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Most Federal Marijuana Research Money Goes Towards Addiction Research, Not Medical Benefits


marijuana science research cannabisIf you ever get a chance to talk to a medical researcher about marijuana, they will be quick to tell you just how hard it is to research the medical benefits of marijuana. The science side of the research is not the problem, it’s the bureaucratic side that largely prevents medical benefit based marijuana research. A story came out yesterday which found that almost 80% of marijuana research money does not go towards researching marijuana’s medical benefits. Instead it goes to fund research into marijuana addiction and abuse. Per USA Today:

An analysis by News21 shows that $1.1 billion of the $1.4 billion that the National Institutes of Health spent on marijuana research from 2008 to 2014 went to study abuse and addiction. Only $297 million was spent on its effects on the brain and potential medical benefits for those suffering from conditions like chronic pain. News21 is a Carnegie-Knight national student reporting project based at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism.

News21 analyzed federally funded drug research projects from 2008 to 2014 using the NIH’s publicly available database. The $1.1 billion the agency spent to study marijuana abuse and addiction was $200 million more than what the organization spent on research into crystal meth, a highly addictive stimulant that the DEA has called an epidemic.

While NIH spent $297 million on grants for non-abuse research of marijuana, it provided two to four times as much for similar research of opiates and benzodiazepines, including drugs such as Xanax, according to the News21 analysis. Opiates are the narcotics that Vanderah said can cause prescription drug dependency or even heroin abuse.

No one has ever died from simply consuming marijuana. Can marijuana be abused? Sure, but someone can also abuse cheeseburgers as celebrity Joe Rogan always points out. Marijuana research should be based on science, and not on politics. Marijuana has a lot of medical benefits, proven by the fact that the federal government owns patents related to the medical benefits of marijuana. A lot of people will say that’s why the federal government wants to prevent medical research as much as possible when it comes to marijuana, and I think there’s a lot of truth behind that claim.


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  1. What a huge waste of money. Imagine how many sick and dying people have suffered needlessly… the millions that could have lived longer happier lives. This world is insane.

  2. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Thank heaven for the bold, young ladies and gentlemen affiliated with this journalism project. They are all helping to restore a bedrock principle of the profession once known as the Fourth Estate: “To afflict the comfortable, and comfort the afflicted.” Follow the money trail down the rabbit hole, drag the beasts into the light of day, and help us DEFEAT the Anti Marihuana Tyranny forever.

  3. Gary Williams on

    It’s like trying to prove bubble gum is addicting. If YOU pay the right person enough money or threaten them, they will right down any number YOU tell them any place YOU say.

  4. Old news. They don’t want the public to be allowed to grow their own medicine, that yields 1 – 2 pounds per light every few months. Big pharma can’t afford their potential setbacks and losses. They hate it when you’re allowed to grow for yourself.

  5. Forest Gump feds
    No matter how much they spend
    They cant prove its dangerous
    But they keep a trying
    “Not enough testing, (has been allowed )
    Time to put cannabinoid medicine back in the PHARMACOPIA
    where they “had it removed”

  6. Some simple math for the ignorant sycophants.

    1. Use != Abuse != Addiction
    2. Cannabis != Alcohol != ANY OTHER DRUG

    P.S. FYI, “!=” means NOT equal

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