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Federal Congressman Destroys War On Marijuana In Four Minutes


United States Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) has been my favorite politician for a long time. As a lifelong Oregonian, I have always admired how well Earl Blumenauer represents Oregon voters, and how he fights for justice for all Americans. Soon he will be co-introducing a federal bill to end marijuana prohibition, which I very much look forward to reading. Below is a video of Earl Blumenauer demolishing marijuana prohibition during a speech he gave in front of Congress:


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  1. Michele Erickson on

    Come and join the Show Me State! The more people who are for legalization the better!

  2. Kenny Thompson on

    I agree the government is 100% responsible but I’d hardly give big pharma any absolution of guilt. Corporate America is so closely tied to government that separating the two would require much study and effort. Our officials are bought with corporate funding of elections. They use money from superpacs which is supplied by the elite. Our government no longer works for us. Our votes are meaningless when weighed against billions of dollars. Corporate America IS our government.

  3. How can any one see this video, and suggest that cannabis should not be allowed – only traitors to humanity would hold such a treasonous dictators cruel hateful stance
    RT news just today was speaking about where the usa’s monetary system may be going, lets hope it happens quickly, they were talking about slavery, and how companies are becoming more and more automated, doing away with human labor, and how sleazy SOME in office have been in the past, perhaps they still are, and that’s what needs to change
    Good work RT for breaking the SET! :-)

  4. It’s government corruption always has been always will be unless the people stand together as one voice. And that will never happen because the government keeps up fighting among ourselves over one thing or another. The Feds the IRS and the Federal Reserve are corrupt crooks in bed with the bankers and the Pope and the Queen Of England we’ve been sold down the river and all the rich get richer and could care less about the middle class let alone the poor. Our government has become a democracy with will fall. We we’re supposed to be a republic but like I said SOLD OUT BY OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS OUR GOVERNMENT!!

  5. And I have a second amendment right to regulate your guns, a first amendment right to think, say, and assemble to call your Catholicism a myth, and a duty to my country to point out that what you think isn’t nearly as important to our democracy as how you vote.

    And if you vote for people who will stop any regulation of firearms, or people who want to force women to give birth to rape babies, you are likely voting for someone who just loves putting people in jail for smoking weed.

  6. I’m always amazed at how people dismiss a fight for a cause as “tribalism,” as if taking a side on an important issue automatically disqualifies you from pontificating about it.

    I am not attacking people’s politics for no reason. Warmongering, economic crash creating, and mass imprisonment of people for smoking a weed are all horrific things that are perpetrated by Republicans MORE than they are by Democrats.

    This is because a large majority of Republicans are an authoritarian bunch of hippie punchers still fighting a culture war they rightly think they are losing.

    And if you think they’re just voicing their opinion, am I not doing the same thing? Why do they get to, but I don’t?

  7. Chris Bennett for president

    AS you are aware Chris that cannabis has been used to get closer with God for ions, I feel then that the churches are to blame for keeping it a secret
    Kaneh-bos, Jesus was said to have cured people with it, and the fakers, who say they are pro jesus, a lot of them hate what Jesus used, this country is dead with out cannabis

  8. Nice post. Thank you on behalf of all the sheep who will eventually face the truth, or be dead.

  9. God whats whith the tribalism. Your attacking peoples politics for no reason. there just voicing there oppinion.

  10. Almost everyone who I talk to thinks the pharmaceutical companies are to blame for the legality of cannabis. This is incorrect the pharmaceutical companies are not elected by the people nor do they make the laws. The federal government is 100% to blame!! It makes me sick to think about the situation. How can the federal government take taxpayer funds to convince people that something is a gateway drug with no medicinal benefit. While researching and patenting the benefits of cannabis with taxpayer funds. There are so many people who could benefit from this information this effects us all in one way or another.

  11. I have a question about cannabis history. How many of you are aware that in the early 1970’s president Nixon asked the medical college of Virginia to prove cannabis caused cancer. When doctor Albert Munson who led the study told the Nixon administration cannabis was curing cancer the study and the results were trashed. The newspaper the Washington Post ran a story called” cancer curb studied” on August 18, 1974 only days after Nixon resigned. Nixon had declared a 100 million …dollar war on cancer on December 23, 1971. So when he stumbled across the fact that cannabinoids can treat and cure cancer why didn’t he utilize it? Did he hate the people who smoked cannabis more then he wanted to cure cancer? Why after years of research and after thousands of years of documented use does the federal government keep cannabis on illegal? They can no longer lie and hide the truth, almost everyone knows that the department of health and human services holds a patent on cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuro protectants patent #6630507. What everyone doesn’t know is that they have paired with a company called “Kannalife science” to synthesize cannabinoid compounds to use as medicine. People may think this is a good thing that they are trying to help, not the case. The motive is to be able to make more money by taking control of cannabis from the people and handing it to a company who is in bed with the government .The only documented cases of cannabis overdose have been from synthetic cannabinoids. They are stating that cannabis is only medicine when you synthesize it down to individual cannabinoids. The fact is that cannabis and cannabinoids have a synergetic effect and need to be used together in a natural form to utilize the medicine properly. So what we have is a case in the United States where the government started a war against cannabis, then a war against cancer both fake wars for profit. Then when they found out that the two wars cancel each other out. They lie about it and hide the truth while doing secret research and patents while trying to figure out how to screw the people while making the most profit. Now we have a generation of people who could be helped by this information but have been so brainwashed by the government that they can’t open their eyes to see the truth. One of the hardest things you can do is try to make people open their eyes and see the truth. Especially when you consider the amount of time and tax payer money they used to brainwash them against cannabis. Maybe its the fact that people don’t want to admit they were brainwashed and were dumb enough to believe a lie.Almost everyone who I talk to thinks the pharmaceutical companies are to blame for the legality of cannabis. This is incorrect the pharmaceutical companies are not elected by the people nor do they make the laws. The federal government is 100% to blame!! It makes me sick to think about the situation. How can the federal government take taxpayer funds to convince people that something is a gateway drug with no medicinal benefit. While researching and patenting the benefits of cannabis with taxpayer funds. There are so many people who could benefit from this information this effects us all in one way or another. Please understand cannabis is a vegetable most educated people know about smoking marijuana. However they do not understand to utilize this medicine it should be consumed by juicing, eating raw cannabis or by ingesting cannabis oil. Think about any other vegetable, we know they are good or us but what if you smoke them, is the statement still true? How about medications you get from your doctor do you smoke them? The high you feel from smoking cannabis is a side effect. It is part of the plants defense from insects and animals. Cannabis is the greatest vegetable on the planet! Anyone who is interested in learning the truth about marijuana, weed, pot or cannabis should watch the following. All movies an be seen on YouTube for free. #1″The Endocannabinoid System and How THC *CURES* Cancer w/ Dr. Christina Sanchez” #2″ What if cannabis cured cancer” #3 “Run from the cure” #4 “Bud buddies project storm” #5 “Cannabis rising”. Everyone reading this knows someone who could be helped with this information. It is just a matter of you caring enough about someone to seek the truth for yourself.

  12. Ok. so under decriminalization, do I get the same consumer protections? Can I get customer satisfaction if I get ripped off? Didn’t think so Didn’t think so. Can I as a rec user be allowed to grow under decriminalization? Didn’t think so either. Under decriminalization, if I get caught, do I get my weed back if I pay the fine. Didn’t think so. Can I go to a store to purchase weed under decriminalization? No. You have to know a friend of a friend of a friend who may know a friend that may no someone that has weed. I’m sick of prohibition and sick of being treated like a second class citizen in this great country. Decriminalization is prohibition with a smiley face and I’m not having it. I beginning to understand why that it’s taking so long to end prohibition. You have people involved with mj that still want to keep it illegal. You have people always saying “decriminalize” don’t legalize. With those kinds of attitudes prohibition will probably end in the year 10,000.

  13. Don’t categorize people. I love my guns am catholic and love my weed more than anything. I would love to see the states legalise cannabis.

  14. Jordan Shorette on

    I am extremely anti prohibition, but I still can see that not everyone smokes and we expect them to endorse this whether for rec or med. its true the benefits are so many people forget some as they discover ten more, but just like the tax on alcohol every one can chip in some to spread the wealth for the lack of a better phrase. this is a great opportunity to help improve the world we live in and have the freedom to make a safer choice. yea prices may be high at first but every new product is like that then they will drop. all im saying is I don’t see it as extortion. win win from my POV.

  15. James Sunderland on

    Ah yes, the so-called libertarian “allies”. Grow the fuck up and think about people other than yourselves, you selfish shits. Legalization helps Americans far more than simple decriminalization. Go back to /weed/ with your mindset.

  16. As long as BIG PHARMA is in the mix with their lobbying efforts, the voters will NOT have a voice. Oh, we can vote it to our heart’s content, but Congress is waiting for the White House to make a move via the DOJ and the White House is waiting for Congress to make the move to legalize it by changing laws. Mean while, people keep dying and BIG PHARMA still controls the US Drug Cartel with $1,000,000 of dollars in Cancer Drug profits, while Medical Marijuana would put them out of business.

  17. Decriminalize it! Fuck taxation. Taxes is theft. Its our liberties they tread upon when they prohibit stuff for personal use. Now instead of just paying for a service we dont want (incarceration of pot users) they want us to pay them a cut for us to use it like we always have? How about you keep your Government out of our lives and we will keep our freedoms. Fuck the legality, fuck your extortion. That is all.

  18. You may be correct, but still this was unheard of a few years ago. Politicians are terrified of the cannabis issue and all real liberalization (and I don’t mean “medical cannabis” laws that allow oil only and no way to procure it) has come about by ballot initiative. I am afraid that it will be easier to change human nature than the workings of Congress, so this is still a step forward.

  19. Sue Miller Bonucci on

    This must be taken further ! They are look at this cure for many illnesses ! Clothing and many other uses ! I take what he said as a joke ,he really didn’t say anything ! This law needs to be passed nationwide ! Starting with congress the president ! It’s no joke . God put it here for many reasons and one of them was not to be illegal ! The problem is that to many people loose money by it being legal ,pharmaceutical companies doctors ,hospitals , of course the courts ,prisons ,just to let people sit in prisons for a weed charge but let a murderer out after 10 years just to do it again ! Grow the hell up and help us get off the chemicals that the doctors are feeding us just to find out later it gave us cancer or God knows what else !! Sorry ranting is over !!

  20. Would love to live in Missouri …. Show Me!

    Four minute speech won’t change the laws but every little bit adds credibility and soon the gates will open!

  21. How pissed? Pissed enough to stop voting for Republicans? Pissed enough to vote for Democrats? I seriously doubt it. They rank this issue way down their list of “kiss the asses of the rich” issues.

  22. And how many of them will vote for rescheduling? Half, maybe… Rep Blumenauer’s bill won’t even make it to the floor for a vote without a discharge petition, and I doubt you could get enough of your 49 Glibs to sign one.

  23. My allies? They’re trickle-down bullshitters and war mongers (not at all libertarian in that regard). They ignore evidence of climate change, pollution, income inequality, and all kinds of other things for which they don’t give a damn about facts. The fact that they occasionally vote in a way I agree with doesn’t mean they’re my allies.

    Now, in this case, it’s not state’s rights. It’s federal rescheduling. These glibertarians don’t really want to spead liberty to ALL Americans; they want to allow states to deny liberty to the citizens in those states.

    So, I bet that while almost ALL the Democrats will vote to grant this liberty to ALL Americans, no matter what state they live in, your precious group of Glibs will not, and the bill will fall short of passage.

    So, how much do you want to bet on it? Lose pays winner’s charity.

  24. James Sunderland on

    Gee, maybe the whole “Republicans started the bullshit War on Drugs shit” or the fact that every meaningful legalization bill that has shown up were written by Democrats? Lets not forget the Democratic voterbase which overwhelmingly voted for legalization in Oregon, Colorado and Washington where opposition was done by right wing cops or big business “medical” marijuana shop owners. Meanwhile, the Republican voterbase is composed of racists, big businesses, homophobes, transphobes and good ol’ Christian old white men who want to conserve the status quo of marijuana prohibition so they can keep minorites and the poor in jail while keeping big alcohol and tobacco in large money. So, you can see why liberals are skeptical of Republicans being our allies.

  25. Well lets see. The last time something on this order was voted on 49 Libertarian Republicans voted with the Democrats in the House to get a Federal MMJ Bill passed.

    Why you have it in for your allies is beyond me.

  26. Agreed about the right but there are a number of citizens that ARE Republican that want legalization too. I’ve read it on some of their blogs and they are getting pissed off about the injustice that follows prohibition too. There is hope.
    Disclaimer: I’m not Republican

  27. This was done in the General Speech charade that is setup for political benefit for the members. This is done with an almost empty congress and has little to do with any actual action other than PR.

  28. Michele Erickson on

    Missouri is going to have it on their ballot for 2016 for straightforward legalize for recreational use.

  29. J. Morgan-Curl on

    Awesome. Mississippi is trying to petition to legalize & decriminalize medicinal, recreational, & agricultural cannabis right now! We have 1000+ volunteers across the state trying to gather signatures in this grassroots movement. To become a volunteer, or for more information, visit http://www.yesonproposition48.org

  30. these guys! pounding them Jared polis vs Leotard
    was great to
    “is heroin more dangerous than marijuana ?”
    (oooops wrong chart below cant erase)

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