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Facing Recall Over Betraying Cannabis Reformers, Councilwoman Resigns

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(via Recall Ginny Chadwick Facebook page)

By Aaron Malin

Columbia First Ward Councilperson Ginny Chadwick resigned at a Columbia City Council meeting. The resignation, effective at noon today, comes after after a coalition of community groups successfully submitted enough petition signatures to trigger an April recall vote. Chadwick’s nine-month tenure in office was plagued by questionable votes and a disregard for her constituency.

The final straw that triggered her recall was her vote against an ordinance that would have added cultivation of two cannabis plants to Columbia’s marijuana decriminalization ordinance, a law that has been on Columbia’s books for a decade. Chadwick cast the tie-breaking vote against the measure after publicly promising to support the ordinance during her campaign.

Politicians in Missouri, and across the country, face a new political reality. Cannabis reform activists have shown they will hold politicians accountable for their campaign promises and votes regarding cannabis law reform. The successful removal of Councilwoman Chadwick from office over her anti-cannabis-reform vote demonstrates the growing political force that our movement represents.

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  1. Karen I am sure where I stand on chemotherapy I know how it works and what it does. I know what Marijuana does for the body and how it affects the body and how cancerous cells react to it. Or the combination of both which I have heard that Marijuana makes the effects of chemo easier to tolerate. I believe this to be true. But as to one over the other I am unsure. Being a parent I know that I would not take the chance on chemotherapy alone and if I could not get the treatment in my state because of some bullshit law. I would send my wife and child to another state where I can get the care for my children even if I had to sell everything I own.

  2. Karen Ferguson on

    Thank you for the suggestion…I’m on it. And, without question, we are on the same page, in the same book. Thanks again.

  3. You have to start commenting on news aggregator sites like yahoo when a cannabis article comes up. First change minds then it becomes easier to change politicians.

    Cannabis cures cancer. Cancer kills 586,000 Americans every year. Every Prohibitionist is complicit in mass murder.

    Pass it on.

    Sadly – a lot more people are going to die before we can make the change. Keep them all in your heart.

  4. Now lets get rid of all the other scumbags that you bandwagon handle pullers put into office……voters are so stupid when it comes time to pull that handle

  5. Karen Ferguson on

    This article above is empowering. I needed it. You know Sinclair, this minute at 6:22 a.m, I’m truly upset about the 17 year old, Cassandra, who didn’t want chemo, and who is now in a Conn. hospital & forced to receive it. The smart medical circles in the US KNOW that there is benefit in medical cannabis in relationship to cancer. I think its the beginning of Big Pharma [who’s in bed w/ the AMA, hospitals and gives generous kick-backs] pushing back and its only the tip of the iceberg. I’m learning faster how to buck up and get active. Suggestions welcomed.

  6. Karen Ferguson on

    It’s my experience and observation that most politicians, when seemingly necessary, use an excuse and pass it off as a [rational] reason.
    I’ve told a few of my politicians, “When you promise, we don’t forget. And, we don’t need you to agree with us: just do what you say you were going to do.” It’s not complicated. I get irked when they think “changing their minds” is their right. Usually, one has that right, but CANNOT implement it at the cost of millions of others after they’ve been voted into office.

  7. 1 down more to go!!! It’s time for these liars in office to relize that they can’t keep screwing people over and get away with it. When will all of these excuses be enough?

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