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Federal Measure To End Marijuana Prohibition Gains 15th Bipartisan Sponsor


marijuana prohibition don young sponsorEarlier this week Alaskan Congressman Don Young announced, in a press release, that he’s joining a growing list of bipartisan sponsors who support H.R. 1523, the Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2013. The measure would explicitly protect marijuana consumers and businesses from federal prosecution if they’re following state law, such as in Colorado and Washington where recreational marijuana retail sales were recently legalized. The measure would effectively put an end to the U.S. government’s prohibition on marijuana – it would be up to the states to decide their marijuana laws.

Congressman Young’s sponsorship of the bill comes just a few weeks after an initiative drive was announced in his state of Alaska, which would legalize the possession and state-licensed retail sales of cannabis to adults 21 and older. Young’s support also comes not long after recent polling has indicated that not only does 52% of Americans support legalization, over 60% feel that the federal government should leave states alone that decide to take the approach of legalizing marijuana. The polling also found that 72% believe that the government’s war on marijuana costs more than it’s worth.

As the measure continues to gain support and momentum, constituents should continue to urge their elected lawmakers towards supporting this measure.

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  1. I hope you’re not talking about Obama. Since he came to office, in complete disregard what he had been saying during his campaign, he INCREASED raids on medicinal dispensaries. Raids on dispensaries and assaults on patients and such have been at a record HIGH (no pun intended), even worse than it ever was under the Bush administration.

  2. Florida will probably be on of the last states to legalize marijuana. I guess I’ll just continue to be an outlaw.

  3. He can’t be completely under legalization. At least not under the surface. He’s already announced an end to the usual draconian tactics of fighting drugs or percieved drugs. Not only that, he also had the chance to nip something in the bud when it first came out, but has left it untouched. This just seems to be where its logically pointing based on what I’ve seen and gathered.

  4. Good for him!! It’s nice to have another Republican sponsor to support our cause!!

  5. Just wondering a couple of things:

    What about the tax law. Does this bill include anything that would allow state-legal marijuana businesses the normal deductions? Without that, it’s going to be hard for them to stay in business.

    And what if hell freezes over and this bill passes, what are the odds the president will veto it? He’s made it clear that he’s against legalization, regardless of his past statements and the will of the voters.

  6. Half assed measure. Might as well say “We will leave it to the state and local politicians and authorities to interfere with your legalization efforts, and lock up all you druggies.”

    How about a constitutional amendment on the order of the “thou shalt not infringe upon” part of the 2nd amendment? What we NEED are absolute and undeniable RIGHTS to our medicine.

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