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Federal Government To Spend $69 Million On Medical Marijuana


Federal immigration bill hatch marijuana growingThe federal government has been growing marijuana for medical purposes since 1968. It always surprises me just how many people don’t know that. Marijuana opponents are always quick to make the statement ‘it is still illegal federally’ when it comes to legalizing medical marijuana at the state level, as if the legality at the federal level means the federal government is completely opposed to medical marijuana. The federal government is only opposed to medical marijuana for everyone else, but not the feds themselves.

If the federal government truly believed that marijuana has no medical value, which is what the current classification of marijuana involves, than they wouldn’t be growing marijuana for distribution and research at the University of Mississippi. They wouldn’t own patents related to marijuana’s medical value. The truth is marijuana is medicine, and the federal government knows it. They want to do as much research as possible themselves, and stymie research attempts by others, in an attempt to corner the future medical marijuana industry. If people think that’s just a conspiracy theory, I’d love to hear why, and what the true explanation is for why the federal government owns medical patents for a plant that they are researching, yet prohibit anyone from possessing and using without their permission.

The federal government recently renewed its contract with the University of Mississippi to continue to grow marijuana for medical purposes. Per Time:

Uncle Sam has awarded the University of Mississippi $68.8 million to grow marijuana and analyze it.

The contract awarded Monday by an arm of the National Institutes of Health will go to a marijuana research lab at Ole Miss, which has been the sole producer of federally legal marijuana since 1968. The project is ramping up to grow 30,000 plants, according to the Los Angeles Times.

In its solicitation, the NIH’s National Institute on Drug Abuse mandated a “secure and video monitored outdoor facility of approximately 12 acres” that could handle the “cultivation, growing, harvesting, analyzing, and storing of research grade cannabis,” according to a listing posted on a federal government website. “The indoor facility must be at least 1000 square feet, having controls for light intensity, photo cycles, temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide concentration,” it added.

It’s beyond time that the United States government gave up this sham. The sham of declaring that marijuana has no medical value and classifying it as a Schedule I substance, while at the same time growing marijuana, researching it, holding patents as a result of that research, and even providing some of the medical marijuana to four federal patients. It’s time that the United States truly respected the will of voters and legislatures in states that have legalized medical marijuana. It’s time that the federal government stepped aside and allowed unimpeded medical marijuana research to anyone that wishes to pursue such a project. Marijuana is medicine, and the federal government knows it, and has for a very long time.


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  1. You’ll notice this “Disquis” attempts to get as much information about you as they can; BEFORE you’re allowed to post. Will I now be subject to investigation? “Just who is this guy?” This is how authorities quell rebellions before they begin. Round up the ringleaders, Take’em off the street & shut’em up. really? An advocate for marijuana legalization are you? Well.. Are you a felon? Owe money somewhere? Unpaid traffic tickets maybe? Anything we can hang on ya to discredit your opinion? Is this not how Russia operates? Do I want to post anonymously? Hell yes !! I try to avoid shooting myself in the foot – or elsewhere. Are you afraid of my opinion without being able to get a hold of me?

  2. Here’s a picture of what they call “research grade marijuana”. Definitely leaf, seed, sticks, and maybe some flower. http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2014/08/28/the-end-of-ole-miss-pot-monopoly

    Here’s a link to the menu of products currently available for research. Their strongest joint contains 6.7% THC and the CBD has all degraded to CBN. http://www.drugabuse.gov/researchers/research-resources/nida-drug-supply-program-dsp/marijuana-plant-material-available-nida-drug-supply-program

    This week, NIDA finally approved Sue Sisley’s study on PTSD to be conducted in Colorado. Smoking will be allowed, but they must use NIDA’s “research grade” for the study rather than flower from Colorado where there are much better quality products (without all the stems and seeds) with a strength that would lower the amount of combusted material (not to mention all the seed burns LOL).

  3. The fact that the Federal government is studying medical marijuana and procuring patents feels like grounds for a lawsuit to remove marijuana from Schedule 1 – if Congress doesn’t act.

    I think they are too scared to make any changes, but I bet they would welcome their hand being forced by a lawsuit.

  4. where exactly do they distribute the cannabis? surely 4 people can’t be using all 30k plant harvests.

  5. Is this contract for 1 year or costs spread over 10 yrs?

    I think I did the math on this one and it comes out to roughly $6,000 a pound to produce 30,000 plants. Good price if you can get it.

    And as a bonus – you will only be asked to produce ditch grade 3.5% cannabis – small stems and fan leaves acceptable – preferably ground up and mixed in with the flower. Then roll it into joints, put it in cans, store it for years and send out about 6 lbs to 3 consumers each year.

    Follow some “good gubment math” with me – $68.8 mil divided by 3 patients = $22,933,333.33 per person
    Wait – this is fun! 300 joints a month x 12 x 3 patients = 10,800 joints – Government priced @ $6,370.37 per joint (not even gold foil wrapped)

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