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Federal Medical Marijuana Patient Explains How He Got Into The Program


Irvin Rosenfeld Has Been Receiving Medical Marijuana From The Federal Government Since 1982

Irvin Rosenfeld speaking on a panel at the Fourth National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics in Santa Barbara about the condition that qualified him to receive medical cannabis (marijuana) from the U.S. Federal Government:


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Johnny Green


  1. Johnny oneye on

    they are at a convention , low lighting and a little weed put these folk asleep in the 1st 10 minutes!

  2. Johnny oneye on

    How can the FEDS continue to say cannabis has no medical use?
    Every day I read about marijuana arrests.
    It makes me sick , Jails are not even a deterrent to crime let alone drug use.

    Irv Rosenfeld , you beat the FEDS ? go pick up a newspaper.
    how many people are dying from cancer and aids that dont have legal access to cannabis like you do? some dont even know it cures cancer
    How many citizens are arrested and persecuted for supplying cannabis to patients like you?
    1 -10 ?
    dosnt matter ,1 is too many
    FDA claims “the active ingredients in agent orange is safe for human consumption”
    citing “multiple government studies”
    This is where most of amerika is at, forcefed horseshit

    When you “beat the fed you beat big pharma”
    until then all you really have is a “get outta jail card”

    must have been nice to go through the TSA with that tin can full of Mississippi ditch weed!
    just sayin!

  3. eating_sunshine on

    The audience has the attention span of a gerbil. Rude people, or are they retarded?

  4. I have the same condition as Irv but have been in jail and prison repeatedly for my cannabis use. I didn’t know anything about him or the program until just a few years ago. Boy was I upset when I found out that the gov’t gives him cannabis for the same bone condition that I have been locked up repeatedly for treating the pain of, lost my kids and much more. I met him a couple of months ago and read his book. Since then I have started writing my own story, I think it illustrates just how messed up our government is when two people, suffering the same chronic, painfully disabling condition get treated so drastically different by the government that promises Equal Protection for all its citizens in its constitution. I can’t even begin to tell you how much time I have done in jail for cannabis being in my urine, I even got a little over a year in prison for it in my urine because I was on probation.

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