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Ethan Nadelmann And Russ Belville On Marijuana Legalization In 2016

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Two very hardworking activists sat down this last weekend at the International Cannabis Business Conference and had a great discussion about marijuana legalization between now and the end of Election Day 2016. Ethan Nadelmann is the Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance, and Russ Belville is the creator of 420 Radio (and many other things!). They discussed which states have the best chance of legalizing marijuana in the next two years, whether it be via an initiative or legislative action. Below are the states that I have always felt are in the running:

New Hampshire
New Mexico
New York
Rhode Island

People can feel free to disagree with me by stating your opinion in the comments section. Below is video footage of Ethan and Russ’ conversation. Which state(s) do you think will be the next to legalize in America?


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  1. Thanks for the compliments. It’s this or work at 7-Eleven… and they don’t like my pee. But seriously, legalizing marijuana is just a tactic to achieving my real goal, ending discriminatory workplace pre-employment drug testing. It was a drug test that cost me my information technology career, and from that moment on, I swore I’d use all the suit jackets, ties, computer, public speaking, data analysis, and corporate skills I’d accumulated in two decades of dwelling in cubicle farms and use them against the corporations that trained me. So far, so good…

  2. I don’t think it matters. We are discussing which “flavor” of inevitability will occur.

    If you do want to “predict” when and where. You need to know two things, the prevailing political culture and the actual text of the measure.

  3. Arizona? Really? My friend did 2 years in jail for an oz of shitty mexican pot. I thought Az was concervative country.

  4. LOL. Didn’t see Georgia anywhere on the list. A Policeman In Every Living Room is the new rallying cry of that state. Trash get what trash deserve.

  5. good luck with that. It wont happen unless all the politicians stop listening to Patrick Kennedy like he’s god.

  6. How does Maryland being a democrat state do anything to improve the chances that legalization happens there? Obama, Biden, Patrick Kennedy, Jerry Brown, Jimmy Carter, Dianne Finestein, Maggie Hassen, Andrew Coumo, John Hickenlooper, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and Chris Christie are all DEMOCRATS and dead set AGAINST legalization!

  7. I must say I have so much respect for Russ Belville. My biggest fear was that once Oregon got legalized that Russ might let up a bit but he hasn’t. He keeps working as hard now as he did when he was working hard for Oregon legalization. This industry needs a ton more guys like Russ. His character and tenacity is impeccable and I am very thankful for all of his work. Keep being awesome, Russ!

  8. Don’t count Mississippi out in 2016. Good things are happening there and the people may actually have a chance to vote for legalization in 2016.

  9. Smokey The Bear on

    Chances Maryland will legalize marijuana in the year 2017 via legislative. Maryland is an overall democrat state, there was a poll done last year and majority of Maryland residents are for legalization. Plus a lot of states would have already legalize cannabis by then.My only fear is Governor Larry Hogan (R) will veto the law. He vowed to veto any marijuana legalization bill. I did a little bit of research on the senate/house. If the Senate and House have enough votes they can over-power a veto. Marijuana legalization makes sense. The drug war is a waste of our tax-payer dollars and resources.

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