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Federal Approval Requested To Examine Marijuana’s Impact On Relieving PTSD Symptoms


hashPost-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one of the unseen wounds of combat, and while it may not be physically apparent to most people, it is an injury that is just as deadly — if not even more so. The physical wounds may heal, but PTSD is something that, if left untreated (or worse, undiagnosed), may last a lifetime.

A feature on the New York Times shared a proposal from the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies in Santa Cruz, California, and a researcher at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. They are seeking federal approval to look into the potential benefits of marijuana on veterans who are suffering from chronic PTSD; should they be granted permission, it will become the first study of its kind.

Rick Doblin, founder and executive director of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, shared: “With so many veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is a widely accepted need for a new treatment of PTSD… These are people whom we put in harm’s way, and we have a moral obligation to help them.”

Hash PlantThe proposal, according to Department of Health and Human Services spokeswoman Tara Broido, is currently under review: “The production and distribution of marijuana for clinical research is carefully restricted under a number of federal laws and international commitments… Study proposals are reviewed for scientific quality and the likelihood that they will yield data on meaningful benefits.”

If and when the researchers receive the green light to proceed with they study, they will be using cannabis grown by the University of Mississippi, under contract with the National Institute of Drug Abuse. This constitutes the only marijuana allowed for use in studies with federal approval.

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  1. i think that if they can precribe stuff that they have approved in most states like alchol an other presciption drugs why not here im parapeligic an marajuana makes me fell like i could about walk my legs fill like there an actually comin out of the hospital i meet a guy that they told would not walk an he swears to it that it made him walk i mean its perfectly safe

  2. Oops. But I don’t belive that the government has the right to limit my right to right to imbibe any substance I choose to. Legalize it!

  3. First off. Aubry no one volunteers to pick up dead after a suicide bomber you do that shit because you have to. That is buisness no one should have to carry with them. Not all volunteer to kill most volunteer to help and to serve their country which is what most of the job of being a soldier is about. Your point is not lost on me but this is no reason to ignore the diffuclty of those who are willing to lay it out there for you. And you are right those who were born to the terrible places where we are engaged in warfare do deserve help for the emotional issues resulting from their combat experiences. I do also think that you should go rebury your head and keep your uninformed b.s.to your self. Thanks.
    I started smoking shortly after returning from Iraq in 06. I used in combination with several other medicines precribed by the VA for ptsd and depression and found the side effects of the other drugs were to significant to deal with. Today when I am unable to smoke I have difficulty with keeping a good regular sleep schedule and appitite. The relif that I find is in my opinion anecdotal and not scientific and I totally disagree with the medical movement. Marijuana is not medicine it is a drug.

  4. I have been diagnosed with anxiet/anxiety attacks, panic attacks, severve depression and extremely violant nightmares. I have slao been doagnosed with PTSD., ETC – I take alot of prescriptions and would prefer to save my liver. I talked who have tried marajuana, and they say it works great and that they don’t need half the medications that they are onm as long as they use marajuana. I believe that I would be a perfect person to use this organic substituation. How to I become a tester!!!! It is now legal in the state for Delaware for mititary personnel with these problems. Please sign me up!!!!!! What do I have to do? I will sign a medical release form. I would appreciate this request to see if I will receive the medical relief tjhat I have been looking for. I am ready to start ASAP. Please email me back, for the closest VAMC is in Wilmington. Thanks Tom Early

  5. Charles Queen on

    I commented on this once before.I’m a disabled nam vet(100%) and on s.s. due to a very serious back injury that is totaly inoperable due to risk factors.Anyway’s I get loratab 10’s and morphine plus narcotic based tranqs and sedatives for PTSD,deep depression,anxiety attacks,panic atttacks,flash backs nightmares etc.I use to use pot regularaly and my doctor at the VA knew I did because i told him so.That was back in the early 90’s and it was never a problem.After 200 though it suddenly became a problem so I had to quit or risk being punished by taking away my pain meds for up to 6 months ,funny thing is though they won’t take away the narcotic based tranqs and sedative.Anyways,I can say for a fact that marijuana did more for me than the tranqs and sedatives ever did and it helped with my PTSD,depression,panic attacks,anxiety attacks etc..I do not know why their saying they need to do study’s/research on this because it’s already been done on PTSd and the other mental issues and it all showed positive results.I think all this is,is another delay tactic by our goverment so they can try to put off legalizing it for medicinal use,but thats my thinking on the subject.The fact still remains that study’s and research on this stuff has been going on for a very long time

  6. We weren’t drafted… yeah you’re right most volunteered, so that you could be happy over here in the states with no worries… Before, you say vets shouldn’t be helped… MAYBE YOU SHOULD GO OVERSEAS AND TRY THE EXPERIENCE OUT! But… you didn’t because you were a…… I don’t know you fill it in the space….

    Also, have you ever heard of anything called orders….

    Wait… I am sure you have no military experience, so you wouldn’t understand…

    Opinion has no bend on experience…

    However, feel free to state how you truly feel, I mean that’s a reason why veterans fought and continue to fight… for your right to speak freely….

  7. Iraq and Afganistan vets were not put in harms way- they volunteered to kill or be killed as an occupation. We should be working to get treatment or symptom management for their victims or even just American civilians with PTSD before we campaign to help people who were willing to harm others for profit. These people weren’t drafted.

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