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Federal Marijuana Program To Start Growing New Strains


Irv Rosenfeld federal medical marijuana patientThe look on people’s faces when I tell them that there is a federal marijuana program is priceless, assuming that they have never heard of it before. Since 1968, the University of Mississippi has grown marijuana for federal researchers, and since 1976 has supplied some of it to patients in the ‘Compassionate IND program’. Currently there are only four patients in the program. I’ve personally met two of them, one of which lives in my home state of Oregon.

For decades the program has pretty much only focused on high THC, low CBD strains. But according to Leaf Science, the program has recently starting growing other strains:

According to Dr. Elsohly, they have now successfully cultivated a second variety of marijuana containing equal amounts of CBD and THC. Later this year, he hopes to grow a high-CBD, low-THC variety, much like the strain used to make ’Charlotte’s Web’ oil. ”With all the publicity going on right now, I’m sure somebody is going to request that,” he says, according to Leaf Science.

CBD has seen a huge increase in interest from politicians and the mainstream media lately. However, to long time medical marijuana supporters it’s a slippery slope. As one person explained it to me on Twitter, CBD-only medical marijuana programs give politicians an out, in that they can say they have dealt with the medical marijuana issue, yet have only legalized safe access to one cannabinoid which only helps a very small group of patients and left everyone else on the outside looking in.

The federal government grows marijuana at the University of Mississippi for a reason. The federal government owns marijuana plant based patents for a reason. It’s because marijuana, THE WHOLE PLANT, has medical value that needs to be unlocked. The federal government has tried very hard to keep their monopoly on research and cultivation at the federal level. It’s time to demand that things change.


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  1. No one would call them out on it. That’s how government works its corruption in. If not enough people speak up and call them out, they’ll continue to do what they want. Could name a trillion other (probably literally) cases where they are committing hypocritical acts supposedly for the good of the people, but truly with the interest of profiteering from the suffering of others.

  2. Jefferey Burnside on

    I have but one simple question well actually a few.If in fact Hemp aka Marijuana is against federal law classified as a schedule 1 substance with no medical value be grown by the federal for medicinal purposes ? I find this confusing to say the least does that mean that hemp aka marijuana is not really illegal as the federal government is and has been breaking it’s own law? While punishing the people for a victim less crime and taking away freedom of choice?

  3. Foxeh Chandonnet on

    lol, new enrollment was shut down in the 1990’s by George W. Bush Sr., after a study was released that showed Marijuana would give AIDS Patients back a quality of life and was recommended for their treatment. AIDS was associated with homosexuals, sinners and sexual deviates; so he had the program closed to new enrollment. Which would be alot quieter than trying to shut the program down, which would have received alot of unwanted Media Attention. It would have called alot of drug laws into question if the American People KNEW that the Federal Government not only ACKNOWLEDGED it was a medicine, but had a program FUNDED by the Federal Government to provide raw marijuana to patients AS medicine. We would have seen patients all over the news, showing us it was a miracle drug that was giving them the will to live. Now we know that CBD helps treat epilepsy and seizures in both adults and children. Parents now have to choose between watching their children deteriorate, or break the law to help them.

  4. Just out of curiosity. Does anyone know where to find these old application forms. My thought is this, if they become inundated with applications (even though the program is closed.) they will have to answer each and every application with a prepared statement. So if I could find the application, I would mail it and await their response. The more they get, may prove to be interesting. IMO

  5. Yeah, I was over- exxaggerating a little, but RELATIVELY-speaking with gold’s reputation for being so expensive for weight! Actually, the price of gold is manipulated by the Rothschilds to ensure the public that there’s no panic, everything’s fine and stable. It’s being exposed by the LIBOR scandel how they do it – with paper gold, not the real commodity! Too many people think they own gold, just like we think we have a pension or annuity. When we find all the real money was replaed by derivative IOUs that supposedly pay more, like the Madeoff scheming, but in reality, no one but the taxpayer is going to honor that paper crap – and the taxpayer is being drained now by the government’s stimulus to the banks to keep hem afloat. When all the money’s gone, we go to WAR! That tosses all the books into the shredder and we’ll never know what happened!
    But anytime a weed sells even close to expensive, I ask you, how much would you charge for a lb of dandelions out of your yard? What would be a fair price for your investment and time spent nuturing? It’s not heroin that pays the majority of court and police costs, but a little ‘ol harmless weed. What a boondoggle! But let’s not tax destructive alcohol imbibers like that, only friendly pot users.
    I watched a couple versions of “On The Beach” where after nuclear war all humans left had to commit suicide to not die horribly. The scenarios was good, but they’re missing the reality that it won’t be the nuke bombs that kill off all, but the nuclear power plants. In war, the 1st thing to be taken down is the grid, within a few days they start to pop like “Jiffy Pop”, then a can of food is worth more than all the gold or dollars in the world. Watch the British version movie “Threads”, if you want to be horrified by reality! Of “Beans, Bullion, & Bullets” the bullion would be the least valuable and would fall the fastest. With bullets, you could keep your beans, if you could live with your consciounce as you kill your fellow man. Petro would be gone immediately. Hand tools and seeds would become priceless!

  6. Tick, tock, tick, tock. Times a wastin’, lives a taken. Baby steps, slow down, we don’t know the repercussions. Too bad now, that baby never stepped, a death sentence, without that medicine. (Some say)We’ll just wait and see; (Others)only CBD. No, no, no. It’s the Whole plant, see. With its entourage. Our bodies designed, all of mankind, with the key to unlock, the power that is the endocannabanoid system. We weren’t created before plants. That’s how long our relationship is. The time is now.

  7. We need this in California, please. So hard to find High CBD strains. You ask for these things and sometimes they look at you like you have two heads at some of these dispensaries.

  8. It’s interesting that you haven’t noticed that it’s been more than a decade since cannabis was more expensive than gold. It’s also interesting that you thought that the price of cannabis rose until it was higher than gold rather than noticing that the reality was that the price of gold fell until it was lower than that of cannabis.

    Oh wait, are you paying $1300 or more per ounce for your cannabis? I was presuming that you weren’t a chump above but realized that’s a baseless presumption.

  9. Mary my heart goes out to you and your struggle, the panic you speak of you have is from sativa dominant strains, I have suffered from panic attacks myself. Try a pure Indica, it will not give panic attacks and it will not make you manic, I know this from first hand experience. If you have access to a pure indica high in cbd that is what you need. A strain called herijuana would be a good one for you. :) :) :)

  10. Until you’ve smoked mountain grown, you haven’t smoked real pot – just hemp and ditch weed! Do you think you could sell basement-grown coffee or would even want it? I’m sure any government-grown pot will go GMO, nano-ized, and include microbot chip technology to monitor you for your benefit! They might be able to make it addictive too! I always proved pot wasn’t addictive by paying my bills first, then bought weed with my loose spending money until the price went higher than gold. That’s when I pass. Why can’t I plant a seed as God recommended?

  11. Cannabis is a gift from God for us to have a symbiotic relationship with. Worked great for thousands of years until it was demonized by all the opposing substitutes. The Hearst’s were against using it for paper (owning their own forests supplying paper for their news empire) since 1914 when the government stated we need never use such a destructive process to the environment (dioxin produced by the chlorine kills all known lifeforms and has a half-life of 2,000 years, but don’t worry they only dump it into the Great Lakes not any local stream. Keeps bad publicity down).
    The aircraft industry needed the finest oil for lubricating, but the Rockefellers convinced Congress, when few were present, that using benzene-based crude was an alternative, not better, but cheaper! Again, benzene is a compound molecule that destroys all known life. Ever see anything grow or crawl out of a tar pit?
    Dupont couldn’t get a Navy contract for their nylon rope because, as the War of 1812 proved – a Navy doesn’t sail, nor an Empire rule, without a supply of hemp! The Russians wouldn’t sell hemp to the British so they shanghied American ships to go get a supply before releasing them. Paints and varnishes became toxic when the hemp oil was replaced by petroleum.
    It was hard for the Rockefellers to sell their patented medicine when cannibis was so effective at relief without deadly side effects. Cannibis was in 1/3 of all medicines available at little cost!
    It was the invention of the mechanical harvester for hemp that would drop the price so low, cotton-producing would be destroyed along with all the alternative replacements for hemp or cannibis! Now that the illegal drug profiteers (C.I.A. and all impediments with their hands-out between the consumer and the grower) are offering to allow it legally at twice the cost as long as you now pay the energy companies the ransom and the certifiers their continual fees and leave hemp still outlawed.
    Should we feel blessed that Lucifer is giving us this gift? That lying deceiver is always taking credit for what is God-given! Wake up people! Come out of your alcoholic-induced fog and think straight. Can’t you read your local Police and Fire reports? Don’t you know who’s harming themselves, others, and killing innocent people everywhere? Then ask your ambulance drivers, emergency doctors, tow truck drivers – you know, someone not there profiting off cannibis prohibiton! Never listen to these lying deceivors with their hands in on the illegal profits! Oh but how can we fill these private-for-profit prisons? Isn’t alcohol also a Schedule 1? You know, lists DEATH as a side effect, unlike pot that only makes you sleepy or giggly! What wrong with our lawmakers. Are they PARANOID? They must be on it!

  12. And yet they’ve denied people in Mississippi from having mmj !!! free the south!!!!!

  13. Foxeh Chandonnet on

    I have been telling people about this program since i found out about it in ’07. And yes, the shift in attitude is remarkable. They go from “Its a horrible vice and a crime!” to “……..really?”. 90% of the time, the conversation ends right there. The problem is, the program is closed to new enrollment and has been since the early 90’s. If they could just open it to new patients, we can have more success stories of people who receive this remarkable medicine.

    Heck, my mom was against weed (and shes a nurse) til she started dating a man who had surgery 5 years ago on his back. The pills they gave him would make him sick and caused his throat to close up, among other symptoms. So a friend of his gave him a bag of weed…he dumped his bottle of painkillers down the toilet and never touched them again. When he went back to his doctor, the doctor asked:

    “So how have the pills been treating you?”
    “Sir, i dumped those down the toilet ages ago”
    “Well what have you been doing for the pain?”
    “I started smoking weed”
    “……..I didnt hear that, but if its working, keep doing it”

  14. noel hurlburt on

    I Remember A Grow Back In Early 70s Busted Come to Find Out Was A Gov. grow Im 55 So I Was 12 So They Been Growin Nigh On37-40 years They Must Of Come Up With Somin By Now Or It Was a Bust Just Dont Want Us To Know

  15. Mary Leochner on

    It is about time! We need to study the WHOLE PLANT! In my personal experience each one effects me differently. The high THC types cause the anxiety and bi-polar symptoms, where as the high CBD relieve the seizures and relieve the negative thoughts from the anti-seizure drugs I take. The processing of the liver is involved so studies need to be done on that. 30 or so FDA approved drugs taken so far for my brain. I still believe this one has been some type of benefit to me! Plus just searching on things about cannabis, not done through FDA or government. It is happening anyway people!!!

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