eric Holder over his obvious B.S. statements. I am so thankful that Steve Cohen is at these hearings to call out the Obama Administration when needed.


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  1. On July 1, Holder’s offshore drug accounts will be revealed. I wonder what special keyword will be used to hide them.

  2. I agree with every word except that marijuana is a myth. Marijuana is a Mexican tobacco. Not even distantly related to Cannabis.

  3. The Grim Reefer on

    Your # is from new york, I see where you have been trying to sell LSD and various pain pills on the black market. TROLL ON YOU FUCKING WEASEL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Repeal – Amnesty – Reparations! We need a new Nuremberg for the drugwar crimes committed against our people. Respect Existence or Expect Resistance ✊

  5. My feelings exactly my brother, Asap I will be moving back to a state that pretends its legal to have for my heath problems.

  6. I can only imagine the millions that big pharma has funneled to Holder via secret means, like off shore foreign bank accounts and the like.He knows what he is doing is wrong, just like a dog, the eyes don’t lie.

  7. Why would Holder or Obama try to change the law now? Every Democrat running for election this November could suffer the political consequences, which they obviously want to avoid. I’m guessing Obama might do it in the last weeks of his term, if Colorado and Washington don’t cause a lot of problems. And aside from cannabis still being a political hot potato, wouldn’t any action by the Attorney General and/or President be subject to reversal at the whim of subsequent Presidents? Isn’t re-scheduling (or, hopefully, de-scheduling) by Congress the only permanent solution?

  8. the reason its getting blocked is big business pharms/lobbyists paying off representatives to oppress any legalization of marijuana that would cause a loss of billions (annual sales were $12.9 billion,) look at chemo for example… need proof of corruption? Look at the FDAs recent rescheduling of MANNKIND’s diabetes inhaler.

  9. wildmountainman420@yahoo.com on

    We dont NEED re-scheduling, its a fkn plant, always has been, always will be. Marijuana is a MYTH, doesnt even fkn exist, there is ONLY hemp and cannabis, and these plants have been very legal for a very long time, until a few billionaires realized this plant threatened their profits. Being billionaires wasnt enough to satisfy their insatiable appetite, and so they created a monster, based on lies and exaggerations, designed to wipe out the competition against oil and timber products. We have a birth right as human being, Earthlings, to possess ANY plant or seed mother nature provides us. The gvmt and DOJ climbed into bed with a few greedy elitists, and have ruined millions of lives and families due to its willingness to sacrifice its ppl for corporate profits, and therefore doesnt DESERVE a red cent from the RE-Legalization of this plant, and owes its citizenship not just an apology, but reparations for those who suffered because the gvmt failed in its fiduciary duties to protect the citizenship from the coyotes and wolves masquerading as ‘honorable’ men and women

  10. “I’m satisfied with what we have done.”

    See – told ya – his lips are STILL moving – he’s STILL a lying politician. Watch carefully his next move – they will be deceptive and carefully calculated to draw in weedists yet at the same time pull the rug out from under us.

    It’s not about the efficacy of Cannabis – never will be. It’s about greed and power. Our very desire to have Cannabis legalized gives politicians – and other shrewd oligarchs power over us. Power gives them money – and more power.

  11. He’s saying not just it holds no medicinal value, he’s saying it’s useless to society, and he’s including hemp when he makes these unbelievable comments. Voting for change is what’s useless…

  12. The studies have been done, ordered by past presidents, not to mention the studies done by NIH, NIMH, NCI and more government entities. They don’t like the results, and ignore the studies. Our federal governments, as well as governments in other countries, have all the studies they need and they all point to cannabis is medicine. What we need now is research to show the how and why of it, and that is what the government is blocking by having marijuana on a schedule 1 list.

  13. Ehem… Yes, they are. Meth is available for prescription under the name Desoxyn, manufactured by Ovation Pharmaceuticals to treat ADHD. Cocaine is prescribed every day for use as a local in eye and nasal surgeries. But let’s just pretend those two things aren’t true and that you still think my point doesn’t stand — both meth and cocaine are in Schedule 2, which I didn’t mention AT ALL.

    Specifically, I mentioned Schedule 3, which includes such famously PRESCRIBED substances as anabolic steroids, ketamine, marinol, codeine, and vicodin. Any of those ring any bells? If you are caught with a very small amount of a Schedule 3 substance like one of those listed, without a valid prescription, but you can give proof of a legitimate medical need for that substance, you’ll win if you refuse a plea bargain and force them to take your case to trial, provided you can demonstrate a good reason why you had to obtain it without a prescription (for example, the VA hasn’t processed your paperwork, so you went black market for your pain meds).

    Were cannabis rescheduled at the federal level to Schedule 3, federal prosecutions for cannabis violations would virtually grind to a halt because Schedule 3, by definition, has medical use. For example, a person caught growing marijuana, if facing felony charges for cultivation and intent to distribute could argue and WIN a medical necessity defense in federal court if they can prove they have a condition that cannabis has been shown to successfully treat. That’s the biggest reason the NIDA (and through them, the DEA) prevent any/all clinical cannabis research from taking place through the circular game of “You can’t remove it from Schedule 1 unless you prove it’s safe, but we won’t let you prove it’s safe because it’s listed in Schedule 1.”

    The DEA would whither on the vine and die if cannabis moved to Schedule 3.

  14. Holder talks out if both side of his mouth constantly when it comes to cannabis. This is so insane to watch Cohen poignantly ask him why doesn’t he use his authority to reschedule… How can you say you are satisfied with what you’ve ‘accomplished’???

  15. Wow. This is absurd. There was absolutely nothing unreasonable about what he said. He requested that they authorize a study by the government, as authorized by law, based on science and reality. How can anyone put any negative spin on that enough to deny it?

  16. Stephen Stillwell on

    Is the Executive also bound by the ONDCP Reauthorization Act? Is there some legislation that prevents the President from interfering with the legislated duties of the director?

    Because if there is, then he would violate that by even acknowledging why he can’t do anything, as that would expose the conspiracy, and interfere with the directors job.

  17. Cocaine and Methamphetamines are both NOT schedule 1, and are legal prescriptions,

    so your argument isnt valid.

    But It will lead to a flood of medical uses for Cannabis where it is ignored by the mainstream medicak establishment, and the Drug Companies will fight over themselves , to make new cannabis based drugs.

    and that will show up most of the antipot rhetoric for 40 years as paper thin lies,

    BUt the DEA can still do its thing

  18. I have always tried to be good here, But that stupid fuktard can sign a piece of paper to get the studies to reduce MJ from a class one to a class 3, Maybe 2 seconds of his time. Lying bastard!

  19. Holder doesn’t have any resources to act upon science and evidence but he has plenty of resources to act upon politics and ideology.

  20. Ian Mackenzie on

    never trust a lying gun runner like Holder or a coke head like his boss Bogart Barry

  21. “How we’ve made the determination of how we’re going to use our *limited resources*…” — Uh huh. Wouldn’t removing cannabis from Schedule 1 rob the DEA and all your little US Attorneys, like Melinda Haag, of their oh-so precious conviction power? I mean, even if cannabis *only* moved from Schedule 1 to Schedule 3, at the very least, anyone who finds themself in FEDERAL court can make a medical necessity defense (if there is one to be made, of course). So I’m fairly certain that, without the conviction-certainty given by cannabis’s Schedule1 classification, federal enforcement of cannabis laws would GO DOWN, freeing up all sorts of “limited resources” within the DOJ. 2+2=4

    “The directions to people I’ve given in the field…” Again, like Melinda Haag? Or Benjy Wagner? Like the last three or four of Holder’s DOJ lickspittles who testified (they lied like rugs) for Congress? I’d be very interested to know what directions they have been given, if ANY. From all outward indicators, there’s a tightly-knit group of career drug warriors that run roughshod over the alleged priorities of both the President AND the Attorney General.

    But that should be no shock. Padding their conviction records is what propels these career drug worriers into higher positions of power. Consider all the folks who are *currently* in high office thanks to their records as US Attorneys. Just off the top of my head, Richard Blumenthal, Mike McCaul, Tom Corbett, Matt Mead, Chris Christie. That’s not a complete list, but all of them are senators, governors, and congressman. All of them used their record as federal prosecutors to propel their political careers. They’re not about to give up the golden goose of convictions by doing the RIGHT THING and rescheduling. That would imply scruples!

  22. Cohen is a bulldog. Go Bulldogs! I hope he never stops pushing them until it’s done. It is becoming very, very obvious that the Schedule 1 designation of marijuana is a political stance and STILL no one cares about the science.

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