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Eric Holder Still Tries To Dodge Marijuana Rescheduling Questions


eric-holder-marijuanaWhen United States Attorney General Eric Holder announced that he was stepping down, he also stated that he was ‘open’ to the idea of rescheduling marijuana. This led to many marijuana media outlets, activists, and organizations to shower Holder with praise, and even sometimes referring to him as ‘cannabis friendly.’ I was not one of those people. Eric Holder does not support marijuana rescheduling, proven by the fact that he has never taken steps to make it happen, and has even gone to court to fight against it.

I got some backlash for being a ‘negative nancy’ as one person told me in an e-mail, but I will stick with my opinion, which has since been backed up by Eric Holder’s own comments. Per an interview with The Marshall Project, Eric Holder stated the following:

I think the question of how these drugs get scheduled and how they are ultimately treated is something for Congress to work on. I think we’ve pushed. We have done an awful lot. You look at what’s going on now in COLORADO AND WASHINGTON and the way we’ve dealt with those initiatives, identifying the EIGHT PRIORITY AREAS that we thought still would warrant federal involvement, and yet if you look at where we are now with those states and with what other states are doing, and the way we view the whole issue of the use of medical marijuana, we’re in a fundamentally different place than we were when Barack Obama became president and I became attorney general.

So I think we’ve made significant progress in looking at that drug in a more realistic way. But I think our society has to ask itself the question of how ultimately we are going to view the use of marijuana.

It’s worth noting that there were recent raids in Colorado, and I’m sure they won’t be the last. As far as rescheduling, Eric Holder and Obama administration can pursue marijuana rescheduling if they really wanted to, but they obviously don’t. Instead, they will continue to punt the idea to Congress, and make it sound like the Congress route is the only way to reschedule, which is not true, and Eric Holder knows it.


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  1. BlackSupremacist on

    I agree eric holder isn’t actually trying to do anything good he just wanted a distraction from the fast and furious and other ten scandals, he’s a total piece of crap

  2. I hope they legalize it soon 4 family members with cancer and now my best friend….our government is killing us all off!!!

    Thanks Gov. Mike Pence!
    Hope your family never dies of the cruel fucking disease!

  3. I probably wrote at least 2000 words, above — I said a lot of things that I haven’t always believed to be the case, so I’m not even sure to what you’re referring. If it’s the fact that the Obama administration has been a huge disappointment on this front, yes, that’s absolutely something I once hoped would not be the case, but I was certainly wrong.

  4. So let’s put a non-drinking bowler in office, one who only pals around with brilliant but poor and middle class folks. That should be easy to find, right? Please name your preferred candidate!

  5. …it is ultimately up to the people & states to deceide for themselves. Citizens will vote & states will adopt legalization, while rightfully flipping the finger at a Washington that does not respect their wishes. The tide has shifted on this matter. And when Washington realizes that they’re on the losing side of this fight, they’ll be like rats seeking to distance themselves from a sinking ship….

  6. He’d rather play golf, drink expensive whiskey, and hobnob with the rich and famous that are too stupid to realize they’re being used as pawns and the butt of his jokes about wealthy people.

  7. Holder has done nothing other than occasionally toss out a verbal tease that he knew he’d never have to act upon.

  8. Holder is another political shill who does what he’s told, and his comment about rescheduling marijuana is now seen for what it is-a convenient comment that he never planned to act upon.

  9. And yet this is just one example of government corruption, manipulation and lies. But we continue to cheerlead our politicians of choice who then turn around and subject us to the same corruption, manipulation and lies. It never ceases to amaze me when people use political examples that align with their beliefs to support government and bemoan them when things don’t turn out the way it was promised they would. The truth is that government, as big and unregulated as ours is and was, never can or will be able to follow its own guidelines to prevent corruption, manipulation and lies. I love my country but despise my government, what a horrible way to have to live….sigh. Sorry I just woke up, am in pain and probably should not comment but I cant stop myself from hitting the post button. : (

  10. somebody you argued with ... on

    I am saying this in my quietest most non threatening non sarcastic voice possible ….. I told you so …..

  11. Honestly, when certain facts are considered in tandem concerning Eric Holder, the first African American Attorney General ever, I don’t know what to say about him. He once gave a speech to an NAACP group in Texas concerning the case concerning Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act (the case eventually went to the SCOTUS) at which he compared voter ID requirements to the poll taxes used during the Jim Crow era as a method of suppressing the black vote, especially in Southern states like Texas pushing for strict voter ID laws. Don’t be overly concerned about whether or not he over/understated his case — the point is, Holder was proffering himself as a champion of voting rights for disenfranchised African Americans. Ultimately, Holder lost that fight to the SCOTUS, and Antonin Scalia would have been struck by a bolt of lightning if there were a just god in heaven. Anyway, just keep Holder’s speech to the NAACP about that case in mind…

    Now consider the horrendous racial disparities of cannabis law enforcement across the country. The severe disparities of black vs. white arrests in New York City have been widely publicized. The disparity in the Atlanta Metro Area in 2011 (when last I checked) was that black men accounted for 91% of all possession arrests. Sadly, this isn’t anything new or uncommon, anywhere in the US.

    Now consider the vast majority of states restrict felons from voting in some way — only two states don’t restrict the voting privileges of persons convicted of felonies, like cannabis possession. While 14 states allow felons to vote again after time served, 11 states currently revoke voting rights permanently, depending on the charges. All other states require persons convicted of certain felonies to jump through a variety of hoops to get their right to vote reinstated, such as their term of parole and/or probation, etc. — 24 states operate this way, with various additional hoops felons must jump through to get their voting rights reinstated that are different depending on the specifics of each case and each state’s laws. Suffice it to say, ensuring felons get their right to vote reinstated isn’t a high priority for the state (or the convict) once his/her time is served.

    Given the racial disparity in the enforcement of cannabis laws, it’s safe to say a lot of black people have been disenfranchised from their 15th Amendment rights while Eric Holder has been Attorney General.

    Now consider the fact that the only reason cannabis is a felony is because it was unfairly classified as a Schedule 1 controlled substances according to Nixon’s least publicized crime against America, the Controlled Substances Act. And as I stated above, Holder, as Attorney General, is specifically given the power by Section 811 of the CSA to add/move/remove any substance — like cannabis — from the CSA’s scheduling system. Holder *knows* this, because he commented on it during Jimmy Kimmel’s act at the Whitehouse Correspondence Dinner I mentioned, above. Holder *knows* he can reclassify cannabis. More than that, I’d hedge Holder knows that he should.

    The objective evidence is that drug laws which are unfairly enforced with blatant racial bias skewed against African Americans has been and (thanks to the inaction of Eric Holder) shall continue to be what’s suppressing the black vote in America à la the Jim Crow era poll taxes. This is made clear by various reports from groups like the ACLU and the NAACP, as well as in the aptly titled book “The New Jim Crow” authored by Michelle Alexander in 2010. She wrote that book two years before Eric Holder gave his speech to the NAACP group about voter ID suppressing the black vote.

    Honestly, I don’t know what to say about the first African American Attorney General of the United States who would vow before the NAACP to fight the suppression of the black vote, while also *knowingly* allowing the black vote to be suppressed through his inaction on the issue of rescheduling cannabis. How can Holder vow to fight against voter suppression while simultaneously be one of only two people who can ACTUALLY do something meaningful, LEGALLY, to significantly reduce the suppression of the black vote in the United States?

    Holder can’t overturn the SCOTUS decision on Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act, but this, he can do. I do not understand him (or his boss) on this matter, and trying to find ways to excuse their inaction gives me migraines, which is why I stopped trying.

  12. When the Marihuana Stamp Act was called for a vote on the floor of the United States House of Representatives, a Representative from New York asked what the Bill was about. The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Sam Rayburn, replied, “I don’t know. It has something to do with a thing called marihuana. I think it’s a narcotic of some kind.” When asked if the American Medical Association supported the bill, a committee member falsely replied that it did. After this brief exchange the Bill was passed. In actuality, the American Medical Association representative Dr. William C. Woodward, strongly opposed the Marihuana Stamp Act of 1937, when he testified at a Congressional hearing: “We cannot understand yet, Mr. Chairman, why this bill should have been prepared in secret for 2 years without any intimation, even, to the profession, that it was being prepared.”
    Cannabis hemp (marihuana) seed oil was widely used as a lubricant, water repellant, and in paint manufacture. Tincture of cannabis was used in a majority of tonics and patent (over-the-counter) medicines in the 1800’s through the early 1900’s, to relieve headaches, muscle aches, and pain. In the year 1935, over 116 million pounds of hemp seed were used for paint or varnish, and in 1938, hemp production was poised to become a billion dollar renewable energy crop. Now that was a scheme to scam American citizens out of one of nature’s most sustainable, beneficial natural and renewable resource.
    The Nixon administration did not implement the recommendations from The National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse.

  13. Hey Nancy sorry just kidding poor joke.. You just want what I and most people want and that’s for Eric Holder not to run from the issue. Eric is just planning to let his successor deal with it.

  14. I agree. I wonder if they’re afraid history might view them as being “too liberal” and the result is luke-warm words and not much action. I’m afraid they’ve wasted a lot of opportunities that might have resulted in real history being made.

  15. What kills me about Holder is that he’s joked publicly about how section 811 of the Controlled Substances Act gives the Executive Branch (either the Secretary of Health and Human Services or Holder, specifically, as Attorney General) the right to unilaterally reschedule any substance. Johnny is 100% correct about this. This was brought up when Jimmy Kimmel was a guest at the Whitehouse Correspondence Dinner, several years ago.

    For Holder to kick the can down the road (to suggest CONGRESS fix this) when he has the power to do it, himself, really gets under my skin. I was one of the precious few who hoped the Obama administration had some master plan to do something about the drug war, given the President’s highly publicized history with the Choom Gang. Here we are, almost to 2015, and NOTHING.

    Less than nothing, really — as Johnny pointed out. Also add to Holder’s list of failures his inability to control any of the US Attorneys who insist on busting cannabis businesses and consumers to inflate their conviction statistics, like Melinda Haag. Holder was responsible for the new wave of dispensary raids in 2011 (aka, “The Crackdown”). And frankly, I’d love to ask Holder, personally, what JUSTICE was being served when his office oversaw the extradition and five year incarceration of Marc Emery.

    I get nobody wants to burn bridges, here — but like I’ve said elsewhere, I will not be participating in the love-in to give Holder a warm send-off, given his track record of doing the absolute minimum he had to do to placate the ever-growing masses demanding cannabis law reform. What has Holder’s office done to end the drug war? Right — they sent out a handful of MEMOS. Well la-dee-friggin-da! Knock me over with a feather. Where do I send thanks?

    The official actions of his office over the last 5+ years have been business-as-usual, as far as the drug war is concerned. Lining up to kiss Holder’s rear for *politely* carrying on the drug war makes zero sense to me.

  16. Holder had nothing to do with where we are today. Activists and voters changed the scene. The Feds have been dragging their feet and dragging people to jail.

    And President Pot Head? Don’t even get me started. If he really wanted to do something about medical costs he would have gone all out on cannabinoid research including human trials. There is $1 trillion a year in savings in the US alone waiting there.

  17. I understand your point of view and on a bad day, I agree. Today is a good day though, where I try to be more optimistic about everything, so I have to also agree somewhat with Holder. I’d rather be where we are today than where we were 6 years ago. With the big think tanks on the task of figuring out the consequences I know someone out there is actually considering cannabis seriously. Slow as it may appear, progress is happening.

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