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Ethan Nadelmann From The Drug Policy Alliance Speaks At The Oslo Freedom Forum


Ethan Nadelmann Explains The Impact Of The War On Drugs At The Oslo Freedom Forum

Ethan Nadelmann explains the devastating impact of the War on Drugs on individual rights, arguing that there are innovative policy alternatives to the current norms that do not take such a toll on freedoms, democracy, and rule of law.



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  2. Jean Pailler on

    A remarkable speaker, a welcome and clear speech. But… THIRTY YEARS AGO, I expressed politely the same ways in a small room in a public building in Washington D.C. where I was a friendly guest. An unnamed official, benign but unsmiling, told me that it would be advisable for me to keep those ideas to myself while I was a guest of the United States. All this is known and evident to all people of good faith. Now why does no Nation seriously try to implement it? The answer is self-evident: because of the very intricate channels through which dirty money is laundered. Mr Nadelmann’s angle, however, is rather a good one, and his very powerful talent as an orator may help convincing more people. Still, in Europe where I live,  the trend has gone back towards prohibition – and one country enforcing it (France) puts their neighbours (The Netherlands) in front of a return of blackmarket activities… so they gradually revert to some sort of prohibition…
    Anyway. This is a remarkable speech.

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