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Family Of Three Moving For Marijuana – Please Help!


donate relocation fund medical marijuana patientsBy Lindsey Rinehart

When I first heard from single mom Pam Bailey about her daughter Brileigh, and their need to get from Georgia, a state with oppressive cannabis laws, to Colorado, a state with freedom, my heart broke.  Then it got more complicated, as sadly, the entire family is ill.

Briliegh is Pam’s three- year-old daughter who has seizures induced by Congenital Lyme Disease.  She has chronic fevers, migraines, joint and muscle pain and swelling, and odd rashes caused by Lyme Disease.  Sometimes she has multiple seizures a day.  No child deserves this.  I cannot imagine my child suffering from seizures when there is something that could vastly help them in a different state, but not my own state.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  Pam has done her research, and cannabis will help her daughter tremendously.  In fact, it will help her whole family.  The problem is that her and her family cannot get cannabis treatment in Georgia, but they can in Colorado, and 20 other states in the US.  How hard would it be to be an ill, single parent, with two sick kids, and not be able to treat them because you’re in the wrong state?

Pam has another child, Justin, age 20.  Justin also has Lyme disease and suffers from odd rashes, pain and swelling in joints and legs, fevers, and migraines.  He also has Asperger’s, as well as some other mental health issues that would benefit from cannabis.

Lastly, Pam herself, would benefit from cannabis in multiple ways.  Pam has a severe case of Lyme Disease as well. She fears that if she doesn’t get her children to safety to treat their conditions, that the children’s health is going to deteriorate to the same level as hers.  Pam suffers daily with a myriad of illnesses and symptoms of these illnesses:  Chronic Lyme Disease, Crohn’s Disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Degenerative Disc Disease, and Osteoarthritis in her spine and hips.

Her symptoms make her quality of life poor due to her suffering. “I suffer daily with extreme fatigue, migraines, joint pain and swelling, widespread inflammation in all joints that causes very visible swelling, neuropathy (nerve pain and numbness & tingling) in my hands, wrists and forearms, feet, ankles, and calves, muscle pain and swelling all over, muscle tension and spasms where my muscles will tighten so badly I can’t function and have to wait til it passes, hearing and vision sensitivity (loud noises or bright lights are painful), chronic diarrhea, abdominal pain and cramping, nausea and vomiting, inflammation of the esophagus and digestive tract, POTS Syndrome (blood pressure won’t stay regulated), anemia, my iron won’t stay in normal ranges no matter what supplements I take, Enlarged Thyroid with fluid filled cyst on each side, extreme pain in my back, spine, and hips.

A lot of times it is hard to function because the pain and fatigue are so extreme I struggle to take care of my basic physical needs let alone my families needs.”

Any one of Pam’s illnesses would be enough to move her and her family to a medical state, but her children’s conditions possibly worsening to the severity of her conditions is a very real fear, that we as compassionate humans can help alleviate by donating to their move for better medical care.

In Colorado, Pam will be able to function as a better mother to her children with her own illnesses regulated.  Her daugher will get to be happy and seizure free, and her son will find great relief from his illnesses too.  This entire family needs cannabis, and they need it as soon as possible.  Can you please donate to their move?

Your donation goes to the cost of the Penske Truck, gas, and the trip to Colorado.  It will also help with getting the first month’s rent, last month’s rent, and deposit for a place of their own once there.  They will need to turn on utilities, obtain medical cards, etc.  Your generosity will matter to this family tremendously.  Pam worked two jobs until she fell too ill to maintain her jobs.  Once they are in their new home, they can sustain their lives from their disability payments.

If you can donate, please do.  The money goes directly to the family.  Also, please share this everywhere!  Lastly, but Certainly not least, this family needs prayers and positive energy sent their way.  For more information and to  donate please go here: https://www.facebook.com/events/684376841583081/ and just to donate http://www.youcaring.com/other/family-of-three-moving-for-marijuana-please-help/124797

Thank You for your help and generosity!

To learn more about Lyme Disease and Cannabis Oil: http://youtu.be/307cbbKw0xM

To learn more about Lyme Disease, here is a link to a documentary: http://www.hulu.com/search?q=Under+Our+Skin

Lindsey Rinehart and the Undergreen Railroad Team


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  1. Hey y’all. I am new here.. I have just been introduced to a form of cannabis that is legal in all 50 states!! CBD rich hemp oil..it comes in a vap pen and a salve..it is a new company and they have invested 70 million dollars doing research!!! They have a patent..you owe it to yourself to check this out!!http://thebuzzlaunch.com/videoCP/5562932 watch this video! You want to look into this company! if you are not interested in being a partner you ABSOLUTELY want to be a customer!!! Do your research on CBD and Hemp oil!!! http://mycbdresearch.com/ I am so excited about these products. check it out!

  2. No one wants illegal weed here. Please don’t use this article for that. I am wanting to move to CO to have legal and safe access so I am not breaking laws. If GA would put a medical marijuana law in place I wouldn’t have to move.

  3. “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”
    William James, brainyquote.com
    (Thank you, cannabis.)


  5. I did 28 days of that and it made me much worse. If I could have gotten longer maybe it would have helped but because of current CDC and IDSA guidelines I can’t get anymore unless I pay out of pocket. I can not afford that and moving to do cannabis oil is much more promising. Long term use of rocepin kills your organs where as cannabis heals your body.

  6. i had lymes disease in 1998-2000 i was cured not active in my blood stream.it took 30 days of a drip of ROCEPEIN THAT THE NURSE GAVE ME EVERY NIGHT.i took all the oral anti biotecs and they did not work after 25 days of the drip i started to feel better.i still have lymes in my system but its not active.so when they do blood work i tell them to check for lymes .rocepin i hope i spelled it right but try to get it.this could work good luck

  7. Well, to be fair, your first post was a little judgmental towards the woman seeking help from “strangers,” as you put it. I’m glad that you have some support, at least, but you shouldn’t look down on people who ask for help, which was what I got from your post.

    See, I understand where you’re coming from, because it is extremely hard for me to ask for help. I wouldn’t want to burden anyone with my problems — people have enough problems of their own. But I had to do just that, because I was about to become homeless. I called one shelter and there was no room, so I just swallowed my pride and the next call I made was to a family member. Mind you, after I articulated my problem, no offers of help were made. Having to ask, at this point, was one of the lowest times of my life. Without that help, I don’t know where I’d be right now. After some time, I repaid this family member with an amount I had calculated for lodging, food, etc. during the time I stayed there. And I felt better after this debt was paid.

    But I could have easily been unable to repay that debt. I was only able to because of a highly unusual circumstance, one which will never be repeated. So I was lucky (unusual for me).

    If I were to offer help to a stranger, then I would not expect any repayment. I would hope anyone who helps this family feels the same way. It feels good to help people, especially when you don’t want anything in return. I believe I read about a brain study that showed all the good things that happen in your brain when you help people — it’s downright healthy.

    Here’s to healthy brains! And peace…

  8. He did not judge anyone, just said how he feels, you should be ashamed to dispense your judgements and opinions without knowing him

  9. Thank you for your kind words, i believe my cancer is a result of my exposure to the radiation i was exposed to during my visit to the site of the fukushima meltdown, it seems the suits my company was provided with were substandard compared to what we usually use, when I got sick I got dropped by my insurance company and was let go from my employer. A pending lawsuit will hopefully leave enough money for my wife and children. I have support from the church I attend, but I must be responsible for getting my family moved, I am also caregiver to my sick parents, my father was exposed to agent orange when he was an officer in the army, he has a form of blood cancer and has had stem cell treatments and chemo,my mother has advanced breast cancer and has recently suffered a massive stroke. Just because I stated my opinion regarding my own situation it seems so many so called compassionate people are so quick to pass judgement on me. I really do not care, they are who they are. Theres no drug thats sold that can heal you like compassion. Thank you painkills2

  10. omg I know someone with Lymes disease and she suffers tremendously because of it. THANK GOD YOU HAVE OPTIONS so wise of you to get out of Georgia to a state that is legal. WE SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE OUR OWN MEDICATION AS ADULTS!! CHEERIN FOR YOU HOPE YOU GET MORE SUPPORT THAN YOU IMAGINED. wishing you the best!! peace & blessings moonlite

  11. Just because a person is unable to work, doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to contribute. And it doesn’t mean they are lazy. I mean, are you saying that people who are disabled are lazy and don’t contribute? And, do you think you (or anyone you know) will never be one of the disabled?

  12. Dear Terminal Man: You’re right that some comments have judged you, or shall I say prejudged you, and that’s not right. I am sorry about your situation, but you have to realize that a lot of Americans are in your same shoes. Or worse. So maybe we’re all a little defensive here, huh?

    You say that no one can help you. Why are you so sure about that? I think you’d be surprised that, if you just asked, there might be someone who could help. There are probably some governmental programs that could help, but it might be hard to find them. Also, there are local churches who do a lot of good work, so you could check out those avenues for help. Of course, you could look around on the internet for organizations like the one mentioned here that might help. And when you and your family get back on your feet, you could help out whatever organization helped you.

    It’s obvious I don’t have any real answers, so I’m sorry about that. I guess what a lot of these comments are saying is that there is no shame in asking for help. All of us here, we who live in the U.S., know how hard times have been and are right now. I can’t offer you anything more than my knowledge and experience, so if there are any questions you have about your situation, maybe I can help? Maybe you’re uncertain about some health care forms, or a medical question, or whatever. Peace out.


  14. Humboldt Billy on

    I live in humboldt and i know people “growers with lyme disease” so far not even oil or anything will cure my sick friends, we have 100’s of pounds on hand.

  15. So sorry for your misfortune, Pam. I support you, pray for you and your children. I will also pray for your critics, that their eyes will be opened and their mouths be shut until they learn the meaning of compassion, and get an education on what they act like experts of.

  16. I bet she wants every shot at every miracle to help her children live better and more hopeful lives. Some Medical Mari treatments don’t even get you high… get educated. Be grateful that cipro helped you quickly… it would kill me if i took it. Pray for the fact that it isn’t working for them and they now have bigger picture complications to deal with which CO can help with

  17. Seriously Dude, you need to look deep inside yourself and put away that thing you call “pride” for the sake of your family if this is true. We are suppose to consider our brothers and sisters on this earth. Are you that brainwashed that you would let your family die because of pride? Can you tell me that you can look in your children’s eyes every morning and say you’re doing your very best for them without asking for help? Do you honestly believe deep down in your soul that they are getting the best because you refuse to ask for help and that is all they’re getting? How do you sleep at night knowing you’re allowing your family to DIE because YOU don’t want to ask for help? What parent even does that? You’re saying because you don’t believe in asking for help that you’re family can die and that’s ok because the only help they were entitled to was that at the end of your arm. I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were their God. How sad and twisted.

  18. I feel that there are more people that want to give and help someone in need. Positive things can come out of this,what could you be disagreeing about. Compasion love . And we are the people fighting for this cause.

  19. Who do you think will listen to you. If you are a doctor, I do not trust you. You all think you know everything. Here has been a plant that has sooo many values and you dismiss it. But if I came to you with a new pill, you would give them out in bunches for people to get addicted to. People die from this disease. WE ARE NOT DUMB.

  20. I have had a hidden disease for thirty years. You can’t allways see what is going on inside someones body. Doctors do not have all the answers.I have taken pills for years with no improvements.When people find what works for them, they will do what they have to do to make themselves feel like a normal productive person. Moving to help improve your life should be seen as an act of kindness for themselves, and people around them. Isn’t feeling good the meaning of life. I am moving too. For my health, just like this family. I WISH THEM ALL THE LOVE AND LIGHT THE WORLD HAS TO OFFER!

  21. I can’t believe the level of cruelty I see in some of these posts. Karma is going to come back on you all saying hateful and judgmental things on this article. I applaud this mother for all she is going through and for having the gumption to put her pride aside and ask for help in her move for the greater good of her and her family’s wellness. If you can’t be supportive then get the hell off the internet or at minimum this post. What is wrong with you people??!!!

  22. Attacking this mother and her family because she is not getting the proper medical care sickens me! She has done nothing wrong, and is only wanting to make her quality of life better not only for herself but her family, please tell me why that is so wrong? Because cannabis is illegal? Ok come on now you people can not be that uneducated and still in fear by the false propaganda and fear mongering by our ohhh so trustful government (sarcasm) I am willing to bet most of you slamming this family go home after work and have your beer, wine, and pop your painkillers and Xanax, and Ativan without a fleeting thought, just because they are legal. News flash that stuff can actually kill you and cause horrid withdrawal symptoms. Yes Cannabis has a slight dependence no one says it doesn’t but they are super mild ! Even more mild than going off of caffeine or sugar! Oh let’s not forget your sugars and caffeine you all ingest too which is a…..drug! Try going on a diet without any processed sugars and carbs and see how you feel in the next 24-48 hours and tell me that your body isn’t addicted. Leave her alone already! Pam and Justin don’t let the negative people ruin your hope! Remember you have got a very large community ok more like a large extended family of supporters backing you and thinking of you! Good luck!

  23. Pamela, it saddens me so seeing these attacks on you and how such uneducated, ignorant and sometimes just plain STUPID people can judge you and ridicule you. You have my 100% support. God Bless <3

  24. It sure does seem like some people lack proper education here. Perhaps they should seek out that education before they go attacking something they only understand the way they do because they are ignorant enough to have believed in the MONEY BASED propaganda against cannabis all these years.

  25. Are you really THAT stupid? It pays for them to relocate. The cannabis is something MANY doctors and hospitals provide for free or at drastically reduced rates for people in need. SMH.

  26. Lindsey Rinehart on

    Reading the comments on this blog is sad to say the least. The judgement and cruelness is just not acceptable. It is already hard enough to leave. Then you a bunch of you would like to harass her on top of it? Really, if you can’t be supportive keep your mouth shut!

  27. Latex angel: Why would you think it was appropriate to offer a sick mother a job at a fetish website?
    I dunno, it seems like you are the pervert here.

  28. You should correctly rephrase like this: Lyme disease did not kill YOU. Instead of being grateful for your luck, you have to denigrate others. It’s very unflattering, and probably not good for your karma.

  29. This one’s for you, Boner:

    “There were points in my life where I felt oddly irresistible to women. I’m not in that state now and that makes me sad.” Jack Nicholson, brainyquotes.com

  30. I’m glad that we have the right to free speech. But, it’s people like you, who abuse that right, that belittles the rest of us who use it responsibly.

    You have wasted an opportunity to make a comment that others will take seriously with the first four words of your post. It’s just another comment displaying the childish mentality of the person making it — and those are so easy to find on the internet. Why don’t you aspire to something greater?

  31. That only works for some IF caught at the exact time of infection. I have done YEARS of that $4 antibiotic, IV antibiotics, countless natural protocols, diets, supplements, you name it I have tried it!! Cannabis oil is the only thing I haven’t been able to give a good go because I am not in a medical state. I know a few lyme patients that have been CURED with cannabis oil.

  32. Tori LaChapelle on

    How dare any of you judge a mother for wanting to move for the health of her entire family!!!

    What kind of parent are YOU who puts PRIDE before your own child’s health and your family’s happiness?

    Shame on you.

  33. You were offered work and declined. That doesn’t show much motivation. We have enough lazy asses here already, please don’t come to Colorado unless you are willing to contribute something.

  34. I am absolutely sure you can find what you need there. If the law is preventing you from keeping your kids healthy, you still need to do what you need to do.

  35. That depends on the oil. I have some regular hybrid BHO in my vape pen right now. So it depends…

  36. you are a rude person by insulting someone who is ignorant to the facts of high cbd oil. Why not try and educate them instead of insult

  37. I have known many people like you @ofremmygoogenheim:disqus and their story changes the minute they get sick with something “uncurable” or like Lyme, “doesn’t exist” yet debilitates thousands, daily. Then they are coming looking for oil. Oil does NOT make you high, get educated before you speak like the uneducated, ignorant loser you already sound like. OIL is medicine. Try to wrap your pea brain around that fact.

  38. ofremmy googenheim on

    i love Pueblo! great restaraunts…better folks than California. Cali has a bunch of assholes

  39. ofremmy googenheim on

    lyme disease does NOT kill, ive had it and a simple dose of cipro killed it, Cost was 4.00 she just wants pot

  40. ofremmy googenheim on

    the donation pays only for their pot, why pay for their pot….smh I donate, but not for pot…

  41. what part of “she’s sick” didn’t you get? Do they care if there is baby vomit on it?


  43. Thank you!! I have spoke to several Crohn’s patients that have juiced cannabis and put the illness in remission. I am going to try it once I get to CO!!

  44. Do you know many cancers are caused by bacteria like borrelia burgdorferi and bartonella henselae (tick borne diseases) How can your family be full of cancer this way? You think it’s hereditery? Well what causes cancer ? Inflammation, what causes inflammation ? Bacteria, virus, toxins. And just because you are not one to ask for help, why do you want to dismiss others. Are you jealous of any help she would receive ? Why be like this ? Would you walk up to someone ringing a salvation army bell at Christmas and do the same? I should think a father would do ANYTHING to get help for his family, instead of being too proud to do it. Maybe you are ‘WELL’ enough or financially stable enough not to have to ask for help. Others are not in such a place. Ignorance breeds ignorance.

  45. Good luck to you and your family. You seem like a wonderful person trying to do her best to recover her life and her family. I wish you all the very best of luck.

  46. You definitely need access to fresh leaves for juicing then. I am praying for you all to get to that place.

  47. Heather Rolfe-MacDiarmid on

    Look buddy …if you believe everything the CDC says….you are the ignorant one here. AND yes Lyme kills. Think about it. They just announced there are 300,000 of us that were not accounted for. There are more than that. And if they were unaccounted for….how many deaths were unaccounted for. How much do you know about Lyme Disease? I will tell you one thing….the CDC does not know the tip of the iceberg about this disease. And to top it off do we get to count the many lyme friends who have committed SUICIDE because of Lyme Disease??? This disease is brutal, inhumane….and to tell ANY ONE of us that we are being dramatic……tells me you are speaking based on ZERO informed information!!!!!!!!!!! Have you not come to the realization yet that the government likes to create propaganda??? Lyme is BIGGER than AIDS ever was….(and yes there are AIDS activists stating this and on our boards). It is so much bigger than you can imagine. Use your brain and heart…..and not believe the government. If they told you we would all never have to pay taxes again…I suppose you would fall for that one too. Open your eyes…. you can learn something from us….me….and my 300,000 other friends. .

  48. Thank you!! I also have very severe Crohn’s. I had a cousin that died from Ulcerative colitis, a sister illness to Crohn’s My fear of death from all this is a valid one!

  49. The combo of pharmaceuticals she will have to take to battle it might though! How many kickbacks you live on doc?

  50. Where do you get your information from ? What is a handful to you? This is incorrect and ignorant. What sort of ‘doctor’ degree do you have? Patients are misdiagnosed daily with MS / ALS / Lupus / Myasthenia Gravis. The number one death due to lyme disease is cardiac related. Most patients with cardiac issues are NEVER diagnosed with lyme disease. The CDC finally admits to their numbers being wrong by over 100 percent. So even if you want to try to quote some CDC argument, they even are admitting they are wrong. They had originally quoted 30,000 newly infected persons per year. So Dr ? IF you are a ‘some sort’ of doctor, what training and education IF any do you have with tick borne diseases ? I am most certain NONE. So with your lack of education, perhaps you should keep your ignorance to yourself. Because, it makes you look like an nincompoop !

  51. VERY POOR TASTE a sick mom with sick kids and you offer her a T & A shoot? There are some really f’d up people in this world! How bout you send some of the money you make selling yours instead?

  52. Sometimes people have babies that are blessings to this world no matter what ails them. Surprises happen and sometimes they are wonderful and we learn things, and it gives a parent a different approach to wanting to survive this life.

  53. I did not get properly diagnosed until June of 2012 AFTER my daughter was born. HOW DARE YOU ASK SUCH QUESTION?! I WOULD NEVER KNOWINGLY INFECT A CHILD!!!!! I was misdiagnosed with MS for almost 8 years. Blame negligent Drs for my daughter having Lyme, NOT ME!!!

  54. Knowing you have lyme disease and that you will give it to any children you have, why did you have a 2nd child???????

  55. There are only a handful of deaths because of lyme disease, it is very rare. I believe the number cases in the us is 300,000 according to the CDC and the number of deaths that include over conditions combined with lyme disease at 23. Quit being over dramatic! I’m sure you will not die from it!

  56. You are a good looking woman pamela, i have work for you in colo, it is a fetish website no p2p just pictures and video. Contact me back and I can give you some work . I know what its like to be a mother trying to support her kids . spiritgirl800@gmail.com

  57. Too late pamela, , I have stage 2 lung and stage 3 pancreatic cancer, so you see I will die within 1 to 2 years. I did not know that lymes disease would kill.

  58. I would be gone from this earth and my children motherless also, if my Hero hadn’t swooped in and moved me to a better place to live and succeed happily. Your story brought me to tears, as I know the feeling of desperation and swallowing our pride and asking for help. To Hell with the snarky comments. God does provide and you have done the right thing in reaching out to Undergreen….Go Lindsey! Pam, I pray for you and yours and my first payday will provide a contribution!

  59. She’s NOT asking for people to support her and her kids,she just need a little help getting to a State where she can get the help they need., I’m ashamed of some of you…someday you might need some help,and God will look down on you with pity because you won’t reach out to help someone that needs help NOW.

  60. I’ve talked to Pam a lot on Facebook. Her story IS TRUE ! You don’t know what it is like being a Good Mother and just wanting to help her kids and herself. How dare you judge her ….walk in her shoes for just one day and you would change your mind about what you said ! Pam is a very caring person fighting to save her kids and herself! Being a single Mom you don’t have any extra money after you pay bills and food. I’ve been there with three kids,and Thank God they were all healthy. But Pam has the extra burden of all of them being sick!
    Knowing Pam like I do…It’s hard for her to ask for help,but she’s putting her kids befor pride. If everyone that reads her story could help just a little,with Gods help,she can move and they can live a life free of pain. So Scott,do your research befor you Judge others.

  61. I am fighting state legislature to legalize for medical here as well. It won’t happen in GA until at least 2015, possibly 2016. I will be dead by then. I need cannabis oil treatments now.

  62. NO it’s more like PLEASE help me save my family so my children don’t end up orphans. I am sorry you feel negative. I am only trying to save our lives.

  63. I wouldn’t ask for help if I didn’t have to. I am going to die if I do not do something to try and save myself and had to swallow my pride and reach out for help. I want to raise my children, I do not want them to loose their mother. I hope you never get sick and have to ask for help yourself and someone says this to you.

  64. I am sorry you feel that way Scott. The local News will be featuring a story on us Monday. Why would any one make up being ill? I am slowly dying and just want to get healthy to be a better mother to my children. Do you want to see our medical records?

  65. This kind of thing is everywhere, People that need weed need to make it happen at whatever cost. Human lives are more important going into debt.

  66. Not everyone was being rude or belittling, If this made you sick come off the hip with some chips and I know you will feel better

  67. Joshua Bazzell on

    Everyone coming down on these people for asking for help make me sick, this is supposed to be a community of caring and helping, not belittling and rudeness.

  68. To the weed dealers trying to sell your crap on fb…. Her kids aren’t needing to smoke! They need the tinctures and I’m sure if they get caught with your weed being shipped illegally they will lose their kids. So stop trying to make a $ off of sick people Larry Kushman and Billbud Grow! And as for asking strangers to donate towards your move…. It’s unethical! Everyone would do this just to move here for marijuana if that was the case! Sell your tv, cell phones, appliances, jewelry, house, or whatever you have to get here because most Americans are broke right now! Ask for a loan from family and friends, not strangers! Good luck on your journeys! Not trying to be rude but there’s families out there that are fighting their state legislature to legalize, not asking for handouts to move where it is legal!!!

  69. My Family of 4 has really life threatening health problems, namely cancers of the blood, and body and we live in GA also. The burden of moving will be tough but I would not and could not ask strangers and even so called friends for their help. The helping hand I need is at the end of my own arm.

  70. Pueblo has affordable rentals and housing. She might be able to find someone who is lonely and has extra rooms for her family to rent

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