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Federal Senator Adds Marijuana Grow Amendment To Immigration Bill


Federal immigration bill hatch marijuana growingBy Phillip Smith

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) has introduced an amendment to the pending federal immigration bill that would create harsher penalties for anyone growing marijuana on public federal lands.

The amendment has already won the approval of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Hatch announced in Tuesday statement. The committee is expected to vote on the overall bill later this week.

Under Hatch’s amendment, people caught growing marijuana on federal lands would face aggravated penalties. They would also have to serve their sentences consecutive to, not concurrent with, any other sentences.

“In my home state of Utah, the Drug Enforcement Administration and local law enforcement have seized more than 110,000 marijuana plants this past year,” Hatch said. “These sites are typically far from the eyes of law enforcement, where growers can take the time needed to grow potent marijuana.”

The amendment is only one of several Hatch has introduced to the immigration bill. He and fellow Republican colleagues have introduced numerous amendments aimed at bolstering border security and making it a higher priority than liberalization of immigration policy.

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  1. Also alcohol does have redeeming qualites when used in moderation.. remember the key word is moderation just the same as cannabis, even cannabis when not used in moderation can have negative outcomes (laziness, memory loss, slowed reaction and response times). Remember cannabis can affect different people in different ways.. I love smoking pot but we also cant act like those opposing our movement and pretend like a problem cant/doesnt exist.

  2. NO,, Do not ban alcohol,, the point of this movement is keeping freedom free.. whats the point of of legalizing marijuana and banning alcohol then all you do is create the same problems we have now and well have yet another prohibition era.. We all know what happened then, and whats happening now… What we need to focus on is treatment and education which needs to happen with all drugs. As much as one may not like it drugs are here to stay… You cant fight human nature and expect to win, its a losing battle that always has been and always will be,,,.

  3. Lyle Winterhalder on

    They just see the checks from the Big Pharmaceutical lobbyist’s checks getting smaller each month. He could give 2 shits about you if you didn’t know.

  4. Thanks for letting us all live in PAIN …. assholes… every one of you. You are supposed to represent what the people want. YOU FAIL MISERABLY! We want it decriminalized. We dont want to go to jail. We don’t want you to ruin our lives, or inadvertently take them altogether, just so you can get a pay day for the pharmaceutical companies. I think you are ALL guilty of treason. You are specifically taking away MEDICINE that we need. Leading directly to some peoples deaths. I was on my bike a few months ago and was blasted, some chick hit me with her car and threw me. My back is now constantly in distress. I went to the hospital. Got my week supply of pain killers that did nothing but make me sick. First thing I did was visit my REAL doctor. The bud man. Try to stop me from killing my pain the natural way. Dare you. I won’t get addicted to your narcotics when the earth has developed it’s own relief for me. Sorry but I trust gods judgement any day over yours. FREEDOM DOES NOT EXIST IF NATURE IS ILLEGAL! MARIJUANA WAS NEVER YOURS TO TAKE AWAY IN THE FIRST PLACE! THESE TRAITORS ARE KILLING US! GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL. DO NOT PASS GO. DO NOT COLLECT BILLIONS OF DOLLARS. OH YEAH AND FUCK YOU LITTLE PRICKS.

  5. They fly over with thermo sights—marijuana produces heat and can be detected from the air. The State used to borrow our thermo sights just for this use. Grow carfully.

  6. Yes, aren’t our “Elected Public Servants” supposed to represent the wants of the “People” aka voters ? Just checking !

  7. Ban Alcohol…liver and brain damage…High death by car accidents…alcohol depression…Alcohol has no redeeming health qualities….Cannabis has many medical uses proven !

  8. Hatch is an ash-hole.. always has been, always will be. A real fidgity ash-hole. I know the man personally. He certainly knows me.. heh.. let’s just say, our worlds are very different. Mine is ash-hole free as much as possible, while he surrounds himself with them by intent.

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