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Ethan Nadelmann Debates Kevin Sabet On Marijuana Legalization Bills In Congress


I posted a video from CNN yesterday of these two squaring off. It looks like the debate has continued over onto Fox. Why does Kevin Sabet hate marijuana so much? How many times does Ethan Nadelmann have to dominate him on national television before Kevin Sabet realizes how far his views are from reality?


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Johnny Green


  1. It really is incredible that a bald faced liar like Mr. Sabet gets so much attention. Just the fact that he claims to have data on the “typical” medicinal cannabis user in a State with no central registry proves the man is a liar.

    He’s lying about the costs. The accounting used to make his claim would make an Enron accountant blush with envy.

    Quit the bald faced lying Mr. Sabet. We don’t need people like yourself trying to pervert reality.

  2. Wow! Thanks for the reminder as to why I don’t watch Faux News. “That’s debatable.” Really? Cannabis could be more dangerous than alcohol and tobacco? Then there was all the mis-information…

  3. The ignorance…

    “Marijuana can be a harmful drug..”. Considering this so called “drug” has been proven many folds to kill cancer cells how could this be true?

    “doubles your car crash risk”. I would like to see the study on this considering when im high I am automatically going the speed limit with ease and no care.

    “We aren’t jailing marijuana users.” This one is the biggest joke….

    “Lets get on to another area we havent covered in this conversation.” Well if you would let him speak maybe he could shed some light.

    “It’s a joke we have heard those same arguments for years.” Arguments that arent taken seriously…

    ” we have heard about this for lotteries…” Pretty sure almost half the winnings of the lottery go to making schools and funding things for the state gov. which a lot of dispensaries do right now!

    “That’s debatable my friend.” Once again let him debate it then? Man I would like to back hand that….

  4. Johnny Bloomington on

    Ethan was a good sport putting up with that gang up. Hate Fox news. Also, Blumenauer’s bill is crap! 50% tax is way too much! As pro legalization people let’s not back any old bill just because it’s for legalization.

  5. Sabet is such a rude interrupting lier. Fox is no better.

    R and D news outlets have zero desire to find common ground; so, you could say their sole purpose is to divide the country. Contrary to Faux ideology, there is bypartisan support for this issue, and a majority support at that.

    The new political reality is, siding with the wrong side of this issue could cost an election, and faux news viewers.

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