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Ethan Nadelmann Discusses New Marijuana Legalization Poll On CNN


My good friend Anthony Johnson posted on his Facebook today that when he grows up, he wants to be Ethan Nadelmann. I would have to second that. Anytime I get a chance to see or hear or read anything about Ethan Nadelmann, I make sure to do so. He is one of the wisest men I have ever seen, and I hope to meet him someday. Below is Ethan Nadelmann’s latest appearance on CNN, discussing the recently release Pew Research Center poll which found that more than half of all Americans want to see marijuana legalized.


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  1. DavidTheExpert on

    This is a really good segment. Nadelmann is pretty good at doing interviews like this. Bug jeez, the CNN anchor is so bad at her job. I was embarrassed for her.

  2. End the drug war to regain control of drugs (all drugs — including relatively benign marijuana, often even medicinal, but also other substances that are too dangerous to leave unregulated and uncontrolled in a black-market, prohibition environment). Simultaneously, legalized and controlled drugs will reduce crime, violence, incarceration, corruption, gang-influence, overdose, bullet holes and healthcare costs. And watch the drug cartels and street gangs wither on the vine and neighborhoods return to safety. Self-discipline coupled with drug legalization and control are the answer, not big, dictatorial, intolerant and oppressive government at the cost of freedom, liberty, fairness, equality and human rights.

  3. Ashley Banfield is just a vapid talking head (sorry Ashely, the glasses don’ help make you seem smart). Why she thinks she needs to offer an ‘opinion’ at the end of the segment is beyond me. Mr. Nadelmann laughs it off to barely contain his contempt.

  4. Exactly! You know damn well that the producer was blowing bs in the bimbo’s ear at the end to give some air time to the assholes that want to continue to arrest weed users.

  5. There are a lot of idiots living in America. I hang out with the “resisters” on the right. The small government people. You would think they would applaud this resistance to the Federal Government. You would be wrong. So why do I hang with idiots? Well I’d like smaller government too. And I like taunting them. Just to hear their screams.

  6. that news anchor reveals herself to be a total idiot at the end of that piece. oh well. good to see Nadelman on cnn in any case.

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