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Federal Marijuana Legalization Bills Introduced


marijuana reform bill legislature session legislative billsBy Phillip Smith

Two congressmen from two states where marijuana is already legal under state law today filed two separate bills to legalize marijuana at the federal level. Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) introduced a bill that would allow states to legalize marijuana without fear of federal intervention, while Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) introduced a bill that would tax marijuana at the federal level, in addition to any state taxes. The bills were not yet available on congressional web sites as of this afternoon.

Polis’s Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act (HR 1013) removes marijuana from the schedule set by the Controlled Substances Act; transitions marijuana oversight from the jurisdiction of the Drug Enforcement Agency to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; and regulates marijuana like alcohol by inserting language into the section of the US code governing “intoxicating liquors.”

“Over the past year, Colorado has demonstrated that regulating marijuana like alcohol takes money away from criminals and cartels, grows our economy, and keeps marijuana out of the hands of children,” said Polis. “While President Obama and the Justice Department have allowed the will of voters in states like Colorado and 22 other jurisdictions to move forward, small business owners, medical  marijuana patients, and others who follow state laws still live with the fear that a new administration – or this one—could reverse course and turn them into criminals. It is time for us to replace the failed prohibition with a regulatory system that works and let states and municipalities decide for themselves if they want, or don’t want, to have legal marijuana within their borders.”

Blumenauer’s Marijuana Tax Revenue Act (HR 1014)would, after federal legalization, impose a federal excise tax on the sale of marijuana for non-medical purposes as well as apply an occupational tax for marijuana businesses. The bill would establish civil and criminal penalties for those who fail to comply, like those in place for the tobacco industry.

The bill also requires the IRS to produce periodic studies of the marijuana industry and to issue recommendations to Congress. It phases in an excise tax on the sale by a producer (generally the grower) to the next stage of production (generally the processor creating the useable product).  This tax is initially set at 10% and rises over time to 25% as the legal market displaces the black market.  Medical marijuana is exempt from this tax.

“It’s time for the federal government to chart a new path forward for marijuana.” said Blumenauer.  “Together these bills create a federal framework to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana, much like we treat alcohol and tobacco. The federal prohibition of marijuana has been a failure, wasting tax dollars and ruining countless lives. As more states move to legalize marijuana as Oregon, Colorado, Washington and Alaska have done, it’s imperative the federal government become a full partner in building a workable and safe framework.”

The federal bills come as marijuana is increasingly accepted in the US. Now, nearly two-thirds of Americans live in a state or jurisdiction that allows for some form of legal marijuana use. Four states—Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington—and the District of Columbia have legalized adult use, while 23 others allow for medical marijuana. Eleven more states have passed laws allowing for the use of low-THC cannabis products to treat specified medical conditions.

By now, nearly half (46%) of all people 18 and over have tried marijuana at least once, and in the past few years, public opinion polls have consistently found support for legalization at or above 50%. But while states and localities have taken the lead in finding ways to accommodate legal marijuana, the federal government continues to not allow criminalize marijuana, but to classify it as among the most dangerous illegal drugs.

The Obama administration has taken a relatively laissez-faire approach to medical marijuana and legal marijuana in the states, but that is a matter of policy, not law. And as long as federal marijuana prohibition remains on the books, policy can change with a new administration, or even if this one decides to take a different tack.

The congressional bills were met with approval by drug reform movement groups.

“As more state marijuana legalization laws come on board it’s increasingly important for federal policy to catch up,” said Tom Angell, chairman of Marijuana Majority. “The Obama administration’s enforcement approach over the past few years has created some room for Colorado and Washington to implement their laws and show the world that legalization works. And we even saw the Republican-controlled Congress vote last year to stop the DEA from spending money to interfere with state medical marijuana laws. Now it’s time to fully and officially end the federal criminalization of marijuana so that states can move ahead with full certainty that the DEA won’t be able to step in whenever the drug warriors that run the agency feel like it.”

“Cops have better things to worry about than the recreational habits of responsible, nonviolent adults,” said Major Neill Franklin (Ret.), a former Maryland narcotics officer and now executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), a group of criminal justice professionals opposed to the drug war. “And dispensary owners have better things to worry about than whether the federal government is going to arrest them and/or seize their assets for acting in accordance with state law.”

“These bills would regulate and tax marijuana, taking cultivation and sales out of the underground market and allowing it to be controlled by legitimate businesses under the close watch of authorities. Marijuana would be grown in licensed facilities instead of national forests and basements in the suburbs. It would be sold in stores that create good jobs and generate tax revenue, instead of on the street where it benefits cartels and criminals,” said Dan Riffle, director of federal policy for the Marijuana Policy Project.

“Congress has been ignoring our broken and outdated marijuana laws for decades,” Riffle continued. “Their failure to let go of prohibition is causing serious problems for state governments and interfering in the lives of countless Americans. It’s time for our federal representatives to come to grips with the fact that marijuana is safer than alcohol and most people think it should be treated that way. Members who consider it unthinkable to return to alcohol prohibition need to ask themselves why they are clinging to the prohibition of a less harmful substance.”

The bills are there. Now it’s time to see whether Congress will act on them.

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Johnny Green


  1. crap…five months later from your comment and damned if you’re not proven right. The dirty sons a bitches, hope they burn in psychedelic despair.

  2. Too late.

    The Colorado Prohibitionist Politicians — being lobbied by the Greedy Big $$ Dispensary Cartels — are CURRENTLY “cracking down” on Private Patients and Caregivers with new criminal legislation, attacking and attempting to usurp the entire Medical Marijuana amendment, all for their own personal profit and insatiable tax revenues.

  3. “The demand for weed is kind of unelastic”

    True. Something that the Pot Pimp Propaganda fails to acknowledge. Everyone who wanted to get high prior to these government commercialization schemes was already getting high. Pot is and was available at any high school in any town in the U$A. Charlatan Pot Pimps promote the nonsense that alcoholics and drunkards will all switch to pot, if it were only legal, some even claiming that hard drug use would also decline if junkies and crackheads could just purchase a legal taxed joint for $5 at a dispensary.

    Colorado’s wildly under-performing pot tax revenues are never going to climb, they will only continue to fall sharply as the novelty of overpriced, overtaxed, overregulated warehouse schwag from some greedy profiteering dispensary cartel pig wears off like the bad perfume of a cheap whore. Self-respecting stoners either grow their own or obtain it from a friend, relative or acquaintance who grows — better bud, better prices, better people, and TAX FREE.

    “This will be because legal growers have less risk, and can therefore compete better with the black market.”

    Wrong. The “black market” — the same friends, family and relatives that every stoner in the USA has scored from since they began getting high — will ALWAYS beat the Government over-regulated and over-taxed market. The overhead of private home growers is far less, and always will be.

    The “black markets” for Alcohol and Tobacco in the U$A — which suffer far less regulation and taxation than Colorado’s clusterf*ck — is BILLIONS of $$ every year. BILLIONS with a B!

    Unless Pot is FULLY DECRIMINALIZED — ALL Pot Crimes removed from law — and Legalized Like Tomatoes or Oregano, the “black market” and the prison industrial complex that feeds off of it will continue to thrive in perpetuity.

  4. Legalize Marijuana Like Tomatoes !! … or continue with decades of Criminal Prohibition under the guise of Government Controlled Commercialization SCAMpaigns.

  5. Kathleen Chippi on

    F off with your Dems or your GOP–I have never voted for a R and since 911 I have not voted for a D because it was clear to me that both parties are really one owned by the same global corporations. Anyone who thinks in 2015 there is a difference is an ignorant or a traitor…….everything else you have said isn’t worth further response.

  6. Kathleen Chippi on

    –the Polis bill would trump all sates pot laws….taking CO miles backwards…

  7. You’re basically talking about price elasticity of demand. The demand for weed is kind of unelastic. You can lower prices a long way, and since it’s unlikely to get people to use more/smoke more (most smokers already smoke all they want). For this reason, we will see a lot more weed on the scene until the supply matches the demand at a much lower price level than we have now. This will be because legal growers have less risk, and can therefore compete better with the black market. As legal weed price becomes cheaper than black market, people will buy the legal weed. This will mean even more supply from legal growers.

    Since, as you put it, the amount of pot being smoked stays pretty steady, then an increased supply with steady demand will mean lower prices.

  8. Former Senator… And if you don’t like him, why not run someone who is more reform minded against him? Maybe you could find a Republican with whom you agree on legalization.

    Good luck.

  9. And who did she run against? Would that person have been better or worse on this issue? Are you a Republican? If so, are you helping run pro-pot Republicans in the primaries against the mostly anti-pot Republicans in your party? Are you helping better Democrats run against the ones who aren’t sufficiently pro-pot for you?

    As for what she’s doing now that she’s out of office, well, you right wing types are always bitching about something while you vote for the real opponents of reform.

  10. Wrong. More volume would suppose more consumption / demand, which would stabilize or raise prices depending on market balance.

    Fact is, less than 10% of the population smokes pot on a regular basis, regardless of the price.

  11. Kathleen Chippi on

    yeah the CO law he is about to preempt (trump) with shitty federal law….the complete ban of all home growers and disregard for medical
    cannabis…..w/o a federal license–no one can even give cannabis away.

  12. “Yes, Obama duped young people by not doing every single thing they want. So now, they’ll all vote Republican. It’s like when I want some bread, I won’t settle for half a loaf. Instead, I will have a muffin of broken glass.”–Stephen Colbert

  13. “the complete ban of all home growers and disregard for medical cannabis…..w/o a federal license–no one can even give cannabis away.”

    Bullshit. CO law states that you can have six plants.

  14. How many plants can a person grow legally on their own in CO?

    Is that an improvement over the state of the law before?

    You bet it is. But spoiled little brats who don’t get everything the way they want exactly when they want it will do what? Elect a bunch of Glibertarians? Go for it! Let’s see you elect people who will be better on this issue than Democrats. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

  15. Democrats vote for less war, and more reform. This is simple to see. Your petulant child act doesn’t help, either, unless you’re trying to show us how upset you are that your Republicans suck even more.

    But, again, what you miss is that ONE party wants to overturn Citizens united and put limits on how much money can go into politics. And that party is the democrats.

  16. You need to stop getting your news from wingnuts. Dems “controlled” congress for about three weeks. And they did some other things, like health care reform, when they had that power.

    Further, I never said they rock so much as I said they’re not as bad as Republicans, especially on marijuana reform and war. This administration has been SO MUCH BETTER on marijuana reform than any Republican administration EVER that it’s not even funny, and only a Glibertarian wingnut with their heads up their own glib asses wouldn’t know that.

  17. “so you talk out your ____.”

    No, I talk from experience and knowledge, and I wasn’t talking to you… but since you butted in…

    “it was the democrats who over-regulated MMJ and A64 in CO”

    And what did the Republicans do? You do know that we have only TWO parties. Glibertarians don’t get elected. And for good reason.

    And even then, once in power, Glibertarians would be faced with the reality of trying to get these things passed in a world where bullshitting, hippie punching Republicans oppose them.

    “And who wrote all the language nationwide that is NOT BEING UPHELD in the court of law–the only place it matters. DPA/MPP/Soros intentionally write language that keeps all their criminal defense attorneys in business and now their CO pot monopoly”

    You know who wrote it, and you also know that the Republicans, for the most part, opposed it.

    You might live in a dream world, but the rest of us try to pass legislation in the REAL world where asshole Republicans (who you seem to be defending) oppose these things.

    “And their friends in big pharma, big alcohol, big cancer, big rehab, big private prisons, big law enforcement…”

    If you knew a bit more about politics, you’d realize that big pharma, big alcohol, and big cancer give to both sides of the equation, but the big cancer (tobacco) goes mostly to the GOP, as does private prisons, and a whole lot of law enforcement (even though for cops that means going against your union).

    “Thank DPA/MPP/Soros.”

    How many plants can a person grow in CO? If I lived there and could grow my own, when the Republican party wanted to stop me, then you betcha I’ll thank Soros.

    “Since you seem to have your nose in their behinds”

    Screw you, wingnut… I vote for the least evil, and I vote for those most likely to legalize weed. That ain’t the Republicans, and why anyone who supports marijuana reform would vote for Republicans–unless it’s the handful that support reform–is beyond me.

    “Like: loss of employment, loss of gun rights, loss of child custody, loss of occupational licenses, loss of unemployment benefits, loss of banking, loss of insurance, loss of housing, loss of assets, loss of right to organ transplant, loss of student loans, loss of right to adoption, loss of all gov. aid, loss of freedom?”

    We’ve come a long way, despite wingnut Republicans like you and your buddy who you’ve taken over for. In American politics, you don’t get everything you want exactly when you want it, you petulant little child. What you do get is slow progress, the way gay marriage and marijuana reform have gone…. slow but steady.

    And we didn’t get that progress from Republicans.

    And you’re the one turning your head away from that reality.

  18. Kathleen Chippi on

    This language from a democrat (my congressman, Plois) BANNS ALL home grows (medical included) and giving away pot….enough said.

  19. Kathleen Chippi on

    yeah–I guess that is why 99% of the people in CO cannot afford the costs of a license/ ‘protection fee’s’

  20. Kathleen Chippi on

    I’m not limiting my comments to WA…. Democrats SUCK and had control of congress and didn’t do shit for any cannabis users….and Soros is the # 1 shareholder of Monsanto–the company of death…..He has played all sides of every ‘issue’ so he always wins. He has intentionally collapsed economies. websites are dedicated to his evil doings….

  21. Kathleen Chippi on

    so if the Dems rock like you say–why didn’t they just legalize when they controlled congress? instead, they perpetrated (and continue to) a 70 plus year war on Americans based on lies….

  22. Kathleen Chippi on

    awfully high tax on something that cannot be sold inter-state. and what other employee pays the feds a tax to work?

  23. Kathleen Chippi on

    it was the Dems who over regulated cannabis more than plutonium in CO. Get over it–both parties are owned by the same rich people.

  24. Kathleen Chippi on

    “No, I’m not from WA, and no, I won’t be shutting up.”

    so you talk out your ____.

    “You made no mention of restricting your “Democrats are against medicinal marijuana” to just the state of WA.”

    it was the democrats who over-regulated MMJ and A64 in CO, via back room pay-offs witnessed by local unpaid activists. And it was National NORML who brought the unscientific 5 nano limit on THC in blood that qualifies every patient or anyone who uses cannabis once in 2 weeks time–IMPAIRED to drive.

    And who wrote all the language nationwide that is NOT BEING UPHELD in the court of law–the only place it matters. DPA/MPP/Soros intentionally write language that keeps all their criminal defense attorneys in business and now their CO pot monopoly. And their friends in big pharma, big alcohol, big cancer, big rehab, big private prisons, big law enforcement….You know the CO Court of Appeals has ruled 3 times now that NO CANNABIS is legal in CO? This is the current law of the land in CO. Thank DPA/MPP/Soros.

    Since you seem to have your nose in their behinds, can you ask them if they will start covering people’s harms caused by their language and fraudulent marketing there of? Like: loss of employment, loss of gun rights, loss of child custody, loss of occupational licenses, loss of unemployment benefits, loss of banking, loss of insurance, loss of housing, loss of assets, loss of right to organ transplant, loss of student loans, loss of right to adoption, loss of all gov. aid, loss of freedom?

    Or will you keep turning your head away from reality and burring it in wealthy people’s butt cheeks?

  25. Kathleen Chippi on

    Okay, how about instead of living in a perpetual world of denial about SCIENCE (cannabis being the safest therapeutic substance known to man with no known lethal dose) and what the drug war really is (a war on “we the people” based on LIES and the longest war in the history of the US).

    Booze kills and cannabis heals. Cannabis is SAFER than water, potatoes, sugar, most herbs and caffeine.

    After 78 years of LIES, isn’t it time we be honest? Does correcting LIES (prohibition) with more LIES (“like alcohol”) correct the harm done unto millions of Americans and their families who have had WAR WAGED on them for the last 78
    years? STOP THE INSANITY!!!

    Cannabis is NOTHING “like alcohol” and the ONLY regulation “like alcohol” in Colorado is the age 21 for A64–which disqualifies most college age students who need legal protection and which is not based on science or fact and while CO’s medical program covers the use of cannabis with no age limit (from birth).

    The ONLY good language in the Polis “legalize like alcohol” bill is that it currently reads to REMOVE cannabis from schedule all-together–but that is a no brainer considering alcohol and tobacco are not on schedule.

    The rest of it has lots of issues. #1 being the complete ban of all home growers and disregard for medical cannabis…..w/o a federal license–no one can even give cannabis away.

    Why would Americans be required to get a (federal) license from the PERPETRATORS of this 78 year WAR on US that was/is based on LIES? Why would felons or people with misdemeanors be punished (a second time) by being banned from participating in owning a business when meth, crack, cocaine felons and murderers, rapists, pedophiles and violent offenders all qualify?

    Lets think about it: Instead of charging the Nazi’s in the courts for their crimes, should we have let them create/enforce new rules that they profit off of? Should Jews have been forced into registration and taxation with/by Nazi’s after the war ended?

    Should gays who existed prior legal gay marriage be banned from marriage for 3-5 years? Should gays who work pay the feds a $500/year tax to work? Should gays who existed when homosexuality was in the DSM3 listed as a
    mental illness be treated with any less rights than gays in 2015?

    Why the hell do we (the media propaganda machine, politicians and the people who believe it) continue to ‘celebrate’ the
    continued biased over-regulation of the safest therapeutic substance known to man MORE stringently than plutonium at Rocky Flats?

    The perpetrators of this 78 year crime/war on Americans and people across the world need to be charged for their incalculable HARMS to humans, not profiting off them further.

  26. thom bombastus on









    Thom Bombastus

  27. Sorry….my monthly allotment of free time devoted to answering morons has expired. Please check back again next month.

  28. One last time: you were bullshitting about Soros. You were bullshitting about Democrats. You weren’t limiting those comments to Washington State. And, when I pointed out that the alternative to Inslee would have been much worse, you ignored it.

  29. One last time….I’m talking about the political situation in Washington State….not Washington DC.

  30. Doesn’t that just make us what we always were? ‘Moonshiners’ at heart. ’tis in the blood. “outgrow the bastards” auth unkwn

  31. Oh, it’s a left vs. right issue if you want to reform marijuana laws…

    91% of Dems voted for keeping the DEA out of medicinal programs, only 22% of Republicans did.

    94% of Democrats voted to keep the feds out of pot banking, only 20% of Republicans did.

    With those FACTS in mind, sure looks like one party is WAY ahead of the other on this.

  32. “You are certainly a moron”

    Heh. Off to a good start…

    “You don’t know shit about hemp or hemp pollen”

    Actually, I do.

    “Studies have documented hemp pollen traveling”

    Do you have a citation? Or am I supposed to take your word for it?


    By David P. West, Ph.D. for the North American Industrial Hemp Council

    > Breeders and producers of sweet corn go to great lengths to isolate their crops from the pollen of field corn. The same applies to hemp and marijuana. People who grow strains of Cannabis for smoking try to avoid pollination of the flowers. The superior quality material is obtained from seedless plants, the so-called “sinsemilla.”

    > Hemp fields, in fact, could be a deterrent to marijuana growers. A strong case can be made that the best way to reduce the THC level of marijuana grown outdoors would be to grow industrial hemp near it. An experiment in Russia found that hemp pollen could travel 12 kilometers. This would mean that a hemp field would create a zone with a 12-kilometer radius within which no marijuana grower would want to establish a crop.

  33. Lesley Jxsgrma Richardson on

    All of you need to shut the fuck up about who said or did what its us patients in states that don’t have it legal that are suffering congress needs to get off there ass and legalize it we still have to go underground to get it that’s really sad I could get arrested for trying to stay healthy

  34. What is it that The State supplies that you Demand?
    We need to get The State out of everyone’s business and then allow the Free Market to work.

  35. It’s not a Conservative v. Liberal issue. Again, you don’t know what you’re talking about. And again….I’m neither Republican, nor Democrat. Why don’t you pick a topic you know something about if you want to attack me. Then you won’t look so foolish.

  36. You are certainly a moron who thinks he’s an expert on anything that spills out of his mouth. You don’t know shit about hemp or hemp pollen. Studies have documented hemp pollen traveling from France, across the Mediterranean, all the way to Morocco….yes, across a huge body of water….hundreds of miles.

    In Eastern Washington we have flat, dry, windy conditions….perfect for pollen travel. You cannot restrict pollen to an area. That’s just not something that you can legislate.

    Are you aware of what happened to outdoor grows in Canada once they started planting hemp in 1998. Do some reading.

    There will BE no “hemp free” zones in Washington. When the Department of Ag. meets with the Liquor Control Board they will inform the LCB that the only way to protect the recreational crops from hemp pollen is greenhouses with HEPA filters…..or risk having their crops seeded.

    And I have no special “authority”….I do however know what I’m talking about before I open my big mouth on subjects I’m totally ignorant about. I do this because I hate to end up looking like a moron.

  37. And again you have nothing to say about Soros.

    And again you have nothing to say about your alternative for Governor being even worse on marijuana than Inslee.

    And as for how far pollen can travel, your appeal to your own authority fallacy aside, I believe it’s about 6 or 7 miles. I’m sure the agriculture regulators would be able to work out regions for hemp growers and marijuana growers that would minimize the impact.

  38. You mean if the ACTUALLY legalized marijuana? They certainly didn’t do that. The Soros initiative in Washington was just a new chapter in prohibition, it certainly wasn’t “legalization”. They are going after medical in Colorado now, and you can bet you’ll see the same thing in Oregon. This was about creating government controlled marijuana monopolies. Then they’ll start cracking down on anyone without a state license to grow. Only the rich need bother to apply.

  39. I’m the president of the Washington State Hemp Commission. Why don’t you teach us peasants about hemp and how far hemp pollen can travel. Show us how much you know, smart ass.

  40. I had a reply to this that must’ve gotten caught in the filter… Short version: I’m realistic. And we’ve had bills like this before. It’s not new.

    Want to do some good? Vote for Democrats.

  41. Cross pollination won’t be a problem with enough distance between crops, and farmers have methods for reducing it further. And as time goes on, there will be even more, since sunshine is free, and electricity for lights is not.

  42. No, I’m not from WA, and no, I won’t be shutting up.

    I said Soros is a big backer of marijuana reform, you ignored that.

    You made no mention of restricting your “Democrats are against medicinal marijuana” to just the state of WA.

    Further, you fail to mention that while Inslee isn’t exactly for less regulation on marijuana, he is certainly not a hippie puncher of the caliber the Republicans put forth.

    You might hate both parties equally, a glib assesment of politics that will achieve nothing, but the fact remains that Democrats as a whole are much, much better on this issue than the GOP.

  43. If all states are producing there will be less demand/lower prices. Someone will realize lower prices means more volume

  44. They will still have to grown in green houses or the hemp crops will cross pollinate their recreational marijuana crops. I should point out that they DID grow recreational outdoors last season. 80% of it, 45,000 pounds, remain unsold…..and recreational pot is still over $25 a gram. What’s that do to your theory?

  45. Are you FROM Washington? If not, you might want to just keep you mouth closed. If you are from Washington and don’t know that its the Governor (Inslee) and the Seattle Democrats that are working with law enforcement to kill medical, you just aren’t paying attention. It was the same with the last Democratic Governor. Are you just totally unaware of that? I am neither Republican or Democrat and generally hate them both equally.

  46. “Soror is a plague on the cannabis community”

    What the hell are you talking about, man? Soros is a big supporter of legalizing weed.

    Are you an embarrassed Republican who just can’t stand Soros, so you lie about him?

    I see in your other comments, on the Seattle Weekly story, that you’re spreading BS about Democrats being the ones trying to kill medical marijuana.

    Fact: 91% of Dems voted for keeping the DEA out of medicinal programs, only 22% of Republicans did.

  47. “Soror is a plague on the cannabis community”

    What the hell are you talking about, man? Soros is a big supporter of legalizing weed.

    Are you an embarrassed Republican who just can’t stand Soros, so you lie about him?

    I see in your other comments, on the Seattle Weekly story, that you’re spreading BS about Democrats being the ones trying to kill medical marijuana.

    Fact: 91% of Dems voted for keeping the DEA out of medicinal programs, only 22% of Republicans did.

  48. That”s assuming greedy politicians don’t start taxing outdoor grows, including small amounts for personal use, to the point where growing is as expensive as buying and the black market is still the cheapest option.

  49. So, you don’t want to bet?

    You call it negative. I call it realistic. What good comes from living in a dream world?

    And we’ve seen bills like these introduced before, so it’s not exactly progress to have bills introduced that are going nowhere. Again.

    The one good thing that will come of this is that people can watch all the Republicans kill it, and then maybe–just maybe–they’ll vote for the Democrat next time.

  50. Either way, it’s progress and a sign of a increasingly more enlightened view on marijuana at the federal level. It’s only a matter of time before such bills do pass. Why be a negative Nancy, what good does that do?

  51. At the time of my long conversation with Phillip, he failed to mention that DPA had actually written the initiative, not Alison Holcomb. How come you failed to mention that Phillip? Wasn’t that rather a conflict of interest that should have been mentioned? You writing a complimentary article on 502 without mentioning that you organization wrote is.

    The word “Slime” comes to mind.

  52. Philip works for DPA, which it funded by George Soros, and they were responsible for I-502. I did an interview with Phillp when the initiative was being hotly debated. He agreed with me on the issues, but since he works for DPA, he couldn’t tell all of you the truth back then….isn’t that right Phillip?

    Soror is a plague on the cannabis community and you, and DPA, are nothing more than tools. I’m happy to debate you any time you like Phil….but I’m sure that won’t happen now, will it?

  53. Anyone want to bet on whether these bills a) make it to a floor vote, and/or b) pass out of the house? Loser pays winner’s charity?

    I’ll be asking the good folks at Predict It if they can create a market on them passing the house, if they make it out of committee.

  54. Awfully high tax, especially when the state tax is tacked on. To eliminate the black market legal prices must be at least competitive.

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