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Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Is A Top Priority For Congressman Earl Blumenauer In 2016

earl blumenauer marijuana garden fundraiser

(image via Oregon Cannabis Connection)

I have never hidden the fact that I have a man crush on United States Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR). He has served my home state proudly, and I have always been honored to tell people that he is from Oregon. He is not my Congressman, as I don’t live in his district, but I have always supported him and will continue to do so until he retires someday. He’s always been at the head of the pack leading the charge for federal reform since he’s been in Congress.

I recently received an e-mail from his office listing his top priorities for 2016. In addition to improving infrastructure and improving agriculture policy, Earl Blumenauer listed ‘Ending the Failed Federal Prohibition of Marijuana’ as one of his top three priorities for 2016. Below is what he had to say:

For years, our state has been far ahead of the federal government on marijuana policy. Our leadership was further cemented last year when Oregon legalized the adult use of marijuana. Now, Oregon is once again demonstrating leadership through its responsible implementation of this law.

Our path forward would be much easier without the confusing patchwork of laws that trap businesses and regulators between federal and state governments. The federal government should be a partner, not an obstacle. That’s why I’m working to make sure legal marijuana businesses have access to banking services and not forced to operate as cash only, as well as taxing them fairly and enabling them to deduct business expenses like all other businesses. I’m also working to legalize and regulate marijuana at the federal level, further protect medical marijuana patients, promote more research, and reduce the unconscionable racial disparities in the enforcement of drug laws.

I was lucky enough to attend a brunch for Earl Blumenauer recently, during which former Congressman Barney Frank was honored. Earl Blumenauer reiterated to the crowd that he expects it to be ‘game over’ for federal marijuana prohibition by the end of the decade. I think that 2016 is obviously a long shot, but I think that there will be progress when it comes to getting more Congressional seats filled by people that are on the right side of history, in addition to hopefully convincing some sitting members of Congress to also get on the right side of history. Earl will be a big part of that in 2016. A heartfelt thank you to Earl Blumenauer for leading the way!


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  1. I’m not sure that Grassley is stalling. He knows that his party has control of congress. As head of Justice, he can hold that whole collection of Carers Bills and they can’t be amended aka watered down. He doesn’t just have Carers, but every provision as separate bills.

    Any reform bill that has ever been sent to homeland security has never been seen again. I think Grassley might be the Jaba the Hutt holding the cards to make some new bridge deals for Iowa. He doesn’t care at his age. Legacy is what he’s thinking about. The Grassley Highway for example. He doesn’t want a prison named after him but that is what will happen. I’m pretty sure this is his last term but I don’t think he’s the problem. The problem appears to be in the House where they are trying conjure up a CBD only bill.

  2. CannabisRadio.com on

    You are accurate on his position, but there are people still working on CARERS as an option. After the last article about it being stalled with Grassley, we began a Change.org petition to his office. We were grateful to read the opinion of the fine folks here at TWB, and wanted to do something to help drive awareness. If you haven’t signed or shared it, please do: http://j.mp/carersact
    Almost 28,000 people have joined us and signed this. So help us continue to push his office. Keep up the great work Johnny.

  3. Rich Fairbanks on

    Yep, it would work if everyone could grow their 4 plants (the limit in Oregon) throughout the country, but that is not gonna happen soon. But people who smoke Oregon weed are smoking cartel weed at this point.

  4. Sounds like Northern Cali grows. Unregulated grows and sales are as bad as Cartel sales. When you can grow your own you know how it was grown and where it goes. Remember Johnny Potseed in the 1970’s?

  5. The problem is that the chairman of the judiciary committee Chuck asserly (spelled that wrong on purpose) will not allow for the CARERS Act to be put on the table in front of the committee cause he knows there is a good chance that it will pass. He is totally against any type of legalization as well as decriminalization so the way to keep the legislation from hitting the floor is to not allow it to be heard at all. Another great example of not caring what people want, only caring about what campaign contributors want who stand to lose profits when cannabis goes legal.

  6. Blumenauer is a great representative of the people on this issue. I’m surprised they didn’t advance Carers. It was conservative enough with the S2. Also surprised that they didn’t pass anything for the Veterans. Looks like the latest action is bill concerning advertising of marijuana.

    Rohrabacher is proof that there are reasonable people in both parties. So everything is stuck in Justice with Grassley. I’m wondering if he’s safekeeping all the bills or blocking them. The problem in congress is mostly these new Republican house members. There is no point in passing Carers or other reform bill in the Senate if we know if will fail. I don’t think they have the votes in the Senate or Grassley would open it up. He could make the plant his legacy and come out on the right side of history. I’ve written to tell him this several times and haven’t heard back.

    I’d like to hear commitments from each presidential candidate about how they would handle the plant. Nothing wishy washy, but specifically. We know where Bernie stands. Trump is doing to the medical dance.

  7. Obama said if they give him a bill he will probably sign it. In other words, neither Obama nor most of congress is doing anything.

  8. I hope the federal government legalizes nationwide, but also hope they put a strong set of regulations in place. Legalization has been a disaster in SW Oregon, mystery buyers snapping up forest properties, bulldozing the trees, growing weed using underpaid petty criminals. Unregulated use of rodenticides, pit bulls, rifles, wells going dry. It is a drag. If growers act like children, I am fine with some adult supervision.

  9. Good luck with that. There is only so much he can do (he can’t do much at all) and Obama sure isn’t going to do anything. I am just waiting for MA or ME to legalize so there can be a marijuana victory.

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