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Executive Director Of Drug Free America Equates Medical Marijuana To ‘Pill Mills’


drug free america foundation pill mill florida marijuanaI received the following message from the Florida medical marijuana campaign. If you are in Florida, get involved!:

Radical groups are already mounting opposition and spreading misinformation about our campaign and medical marijuana in general.

A recent statement from the Executive Director of Drug Free America Foundation, Inc. equated the potential effect of a state-sanctioned medical marijuana model to a criminal enterprise, just like pill-mills.

To equate medical marijuana (which kills no one) with the poisonous, deadly and highly addictive opiates found in illegal pill-mills is irresponsible.

Please help us fight back – and reach our end of quarter goal by contributing here.

Our opponents place ideology before the needs of seriously ill Floridians. The reality is that the failure of legislature to implement medical marijuana logically leads to patients having no alternatives but dangerous and deadly prescription drugs.

Cancer, AIDS, neurological pain, epilepsy and countless other conditions and diseases for which marijuana has therapeutic value affect everyone, regardless of their political and social ideology. This is an issue of compassion, for everyone – and the right of doctors to make their best judgments about treatment.

The only way to combat misinformation is to educate. Help us educate more people about medical marijuana by contributing today.


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Johnny Green


  1. Trying to practice thinking before you post, eh Brian? I’m just kiddin’ you. I too know what pill mills look like. It is an ugly sight. Desperate people forced into… what… a kind of slavery, right? I used to call people who spouted such nonsense like this “uninformed,” but you really can’t say that any more, especially in 2013. Calling someone ignorant would imply that the person knows the information and refuses to be rational. So, yes, I think ignorant is appropriate.

  2. Sorry, i should not have said that. He should not have said that about pot. Have you looked at the parking lot of a pill mill.. Do you see what it does to the people that are there???????? Pot does not do that to anybody…. I’ve got to call you very ignorant and believe me that is a compliment sir.

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