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Every Patient Should Have The Right To Use Cannabis


pain medical cannabisSuffering Patients Shouldn’t Be Forced To Choose Between Medical Marijuana And Other Medicines

It’s been brought to my attention that there will be a meeting in Southern Oregon where pain management will be discussed. See the information below, and the video to see why the issue so important to medical marijuana patients nationwide:

A public meeting is being held on Monday October 29th, 2012 in Room 216 from 6-9pm at the Douglas County Courthouse in Oregon. Supporting patient rights and healthcare access under Pain Contract, Pain Management, and Medical Marijuana will be discussed.

Pain Contract and pain management patients who have been denied treatment of pain; and Medical Marijuana patients who were denied access to other prescription medication and/or healthcare access are encouraged to come and learn about their rights.

The focus of the open and public meeting is the rights to healthcare access and treatment of pain under State and Federal laws, regulations, and court rulings. The meeting will include information to support your healthcare access and patient rights. The meeting will discuss the Oregon Intractable Pain Act, the Oregon Pain Commission, Medicare/Medicaid regulations, and patient rights to pain treatment.


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  1. Wow. I just watched the video. That is absolutely disgusting. These people don’t understand that there are people that are in massive pain! And, I beg to differ about the medical marijuana and narcotic combo and studies done. Watch episode of NORML’s Weed in Week http://youtu.be/Rcro-vnsnf8. It’s in the second half.

  2. I sooooo wish I was in Oregon! I am 25 years old and have been forced to take mass amounts of narcotics and other pills to treat my chronic musculoskeletal pain, pain from nerve damage, organ pain, early onset rheumatoid arthritis, peripheral neuropathy, etc… I inherited a lot of degenerative hereditary disorders and diseases. I live in Alabama. I have tried writing letters to my Reps, Senators and President Obama. Alabama is NOT being represented properly and it really upsets me. I am made out to be a drug addict and a criminal here just because AL doesn’t want to change. I’m so happy that patients in Oregon that suffer from chronic pain hopefully won’t be forced to take pain pills anymore if they don’t want to! I feel like my doctors are publically, slowly murdering me. My liver is failing, my kidneys have been screwed and I have a colon tumor as well. These Percocets and Lortabs don’t do much for my pain. You know what does? Cannabis. #staymedicated

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