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FBI Director Gets Schooled On Marijuana Legalization


This is an older video, but it’s still extremely amusing to watch. Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen takes FBI Director Robert Mueller to task on marijuana legalization and the “gateway theory.”


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Johnny Green


  1. The drug war has gotten quite literal. Maybe they liked the term ‘drug war’ when it really was just a little bit of exaggeration. Now that we just sent 200 US Marines into Guatemala to patrol for drugs it really is quite literally a narco-war now. It’s not just an empty, throw away term. It looks like a war now, if it didn’t in the 80’s.

  2. It’s very telling that Mueller, along with the dweebs at SAM, bristle at ‘drug war’. Their own hyperbole is actually working against them now and they know it. They can’t shake it because they themselves invoked it.

  3. After the Colorado and Washington legalization victories, testimony from the FBI, DEA and DOJ are becoming less and less relevant. As time marches on these older videos concerning the war on cannabis will remind us just how backwards and destructive our drug policies were…

    The people have spoken, it is time for feds to listen to what the people want.

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