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Federal Government: Marijuana Still Has No Medical Value


fist michigan medical marijuana asthma autismThere is a big court battle going on right now to try to get marijuana rescheduled. Currently marijuana is a Schedule I substance according to the federal government, meaning that it has no medical value, and is as dangerous as heroin. This federal classification of marijuana comes despite the facts that the same federal government grows marijuana for medical purposes in Mississippi, supplies the marijuana to federal medical marijuana patients every month, and owns numerous patents related to marijuana’s medical properties. But never mind those pesky facts.

The federal government submitted a court filing yesterday that maintains that marijuana still has no medical value and is a dangerous, addictive drug. Per SF Gate:

Two weeks after President Obama signed legislation prohibiting federal interference with state medical marijuana laws, his administration has told a federal judge in Sacramento that pot is still a dangerous drug with no medical value.

The U.S. attorney’s office, representing Obama’s Justice Department, made the argument in a court filing Wednesday opposing a challenge to the long-standing federal law that classifies marijuana as a Schedule One drug along with heroin, LSD and ecstasy — substances that have a high potential for abuse and no safe medical use.

While there may be “some dispute among doctors as to whether marijuana is medicine,” there is ample evidence to support the government’s conclusion that “this psychoactive, addictive drug is not accepted as safe for medical use at this time, even with medical supervision,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Gregory Broderick wrote.

The fact that marijuana is considered to have no medical value by the federal government is slap in the face to science, logic, and compassion. How federal officials can argue against medical marijuana considering they are growing, researching, and distributing medical marijuana is beyond me. The Obama Administration needs to give up this sham and do what’s right and logical.


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  1. the only ‘ignorance’ there was, was among the people who had no relationship with the plant-hell, some didn’t even realize it was a plant at all! no-they, the corporate big biz owners in bed with gov’t who make sure the ‘right’ people make the most money, worked at demonizing and outlawing this plant because they KNEW it would compete with all their poisonous products and spread the wealth and health-this is NOT what they are about. they are about consolidation and concentration of that wealth and health to a few elite. the rest of us are ‘farmed’ so to speak for our labor, blood and tears.

  2. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    any federal official that supports legalization is there by guilty of child abuse and cultural genocide and will become named in the pending class action suit for the rightful intellectual property of CBD THC cannabis derived extracts and medicines

  3. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    follow this silverado I believe it may be the beginning of a class action suit against the fed for child abuse………and cultural genocide…………..yes a cannabis culture established before prohibition and protected under federal law treaties dating back to the 1700’s the fed even holds the patent illegally the medicine was already established under public domain as being the creation and intellectual property of the kickapoo nation’s doctors and families of kickapoo indian medicine men even secret societies this is what they were attempting to beat out of the children the wild-crafted medicinal ways of our fathers

  4. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    Kickapoo Indian Medicine company a heritage the united states government does not want it’s people to understand
    Prohibition in the 1930’s which crushed a family company of medicinal practitioners of cannabis culture people established in good faith before the 1890’s Touted as EXTREMELY Successful After 5 years by a noted New York news paper……………………..TRIBAL ENROLLED all treaties apply even prior to 1700’s……………………………..
    Jonson and Johnson DuPont chemicals nylon corporations destroy the hemp industry using the reefer madness campaign. severely impacting the lives and traditions of Kickapoo native families forever a very different out come would be apparent had these laws not been enacted and the violence and institutional prejudice that became a national practice still functioning today as evidence of its torture other wise why would anyone one need these schools. rosevelt said it plainly kill the indian save the child what is the indian if not the original woodsmen wildcraft hemp rope before the vikings touched shore a cannabis culture then an a cannabis culture now but look at our kickapoo nations position in life her spirit beaten and abused tortured in government schools taught our fathers medicine is evil and immoral and not human, our language destroyed by your lies and political movements to control natural resources and now exposed to the truth even our science our medicine you seek to profit from our intellectual property our gift from creator

  5. BTW the owners of Leafly, according to 20/20 now become public traders on wall street: get it? The monies are starting to trickle over. Oh Dear, how much longer can hypocrisy stand? ALSO, if anyone is considering a class action lawsuit against the government, this is prime time.

  6. 6 years!? More like 45. It all started in the 70’s with the Powell Memorandum. Check it out on Wikipedia. Oh yeah and don’t forget Reagan’s f–ing “trickle down” economics that virtually destroyed the lower and middle classes.

  7. If there’s no medical value and they’re going to keep it on the Schedule 1 listing at the federal level maybe someone could let the state of Washington (and maybe Colorado too) know they’re breaking federal law by collecting taxes on such a substance with their hair brained recreational cannabis scheme passed by the voters over 2 years ago now. I know they’d like to continue with their federal law breaking ways saying “times have changed” (which is true but obviously NOT for them) but we all know what they’d do to you and me IF we were guilty of something similar and so this isn’t something that’s going to be continuing to be swept under the proverbial rug. Pot activist and lawyer Doug Hiatt did a mini interview on this very subject in the Christmas edition of the Northwest Leaf and the poo poo is getting ready to hit the fan over them continuing to collect these taxes ILLEGALLY. The end of I-502? Hardly and paraphrasing a bit, he says the legalization effort will survive as will their trying to expand the new DUI anti cannabis driving laws. But as that’s a lot to chew on, that’s a story for another day too.

  8. Absolutely true enough. There’s more than one way to get this done.
    The big question is: Who’s going to step up? I’m really tired of the “Pass the buck” routine.

  9. Change the scheduling yes, but taking cannabis off the CSA entirely, not sure about that.

    Alcohol and tobacco are not on the CSA schedule.

    “Alcohol and tobacco, for example, are specifically exempt from control by the CSA.” — From DEA (dot)gov

  10. Obama doesn’t need to use an executive order. The CSA allows the Attorney General or Secretary of Health and Human Services to change the schedule including moving it to section that includes alcohol and tobacco if the evidence shows that it doesn’t belong in its schedule. And Congress can’t complain about it, because the science backs it. When the results of the case in California come out we’ll see how the country reacts.

  11. It should be on the same schedule as alcohol or tobacco. Whoops! They are not on ANY SCHEDULE!!!!

  12. Obama was left with a republican led train wreck on the global economy. The world came very close to a financial collapse. Obama averted the worst of it but some of the economy is still somewhat shaky and this will become evident this year and the next. It ain’t over. You sound like you head is pretty far up your butt by your comment.

  13. Really glad it’s working for you too! I was amazed the first time I had diarrhea and smoked a bowl, the miserable feeling inside was all most instantly gone. This plant has so much untapped potential if only our idiotic “leaders” would put people overy politics.

  14. Autumn Gabriel on

    What arrogance, to admit doctors are prescribing cannabis, but federal government knows more than the highly educated doctors. Almost as soon as I see a new drug advertised on TV, there is another commercial stating if you or a loved one have taken said drug & had adverse, sometimes deadly reactions, to call an attorney. I trust God much more than politicians. There is a reason that our bodies have cannabinoid receptors, receptors being the operative word. God meant for our bodies to use his amazing herb, not chemical drugs! ;-)

  15. One thing you can try is making a diffuser. Take a paper towel tube and stuff dryer sheets inside, blow smoke in one end and the smoke exiting the tube will smell like dryer sheets. It’s not perfect but it helps. Vaporizing I think is your best option though. Edibles are good and discreet, but for a panic attack you want an instant fix, which edibles won’t give you but vaping or smoking will.

  16. My apologies. Depending on what state you live and your budget I would try thc oil,or wax and use a vaporizer. I would try cannabis butter if you can get trimmings. These things have no smell of burning. The butter can go on anything especially comfort foods. This blog has a easy recipe look at cannabis recipe. A medical Marijuana supplyer should be able help with the wax and oils and a good choice for a vape pen. If you live close to Colorado go there. Lots of info online. The butter you eat (cook with) edibles are potent and effects the whole body. Let’s say 1 cookie 45 min later heaven. But don’t dose heavy with any of the above it is all potent. Good luck.

  17. Democrats are just as guilty as republicans. Your ‘us vs them’ scenerio just isn’t valid. What you have is the power elite and that consists of both parties, who are pretty much the same. Who do you think has supported Wall Street and big business for the last six years?

  18. I get violently sick to me stomach and I can’t leave the bathroom to smoke outside. When my insomnia is bad in the middle of the night, I’m not going outside in the dark with no protection. It’s not safe. When I have anxiety and it turns into a panic attack, I need to use marajuana to calm down and I can’t even leave my room, it’s so bad. How do I go outside to smoke it? I don’t know what to do. Any ideas?

  19. If you think Marijuana has no medical value, YOU AND YOUR FAMILY should be PROHIBITED access should any of you develop a medical need (cancer).

  20. “America has the highest cancer rate in the world”
    This is because republican Whores to big business have let big business have a virtual free rein and big business’s myopic focus on profits and disregard for public health.

  21. Guardian Angel on

    Amen!!! I just watched my mother die & suffer this past Oct from lung cancer. It was the worst thing I have ever witness. She was against marijuana, but when she got as sick as she did. She was willing to try anything. They had a trial going on with THC but my mother didn’t qualify cuz its illegal in SC. People are getting sick! So so sick of the government! If they don’t stop there insanity, I hope there an epidemic that wipes all the government officials out that are against marijuana!!!

  22. Didn’t say he would, merely that it is within his “power” to do so. Hence my disappointment.

  23. ‘No medical value’ is kinda like Geocentrism or the flat earth theory…nobody I know took those clowns seriously either. There’s no shame in being ignorant of the facts but being proud of your ignorance is stupidity. I’d like to know who the clowns are that are pushing this agenda so we can remind them of their stand in the near future. Used to be people were concerned about their creditability and their honor…… there’s probably a federal exemption for government lawyers on that subject. I thought funds for attacking Medical Cannabis were cut off. Maybe this frivolous defense of an oft refuted and disproven stance doesn’t take funding.
    Cannabis never should have been banned.

  24. I get a “high” just from reading stories like yours. Real people, getting real healing, from a real medicine — cannabis!

  25. Steven Maynard on

    Very good response Danny. I believe that Americans need to be Re-Educated the facts, do to the brainwashing that has gone on by the “War on Drugs” propaganda forced on the public, via-Media through Government Funded Advertising. Making many Papers, Radio and Television Stations lots of money. Now who really benefited? Answer Big Business not Mom & Pop Companies.

  26. I am not a lawyer but the wording non smoking is what you have does not differ between tobacco and Marijuana I would suggest a vape type inhaler or wax if permitted in your state. This will cut down the smell dramatically. Or as a person I am familiar with takes a walk with his bowl packed in a lightly traveled erea. I am not suggesting you do this I would never tell any one what to do.

  27. I have had 15 spinal surgeries and my last one was a 3 level fusion…wow it was horrible! I am a single dad of two teens without support and had to go back to work because I am my children’s only hope! Hopefully I don’t become paralyzed!

  28. I can empathize with you.
    And the new and improved health care system, which is hardly affordable, is one of the biggest scams ever perpetrated on the general public.
    I’ve had three spinal fusion surgeries and anyone who believes someone would casually opt to have one of these procedures is mentally incompetent or a total jerk.

  29. The voters legalizing cannabis is already a revolution. You have heard the indignation and outrage by politicians that the voters would have the temerity to take this out of their hands. “You are too ignorant to create laws.”

  30. Thanks for the interesting story. Your reduction of meds for pain and meds for the effects of meds is a primary reason why cannabis stays as a Schedule I drug, or at least why there is funding available for the professional prohibition lobby. When cannabis works for pain, it is the most simple, non-toxic solution. And even when it needs to be augmented by opioid pain relievers, they can be used at a fraction of the dose, which accounts for (IMHO) the big reduction in pain med overdoses in states where there is a viable medical cannabis program. For example: http://www.tampabay.com/news/politics/elections/study-medical-marijuana-laws-may-ease-painkiller-overdose-rates/2194757

  31. We need to stop using this kind of rhetoric because it serves no worthwhile purpose.
    Educate, educate, educate…

  32. But he won’t do it…he’s had 6+ years of occasionally talking the talk but always doing nothing.

  33. Uninformed and biased voters are the reason there was an 80% re-election rate.
    It always seems to become a matter of “my representative is OK, it’s everyone else’s that should be replaced…”

  34. Pharma has billions to influence the Fed. The FDA gets millions from pharma for drug approvals. If weed was legal pharma profits would plummet and so would the payments to the Feds. Money over matter. America has the highest cancer rate in the world. With billions donated yearly for medical research, there has been little advancement in cures for disease. The last thing pharma wants is a healthy population. There is no profit in a healthy population. B17 kills cancer cells and the feds made in illegal to manufacture or purchase B17 tablets. Why? Because it can replace chemo and radiation treatments which accounts for billions in profits.

  35. Thanks for sharing. I find it interesting to read real life details of the health benefits people find with cannabis, and have been getting a cannabis education now for many years. It almost seems as though our bodies need the specific nutrients found mainly in the cannabis plant, and that the problems that arise from it being removed from the public really does cause problems that pharmaceutical companies benefit from by selling other creations they come up with. It’s not just some excuse that people throw out there to try and justify their use of cannabis, because the health benefits are truly there as proof. and all of our government’s delays and excuses should be huge red flags for all to see.
    I wish we could use it in Oklahoma, but we have the harshest cannabis laws in the nation, even though the last two major polls showed that over 75% of Oklahomans want medical cannabis to be legalized here. It’s an oligarchy, not a republic, and the only cure is for voters to make sure these people never get elected to a public office ever again.
    Good luck to you Alex.

  36. Good question. Another good question, How can Congress have a 14% approval rating yet have an 80%+ reelection rate? Take the money out of politics.

  37. Denying cannabis has medical benefits is just as bad and as crazy as denying climate change is real.

  38. I am living in a non smoking apartment complex that will not allow medical marajuana to be used. Is this legal?

  39. What they want is war. They’re hoping that the prohibition will cause an uprising in crime that surpasses that of alcohol prohibition. Once this happens they can point fingers and say “see, this is a very dangerous substance, people are becoming violent because of it”

    The problem is that is not happening and hopefully never will. It’s mind blowing once you know the facts. Knowing that the government is using it for medicinal purposes but still tossing people in jail and saying it has no medicinal purpose is crazy. How can it be that the courts can allow a blatant dishonesty by the federal government. Can’t they see the hipocracy behind this prohibition. I don’t live in the U.S, I am in Canada but I feel ashamed of both countries for pretending to be nations of reason, justice and equality. Shame on our governments. Shame on our so called “leaders”

    I myself am I medical marijuana patient. I don’t have cancer or any other of the diseases they “allowed” medical cannabis for. For me It began with terrible TMJ pain in 2009. From there I’ve been perscribed low dose anti depressants, percocets, anti inflammatories and many other pharmaceuticals, each with a laundry list of symptoms and clear warnings for the potentail overdose and death. In 2012 I decided to stop taking the powerful pain killers as I was feeling increasingly weak and short of breath. I began using over the counter naproxen and Tylenol to mangae the constant TMJ pain which kept me from eating delicious steak or anything tough or larger than I could open jaw. After 2 years of being on over the counter drugs that can be purchased by absolutely anyone it began to cause damage to my body in new ways. The onset of IBS began approximately 7 months ago and has turned my life upside down. I went from ultrasound to colonoscopy to blood tests, bone scans to ensure it wasn’t cancer with no luck whatsoever. My gastroenterologist noted on his report that my use of naproxen was a concern and a definite risk for end stage colitis. These were the same drugs them at were supposed to be safe. Easily accessible and approved by our governments. They did in fact help with my TMJ, but destroyed my body is other ways.

    When I asked the gastroenterologist what my options were he wrote me another prescription to help with the abdominal discomfort and naseau. Also another over the counter drug that was supposed to help control my IBS and allow me to eat on a more normal schedule. All of the drugs failed. Not only did they create more stomach discomfort by adding more chemicals to my already upset digestive system but they were very expensive to keep up with.

    Finally through my family doctor I was prescribed medical cannabis. At this point I am using 3 different strains to control my symptoms.

    1. 1:1 CBD ratio to control my over active digestive system, eliminate naseau and control pain. (This is my go to, I also use this with meals)
    2. 14% THC which I use when my TMJ is at its worse. This is an incredible medicine for controlling pain and works within seconds compared to pharmaciticles
    3. Trinmings 9% THC. This is a mild pain killer. Allowing me to deal with moderate pain as I need to.

    This combination of medical cannabis has been successful in:

    – reducing chronic TMJ pain
    – prevents migrains triggers by TMJ
    – reducing abdominal cramps, spasms and bloating
    – reducing the occurrence and frequency of diarreah
    – reduced and somtimes eliminates naseau caused by IBS (especially in the mornings when it is worse)
    – allowing me to return to a more normal lifestyle
    – eliminates the acid reflux caused by naproxen
    – allows for a much better night sleep
    – allows me to get back to sleep when an IBS flare up wakes me up (usually around 3am)
    – greatly improved my outlook and quality of life. ( IBS & TMJ can take a toll on you, both cause chronic pain and discomfort in very different ways. This means you end up feeling bombarded from multiple sides which only leads to feeling depressed and helpless. Which in turn adds to stress creating more discomfort in IBS/TMJ sufferes)

    Overall I feel much healthier both mentally and physically since using cannabis to control my symptoms. I must admit that my experience with cannabis has led me to distrust our goverment and health care system. I’ve never been an activist and do not claim to be now. I simply feel very strongly about the potential of cannabis for medical purposes and am very disappointed in what our governments have spent so much money on keeping from us by creating an enormous lie and throwing non violent citizens in private jail facilities so more people can get rich. What makes our countries so different? That we have better liars running it? Or that we as a people are not prepared to fight back for a just cause.

    This is my fighting back. By posting my story I only with to help others in need by raising awareness. Speak to your doctors, teachers and force them to open their eyes to this matter. A lot of them would rather bury their heads in the sand then get involved in the cannabis discussion. As citizens we pay for their salaries and deserved open discussion and honesty.

    All the best in 2015,


  40. Guardian Angel on

    Who has the power to change the Feds minds? I mean can they be voted out if we want them out for not doing want the majority of American citizens wants or are these Feds that decide this gonna always be in office?

  41. Are you saying Obama can remove cannabis from the CSA by executive order? Would be good if that can be done by executive order, but Obama has not shone any inclination toward doing so, at least based on his track record. Unless, he his holding that card very close to his vest. Who knows?

  42. Beau Peepski and Cleanslate: Sorry to appear contrarian but, Yes indeed, it CAN be “done overnight” – by Executive Order!

  43. I’m absolutely opposed to “rescheduling”.
    It should be “Descheduled”. It does not belong anywhere on the CSA any more than air.

  44. If the insurance companies won’t roll over, all the better if they’re on our side. Anything that lets them pay less money to their policy holders is good business for insurance companies. Both health and auto insurers ought to be financing cannabis advocacy groups, given the stats on DUI reductions. Safer, healthier people don’t need to use their policies and continue paying their premiums on time. Cannabis legalization would indirectly cause their profit margins to swell. No kidding, if all the different industries that stood to benefit (primarily or secondarily) from cannabis legalization all got behind a concerted effort, we’d have federal rescheduling in less than a single election cycle.

  45. You are right of course that this can’t be done overnight. The prohibitionists were able to gain the high ground early in the 20th century with very little resistance. And they have framed the parameters of the conversation up till now. Thanks to the internet we now have access to a wealth of information regarding the true nature of the cannabis plant and the old scaremongering against cannabis is being seen by increasing numbers of people for the hollow propaganda that it is. The prohibition emperor is wearing no clothes.

  46. I don’t disagree with you,but I believe it would be difficult to change the conversation that dramatically overnight, given where we are now.
    I do believe we can get there over time however,and posting info such as you have is a great start !

  47. Revolution has worked in the past to fix atrocities similar to this sham the government is trying to pull. Let’s not be part of that history. End prohibition now.

  48. We should hold our government accountable for each child’s death that could of been avoided by Reclassifying Cannabis….it’s freakin MURDER!!!!!

  49. Science has been set back almost 80 years because of government lies. The truth is out and a lie cannot survive in the light. The cannabis movement is about to become a steamroller. Don’t buy the lies!

  50. Thanks for sharing that, JetDoc. What a story. Someday we ought to meet up, spark a few, swap more stories and see who’s fusion scar is bigger! LOL. God Bless YOU! I can’t imagine being in a courtroom just after my spinal surgery. I don’t know if I could have done it. In fact, I was still in the hospital 3 day after my second surgery. They were motherfuckers!

  51. Its critical to remove Marijuana from Schedule 1 immediately. As a Scientist with a strong interest in Cancer Research, Its impossible for me to overstate the importance of this. Cancer patients shouldn’t be used as political footballs. Its time to put politics aside and the needs of Cancer patients first!

  52. Progressive is more known for auto insurance, but they do health as well.

    Still, I agree completely that insurance companies are institutionally corrupt, whether it’s auto, health or anything else. They’ll do anything to find a loophole (or create one when none exists) for you to fall into. They always find a way not to pay.

    That’s why I’m not convinced they’re all that concerned about legalization. They’ll find a way to not pay for weed, like insisting that only pharmaceutical versions such as Marinol are the only viable options. They’ll claim that herbal cannabis is no more a medicine than echinacea–and your doctor can prescribe all of that he’d like, but they’ll never pay for it.

    Even if the government takes it off the list which says it doesn’t have medicinal value, it doesn’t follow that it will suddenly be codified as medicine. Lots of herbal remedies aren’t classified as Schedule I, but they’re not covered by insurance either.

  53. Here we go . SATIVEX and Epidolex
    Are “fast tracking” FDA
    Make these congressmen watch Epilepsy video’s and the miracle cannabis oil has given 1 kid with epilepsy
    GEORGIA of all the southern Baptist states have started TriAls of cannabis oil for kids

  54. Just to let you know it’s “plata o plomo” -the transliteration wasn’t bad though- as someone who lives in Latin America l agree with your comment.

  55. This court case is yet another example of the futility of the debate over cannabis being a “good drug” vs “bad drug.” When the cannabis plant was labeled as a drug — and a dangerous narcotic at that — in the early 20th century the framing of the discussion was dictated by the prohibitionists giving them the initiative to
    continue passing increasingly severe laws against the plant and those who use it.

    Laws are notoriously ambiguous and often sloppily crafted and this of course leads to appeals to courts to interpret the law. Laws written to prohibit cannabis are especially imprecise. The 1937 Hemp Stamp Act defined “marihuana: as all parts of the Cannabis Sativa L. specifically. Cannabis Indica was not mentioned in the act, yet Cannabis Indica (very commonly used in medicines up till then) was also prohibited. This same definition is carried over into the 1970 Controlled Substances Act. Even though Cannabis Indica is not specifically named in the law it has effectively become defined as “marihuana” by many court interpretations.

    What this goes to show is that from their inception the anti cannabis laws are based on profound botanical ignorance about the nature of the cannabis plant. There is no really scientifically precise and consistent definition of what a drug is vs. a herbal/dietary supplement within the Federal government.

    This is the FDA definition of a drug:

    * A substance recognized by an official pharmacopoeia or formulary.
    * A substance intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation,
    treatment, or prevention of disease.
    *A substance (other than food) intended to affect the structure or
    any function of the body.
    * A substance intended for use as a component of a medicine
    but not a device or a component, part or accessory of a device.
    * Biological products are included within this definition and are
    generally covered by the same laws and regulations, but differences existt
    regarding their manufacturing processes (chemical process versus biological

    Cannabis last appeared in the United States Pharmacopeia in 1942. So it doesn’t meet that first criteria of the FDA definition of a drug. I does in fact meet the second definition as a substance intended for curing and treatment of disease, although the federal government insist that it doesn’t — being more like snake oil medicine and best and highly addictive and detrimental to health at worst.

    If cannabis is an awkward fit into the drug “shoe” then what is it? Food does not fall within the FDA definition of a drug. Cannabis is first and foremost an important and highly nutritious food for humans going back at least 10,000 years. Cannabis was one of the first cultivated food crops–perhaps the first according to Carl Sagan. We then discovered that is was an excellent fiber and of course a very powerful medicine for all sorts of maladies and conditions. Somewhere during the long developing relationship with the plant someone discovered that heated or burned cannabis imparted wonderful enlivening and conscious altering effects. So for thousands of years humans considered cannabis to be a food, fiber and medicine; not a drug, but a herbal medicine.

    Entheobotanist Christian Ratsch writes “No other plant has been with humans as long as hemp. It is most certainly one of humanity’s oldest cultural objects.
    Wherever it was known, it was considered a functional, healing, inebriating, and aphrodisiac plant.Through the centuries, myths have arisen about this mysterious plant and its divine powers. Entire generations have revered it as sacred…. The power of hemp has been praised in hymns and
    prayers.”(Ratsch 1997).

    In 2013 The American Pharmacopoeia added two monographs on cannabis to the pharmacopoeia. This is the authoritative standards for medicinal herbs, the equivalent to the American Pharmacopeia for drugs. The AHP considers cannabis to be a herb and not a drug. Cannabis is and always has been used by humans as a medicinal herb, in truth it is the herb of herbs: the quintessential medicine and supplement for the critically important endocannabinoid system.

    Cannabis should be governed by DSHEA of 1994. Congress defined the term “dietary supplement” in the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994. A dietary supplement is a product taken by mouth that contains a “dietary ingredient” intended to supplement the diet. The “dietary ingredients” in these products may include: vitamins, minerals, herbs or other botanicals, amino acids, and substances such as enzymes, organ tissues, glandulars, and metabolites. Dietary supplements can also be extracts or concentrates, and may be found in many forms such as tablets, capsules, softgels, gelcaps, liquids, or powders. They can also be in other forms, such as a bar, but if they are, information on their label must not represent the product as a conventional food or a sole item of a meal or diet. Whatever their form may be, DSHEA places dietary supplements in a special category under the general umbrella of “foods,” not drugs, and requires that every supplement be labeled a dietary supplement.

    If cannabis was governed by DSHEA instead of the CSA it would be as available as any other herbal medicine. Under DSHEA a herb doesn’t have to go through FDA drug trials. The herb is considered innocent (causing no harm) until proven guilty (harmful). Herbs, and cannabis in particular, are much more complex than simple compound Big Pharma drugs. They are not well suited for randomized, placebo, blind trials that the FDA requires for drugs. There are common, regularly used, herbs/plants such as borage (Borago officinalis) – euphoria and fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) – highly hallucinogenic, that are psychoactive and not even on the FDA’s radar as being potentially dangerous.

    Herbal medicines, and food plants, have proven their benefit and safety through millennia of use by countless numbers of people. No FDA drug trial can even come close to that standard. Cannabis, most of all, has passed that test of time
    with flying colors. Cannabis has been incredibly generous to us: giving us food, fiber, medicine and even making us more human (empathetic and tolerant towards others). In gratitude, we were inspired to take it from its point of origin in central Asia and spread its seeds throughout the Earth — a true symbiotic relationship.

    The question is why are pro-cannabis activists hoping and begging for a rescheduling of cannabis on the CSA schedule? Arguing that it is safer than other drugs, playing into the prohibitionists’ trap of endless circular arguments of, is it a “good drug or bad drug.” It is a rigged game setup by the powerful to serve their sociopathic agenda. We must opt out of that game. That is the tangled web that the early 20th century prohibitionists spun to rupture the relationship we had with cannabis for thousands of years. A long, beneficial, and symbiotic relationship that developed long before there were any governments on the face of the Earth. It is an unalienable right of humans to continue that relationship with the healing, herb — cannabis. Cannabis is not a drug, it is a plant — the healing herb of herbs.

  56. Don’t forget:

    “The Latin American drug cartels have stretched their tentacles much deeper into our lives than most people believe. It’s possible they are calling the shots at all levels of government.” – William Colby, former CIA Director, 1995

    Plata o plumbo.

  57. Obama? Do what is right?

    “The Latin American drug cartels have stretched their tentacles much deeper into our lives than most people believe. It’s possible they are calling the shots at all levels of government.” – William Colby, former CIA Director, 1995

    Plata o plumbo.

  58. I understand your point and think it’s valid. I HOPE that we CAN get it to “farm levels”. You can’t deny though that if it’s found medicinal and rescheduled, SOMEONE is gonna push that issue! I just don’t see Insurance companies rolling over on this.

  59. I understand that, but he’s now gone!

    No offense but, Have you EVER had to deal with an insurance company for any longer than to get your car fixed or dispute medical claims?

    I’ve dealt with them INTIMATELY for over 20 years, after a debilitating “On the Job Injury” that left me unable to hold a regular job to this day! They’re the most RUTHLESS MOTHERFUCKERS you’ve ever seen!

    They took me to court 3 DAYS after a “3 level Spinal fusion”. I couldn’t even walk. I was on a walker w/ 2 straps around me with my attorney and best friend holding me up in case I fell. They actually HAD a Dr. to testify, that my Spinal Fusion was FRAUD! Like I had nothing else to do that weekend so I thought I’d have a Dr. DISABLE me for the rest of my life!

    The ONLY thing that SAVED me, was that the Dr they had testify, was also ONE of 26 Dr’s they sent me to, in order to find ONE Dr. that would find me “FIT for duty”. That way they could ORDER me back to work. If I didn’t show or perform a 10 hour shift as an Aircraft Mechanic, they WOULD FIRE me! They’d also have grounds to do so. It wouldn’t have mattered that I was on a walker and couldn’t walk. I was gonna be FIRED! But this Dr had previously advised me to have a spinal-fusion and HE wanted to do it. He’d just forgotten about it.

    During my appointment w/him, I asked him the name of the fusion device HE would use b/c there were 3 available at that time. 2 of which had a lot of problems. He handed me his business card and in HIS handwriting wrote down the name of the device HE would use, if he performed the surgery.

    For SOME reason I had SAVED that business card and when my Attorney confronted him and handed him the business card, he asked him if that was HIS business card and his handwriting. He said it was, and my attorney then told him how he GOT that card. That Dr. started squirming in his chair and looking at his watch and pager like he was getting called away. The Judge noticed this and asked him if there was somewhere he needed to be? He replied “Yes their is”, and the judge recessed and told him to call wherever he had to be and tell them he’s gonna be LATE!

    They took me to court once a year, EVERY YEAR, for 20 YEARS! For 15 of those years, I had to defend MYSELF against them “Pro Se”. I had no money for an attorney. I spent HOURS upon HOURS in “AZ State Universitys Law Library” learning these statutes, in order to defend MYSELF. They put PI’s on me and video taped me everywhere I went! They videotaped me pumping gas and walking into Carl’s Jr. I caught one PI taking pictures of the inside of my truck as I came out of a Dr’s appointment. I chased him down with my truck and ALMOST SHOT him! After ALL of the SHIT they put me through, I was OFFICIALLY diagnosed w/severe PTSD!

    They were attempting to get a judge to rule that they NO longer have to pay for my “Medical bills & R/x drugs”. They finally found ONE after 20 years. So basically MY “permanent disability” isn’t so “permanent” for the insurance company. I could’ve fought this, but I’d finally had ENOUGH and walked away after 20 years of fighting with them. EXACTLY what they wanted me to do in the first place.

    You wanna know how much I got for falling OUT of a 737 (in the hangar) from a MAJOR Airline? NOTHING, ZERO, ZILCH, NADA! They were ordered to pay for my 5 back surgeries and my medications. In which they NEVER paid, and the Dr’s and hospitals came after ME! They would REFUSE payment of my medications at the Pharmacy EVERY month causing me to have to fight it legally. These were R/x drugs that IF I were to MISS ONE dosage, I was in the hospital DEATHLY ill and could possibly DIE if I didn’t make it to the hospital! These were also drugs that I’d been taking for 19 years!

    When THEY would REFUSE my prescriptions, I’d have to put them on my PRIVATE health insurance. Which would put me in the “Donut hole” with my insurance about October every year, and then I’d have to pay $500 CASH for ONE prescription. I had 9 different medications at the time. I had to prioritize which scripts I filled. Putting those meds on MY insurance was all in all illegal since it was an “Industrial Accident”. They were also ORDERED to get together with MY insurance company and pay THEM however much they owed them. That was NEVER done either.

    So although Peter Lewis was with us, he’s no longer here. I GUARANTEE you that you won’t find ANOTHER Insurance company CEO to support legalization.

    Progressive insurance also only deals with Auto Insurance. THEY had a study run, that found “supposedly marijuana impaired drivers” performed more safely than those who don’t imbibe. It also showed that insurance company’s would prefer insuring POT smokers than ANYONE drinking and driving.

    Health Insurance Companies are a different breed. Peter Lewis was a different breed and I HATE it that he’s gone. He REALLY helped our cause.

    Sorry for the long diatribe but THIS needed to be OUT there. I’ve kept it to myself until just lately.

  60. The Court Filing is VERY WEAK argument and should be easily shown it is false …..

    One only needs to bring evidence of what the Federal Government is doing and the Judge should throw that argument out and rule on the facts, we will soon enough see!

  61. stellarvoyager on

    Any public official who actively supports schedule 1 status for cannabis is complicit in war crimes.

  62. This must just be a game for all of the uneducated and those
    pushing to keep medical cannabis illegal for political reasons or monetary
    gain. If they insist that cannabis has
    no medical value, then they need to release ALL of the US Patents that they
    have issued specifically for medical values!!!

    The Obama administration should make the needed changes via an
    executive action, or else we need to dump everybody in office, and only elect
    the politicians that will admit the truth and really help the people. Why does it always take millions of people to
    rise up and make a huge stink about something in order to get our government to
    do something so very important?

    Cannabis is a plant that can help millions of people with
    many health problems. It’s just a plant
    that has never hurt anyone, but politicians had to demonize it and make it
    illegal so pharmaceutical companies can make more money, create jobs in law
    enforcement, and pack the prisons, and destroy families.

    What do you think your politician would do if his/her little
    girl were to suddenly develop Dravet’s Syndrome, suffering with seizures hundreds
    of times each day, up until it takes their life? Would they just pack up and look for another
    state that had legalized medical cannabis to save their life? Cannabis oil is the only thing known to man
    that can offer the relief they need for their seizures, but yet our government
    wants to plays games with demonizing a plant….
    What a shame!

    How THEY would feel, knowing nobody would listen or help?

  63. I think you’re all right. Whether the behind-the-scenes interests are big pharma, insurance or foreign nations they KNOW the winds of change are blowing. The reason for all these lies and stall tactics is because they are quietly cementing all of their positions to control this new booming industry. As soon as they have all their patents, treaties and contracts in place it will be legalized like greased lightning. They have to control and corner the market for their own gain before they can allow any profits to flow. They want it all for themselves, as usual, and God help the little guy who thinks they’re going to get in on the action. The groundwork for the monopolization and control of the MJ and hemp industries is being layed right now. Just wait and see.

  64. I’m not so sure the insurance companies are in Big Pharma’s corner — the payouts insurance companies are forced into more than any other is medication. They’d be saving a lot of money should the cost of production and distribution of meds drop from “pharm” levels to “farm” levels, if you know what I mean. I would think those two factions of the health industry would be in opposite corners on this issue.

  65. They will continue to say these lies as long as big money fills there pockets. The only way to get them to change there voice on Marijuana is that we the people let our voices be heard if everyone person on this sight email their State and federal government officials and nicely voiced your opinions let them know you won’t support there election if they don’t chaneed their stand. They are politicians they can be swayed by you by your vote. Or if you have a couple hundred million dollars they will take that to.

  66. One of the Marijuana Policy Project’s biggest donors was Peter Lewis (RIP), former CEO of Progressive Insurance, who donated about $3 million to the cause.

  67. Something people aren’t thinking of but they SHOULD, is the FACT that the largest opponent of marijuana ISN’T Big Pharma! They’re probably #2. But the largest opposition to medical marijuana are “Insurance Companies! B/C if Cannabis is shown to have medicinal values, all of a sudden, Insurance companies will HAVE to pay for it just like they do all your other pharmaceuticals. They’re scared SHITLESS of this being rescheduled and you can bet your LAST dollar they’re gonna FIGHT this BIG time!

  68. Afraid of? International Treaties, Big Pharma and Insurance companies for a start, and basically the turmoil they perceive will happen upon decriminalization. Oh…and all of us “stoners”! LOL! We’re a scary bunch and may go violent and tear up the country!

  69. OMFG…how can these a$$holes continue to stare the facts in the face and lie in a court of law about the medicinal benefits of Cannabis? I’m So sick of being lied to by the federal government. WTF are they so afraid of????

  70. I’m assuming this filling of an argument by the US DA is in regards to the case in California this fall in which a judge found a previous ruling by Justice Stevens that opened the door for her to conduct an evidentiary hearing regarding the medical use of cannabis. They must be spooked by the exceptional evidence presented by all the doctors testifying that marijuana IS medicine, don’t you think?

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