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Federal Measure To Respect State Cannabis Laws Garners 19th Sponsor


uncle sam marijuana federal charges landlordCourtesy of The Joint Blog

Congressman Steve Stockman of Texas has officially signed on as a sponsor of H.R. 1523, the U.S. “Respect State Marijuana Laws Act“, bringing the total number of bipartisan sponsors to 19.

Under this proposal the federal government would be required to respect the law of states which decide to legalize cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, forbidding them from enforcing federal prohibition in these states. The measure was introduced earlier this year, in April.

Other sponsors include Republicans Dana Rohrabacher [CA], Justin Amash [MI] and Don Young [AK], along with Democrats such as Earl Blumenauer [OR], Steve Cohen [TN] and Jared Polis [CO].

The measure can be read by clicking here.

Source: TheJointBlog.Com


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Johnny Green


  1. Texas is always light years behind the rest of the world…they will need a million cops to stop pot smoking…..

  2. And then prices will come down and peace will rule over the Earth. I can see it… (and I can surely smell it) (smiley face)

  3. I think the steps made by the Mayor of Houston are a positive sign. Before I left, I remember reading about the “Sober Centers,” bringing abuse and addiction into the healthcare realm and out of the criminal one. I don’t like the city’s choice of names for these places, but you can’t have everything, right? :)

  4. I’d like to know why every senator and every representative from WA, CO, and all the mmj states are not sponsors of this bill. I think each and every one of them needs to be asked why.

  5. Are these answers after the recent poll?
    If so, WOW.
    I would have assumed that changed.
    I read on another blog, I believe NORML, talking about them working with Mexico for legalization to drop the drug war also, making Texas and Mexico both legalized in the near future.
    Yes they have harsh laws right now, but the decriminalize law I thought was to be set sometime in 2014? More and more big players are coming out of the wood works in TX due to the recent poll saying this drug war needs to stop, and we need to spend our money on worse crimes, and free up spaces for the real criminals as well.
    We’ve filled our jails with innocent people and have real criminals running the streets.
    I believe the talk about that and now Mexico wanting to stop the drug war as well is really influential I believe to Texas.

  6. No… I say 2016 for TX. Their Governor is STILL 1000% AGAINST marijuana under ANY circumstances. He BOASTS of throwing those who use it in jail… Still

  7. Since he’s from Texas and the recent poll I see is making drastic changes, the question now is emerging.
    Will Texas see Legalization in the real, real close future?

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