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Fake Drug Checkpoints Are Becoming More Devious


drug checkpointBack in March, Johnny Green reported encountering a bogus drug checkpoint while journeying through Nevada along Interstate 80 with Ninjasmoker. For those of you, like me, who had never heard of a fake drug checkpoint, it’s shockingly lowbrow, even by drug cop standards. Here’s how the scam works: police set up signs along the roadway announcing, “Drug Checkpoint Ahead.” But, since the Supreme Court ruled drug checkpoints are unconstitutional in City of Indianapolis v. Edmond (2000), cops can’t actually do that to you. Instead, they set the signs up just before rest areas to scare people into exiting, turning around, or dumping their stash. Then, the cops run drug-sniffing dogs around every car that pulls into the rest area. According to Scott Morgan from Flex Your Rights, “These checkpoint-like fake checkpoints serve as the functional equivalent of a checkpoint without violating the Court’s prohibition against checkpoints.”

Some law enforcement agencies have gone beyond the basic sign-and-sniff approach. The Voice of Mini Cassia reported on a fake drug point along I-84 near where the Idaho State Police and Cassia County Sheriffs Department:

“set up its incident command post, complete with radio connections to several spotters who were strategically placed along the route to watch the reaction of drivers when they see the warning signs.? Any unusual or suspicious activity, such as someone throwing something from a car window, or a great deal of activity inside a car which could indicate someone hiding something, is radioed in by the spotter and an officer is sent to stop that vehicle and do a check.”

Cops should never be allowed to provoke panic and fear along a roadway. We don’t need police herding us into rest-stop pigpens. It’s been repeatedly shown that a handler can influence his dog into ‘indicating’ anywhere. The situation is built on bias against innocent citizens who may have innocent reasons for pulling off at a rest area. Law enforcement should have no right to gang up in groups, packing weapons, intimidating people. That’s what gangsters do, not those with true power. It really makes cops look weak when they use tactics like these.

Johnny and Ninjasmoker avoided trouble by staying cool, not taking the exit, throwing anything from the vehicle, or anything else out of the ordinary (apparently, innocent people never litter, or fidget about in their cars, or visit rest areas for that matter.) You should do the same if you see a ‘Drug Dog Ahead’ or ‘Drug Checkpoint’ sign, don’t forget, it’s not real. Stay calm, take a deep breath, and drive on.


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  1. Speed Reebok on

    Here is a good idea, if you don’t like the idea of “Liberty and Justice For all” and want to live in a police state as a boot licking bitch, then by all means continue to let the police violate your god given rights.

    I live in a “Place wwithout cops”  Right here in the United States, and the only times I’ve ever had to call the dumb asses low and behold they fuck it up.  So lets be very clear on this… The only dumb asses who give Good Honest working Officers bad names, are their co-workers who do shady illegal shit like this and try to pass it off as “Justice”, that and the people like yourself who defend their actions.

  2. Here is a good idea, if you have a problem with it move to a different country with no police force and see how well you do… Its individuals like yourself that give good honest working officers bad names and it’s not a checkpoint it says drug signed emphasis ahead.  If you don’t have illegal substances in your possession (because it’s illegal) then you don’t have anything to worry about… So take some prosaic and relax~!

  3. ChuckNorris1299 on

    Darm Nosey Cops!!!! Darn Civil Liberties!!!! Darm Drugs Destroying Society!!!! Can’t we all just get along!!!!

  4. I’ve got a HUGE problem with”fake drug-checkpoints” It’s YOUR attitude mr. Norris and those like it that have ALLOWED the Destruction of American Civil Liberties by our Govt. If I’m doing NOTHING wrong, why try to ENTICE someone to beak the law then throw them in jail for same, ALL because my wife was getting a drink out of the cooler and some NOSEY cop saw her get it and decided to STOP US. YEAH, I have a HUGE problem with that

  5. ChuckNorris1299 on

    I don’t think innocent people have a problem with drug dogs or fake check points.  People carring illegal substances might though.

  6. Monty Sarvo on

    It is time to take back the law from the criminals with badges. We need a Constitutional referendum to create a rotating citizen police force to police politicians, government officials and police.

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