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Federal Government To Grow 30 Times More Marijuana


Federal immigration bill hatch marijuana growingThe federal government has been growing marijuana for multiple decades at the University of Mississippi. The marijuana is grown ‘for research’ and to supply four federal medical marijuana patients. The federal government also owns several patents for marijuana. The sad irony of course being that the federal government prohibits all forms of marijuana outside of their monopoly, and actively enforces marijuana prohibition, even in states that have legalized it in various forms.

Recently the federal government decided to ramp up production of marijuana at the University of Mississippi. And they are not just ramping it up a little, they are increasing production more than 3,000%. Per the Federal Register:

The DEA received one comment on the notice with request for comments. The commenter supported the adjusted 2014 aggregate production quota for marijuana. The DEA appreciates the support for this adjusted 2014 aggregate production quota for marijuana which will provide for the estimated scientific, research, and industrial needs of the United States.

The DEA has taken into consideration the one comment received during the 30-day period and the Administrator has determined, pursuant to Section 306 of the CSA (21 U.S.C. 826), based on all of the above, and for the reasons stated in the May 5, 2014, notice, that the adjusted established 2014 aggregate production quota for marijuana to be manufactured in the United States in 2014 to provide for the estimated scientific, research, and industrial needs of the United States, and the establishment and maintenance of reserve stocks, expressed in grams of anhydrous acid or base, shall remain as follows:

Previously established 2014 quota – 21,000 g. Adjusted 2014 quota – 650,000 g.

There isn’t a clear reason why the federal government is ramping up production. For a government who’s official stance is that marijuana doesn’t have any medical value, they sure do plan on producing a lot of marijuana for medical research. It’s beyond time to give up the sham, and reschedule marijuana, or even better, eliminate marijuana prohibition altogether.


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  1. “The DEA received one comment on the notice with request for comments.”

    As if we needed more proof that the DEA is terribly unpopular…

  2. Captain Obvious on

    They are preparing to do experiments only for pre-approved puppets/elites and make the society pay extra for the gross inefficiencies of fascism.

  3. I don’t get why the government will not reclassify marijuana or acknowledge its benefits on a federal level. Its the government on the state level that are making all of the changes to fight the prohibition, so somebody please tell me why is the federal government growing 30 times more, let alone grow any? If you don’t believe in the plant, don’t try to benefit from it…

  4. Since when is the government supposed to research marijuana isn’t that supposed to be done by independent companies. In other words our Goverment is not a school or a cooperation. They just want to monopolize a market. Plus they are researchinhg medical conditions and treatment by marijuana. Hey isnt schedule 1 classification “no medical value” they are so full of shit.

  5. This is an old story from May, The reason as reported by NBC News was ,,,,

    “The request comes from NIDA, which
    said it’s ramping up testing on the effects of marijuana on treatment of
    autoimmune diseases, cancer, inflammation, pain, seizures and
    psychiatric disorders.
    So it needs more marijuana. Specifically, it needs 3,095 percent more marijuana in the next two months.”

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