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Federal Senator Takes Dig At Pro Marijuana Legalization Candidate Dan Winslow


dan winslow massachusetts elizabeth warren marijuanaBy Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director

At a St. Patrick’s Day breakfast in South Boston this past weekend, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) took a jab at pro-legalization Republican State Representative Dan Winslow (R-Norfolk), who is currently vying for the Republican nomination for Senate in Massachusetts’s upcoming special election.

Addressing the crowd, Senator Warren said, “I advise everyone to pay very close attention to Dan Winslow’s platform. He has a 100 percent ranking from the gun lobby and he’s for the legalization of marijuana. He wants us armed and stoned.”

According to statements received by VoteSmart, Rep. Dan Winslow’s stance on marijuana policy is as follows:

I disfavor decriminalization of marijuana because it increases demand from illicit sources. Instead, I think we need to legalize marijuana (likely starting with medicinal marijuana in view of the current federal prohibition) and then regulate it and tax it. Only be lawful production of marijuana will the cartels, crooks and drug dealers be put out of business in the US. – State Representative Dan Winslow (R-Norfolk)

Representative Winslow is currently engaged in a primary for the GOP nomination, if he were to receive it he would face either Democratic Congressmen Stephen Lynch or Edward Markey in the June 25 special election.

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Johnny Green


  1. No one is really getting disarmed, and Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) has joined the ranks of the prohibitionists in Washington by reason of her own statement. My best to State Representative Dan Winslow (R-Norfolk).

  2. LGBT Marriage and “Antioxidant and Neuroprotectant” Liberty (see us gov’t patent 6630507) are both states rights’ issues…Dems wish to allow legal marital cock sucking but not legal individual cannabis sucking for HEALTH… regulated exactly like vitamins or aspirin or peanuts (aspirin and peanuts each kill more people than cannabis which kills ZERO)…this could get interesting…Choom Ganger In Chief Obummer already released foreign invaders (Citizens of Foreign Nations) who wouldn’t even apply for passports instead of US Citizen Cannabis Political POWs in Honor of The Great Sequestration of 2013. Alcohol users and marijuana users deserve to have the same rights in firearms owning eligibility. Discriminating against marijuana users for the purpose of forbidding them their 2nd Amendment right is oppressive tyranny. Let My People Go!!

  3. Big pharma musta got to her too….I thought it was just Joe Biden and Hillary who were bought and paid for…..Gary Johnson 2016

  4. How can someone so smart be so stupid? Her ignorance is shocking…big pharma/big bureaucracy musta already got to ‘er already

  5. It is a disappointment to hear such ignorance from Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Her words speak for themselves, not in her favor of course!

  6. Steven_Epstein on

    There is truth in everything but the punch line.
    Granny Warren is no friend of cannabis.

  7. Word, Dusty.

    Obama can authorize killing people on foreign shores (and I have no problem with that particular action, in light of the target, BTW), he can pardon millions of criminals (illegal aliens) and give thousands more the same jobs he promised to our veterans, he can threaten to use Executive Order to take away citizens’ guns (after losing guns in Fast and Furious that wound up killing Federal agents), but he won’t use those same powers to either reclassify or decriminalize cannabis and hemp.

    He brought the country together afte the election by focusing on two issues sure to divide: immigration and gun control, ignoring completely the sweeping changes in Washington and Colorado that happened during the same period.

    The man is a tool; a hand puppet of the banks and the pharmaceutical companies; a lying, two-faced Choom Ganger who has deported more people and done more to destroy communities and put veterans, patients, parents and children in prison than any President before him.

    Saying “Well, he’s better than Mitt!” is like saying HIV would be better than the Black Plague.

  8. Obama NEVER had a majority in the house and senate that lasted more than a month or two.

  9. Let me see, Captain Zero held the house and the senate for 2 full years, and after he had indicated he wanted to open the debate on MJ reform. I guess he was too busy ramming Obummercare down our throats to pay up on his good intentions for MJ. If he wanted to, he could have sailed it right on thru with NO votes other than the Dems.

  10. That is because the Republicans deserve most of the blame for the drug war. Started under Nixon, escalated under Reagan and Daddy Bush. Carter wanted to legalize MJ, but backed off because of pressure from the GOP and social conservatives. The Democrats have been complicit, yes, and that does not absolve them from culpability. However, the GOP has had a sick fetish for marijuana prohibition. It makes them froth at the mouth, whereas the Dems just “go along with it” for political expediency. Did you see Mitt Romney’s response to the medical MJ patient who asked him he favored legalizing MJ for medical purposes? It was despicable the scorn Mitt Romney showed that man. Mitt also said if you favor legalization, to vote for the other guy (Obama), and promised to fight legalization tooth and nail. Obama has a terrible record, but if Romney had won, I doubt that Colorado and Washington would be moving forward with implementing their laws by now, because Romney would be going after them “tooth and nail.” Yes, Romney, the guy who ratted out pot smokers on the beach in front of his mansion.

    In just about every congressional vote involving reforming MJ laws, whether it is at the state or federal level, the GOP has voted against reform by 2 to 1 margins or higher, and the dems have voted for reform by comparable margins. The whole reason we have a War On Drugs in the first place is because of the GOP and the hatred of social conservatives towards MJ because, to them, it is “evil.” When the true power brokers in the Republican party get on board with reform (and I’m not just talking about Ron Paul here), let me know.

  11. It’s too bad I had to read the comments to figure out this was a joke made by Warren. She’d recently made a great comment about the disparity of punishment between banking crimes and drug crimes.

  12. This is a no-brainer. The public employees involved in the
    war on marijuana are unionized: police, DEA, ICE, Homeland Security, Border Patrol, prison guards, etc. Our tax dollars pay their salaries, a percentage of which goes to union dues, which are funneled to the Democratic Party. This War on the American People helps keep the Democrats in power with $$ & votes. This is why Obama will most likely put the brakes on legalization in Colorado & Washington. Elizabeth Warren is a Democrat and benefits from this system.

    If they take away our 2nd Amendment rights it will only become worse, as they will have more control over the American People.

  13. Ky Vets for Legal Cannabis on

    “I held my father’s hand while he died of cancer, and it’s really painful when you do something like that up close and personal… It puts me in a position of saying if there’s something a physician can prescribe that can help someone who’s suffering, I’m in favor of that… [Medical marijuana] should be like any other prescription drug… It’s really hard to watch someone suffer that you love… My father was sick and there was some conversation about whether or not marijuana would have helped.”
    Elizabeth WarrenU.S. Senator

  14. look at the statement above it will explain what happened……..all the politicains roast eachother at the st patricks day breakfast its a irish boston tradition when she made the comment the whole room laughed including rep winslow……am no fan of hers but in this case its really ment as a joke

  15. though i am no fan of warren the st patricks day breakfast is a roast in a way all politicians jab each other when she made this comment the whole room laughed including rep winslow am a life long irish resident of boston and this happens every year……I am a strong pro legalization supporter this was taken out of context…….but its gonna get retold a million times

  16. Freedom is freedom. Warren has been, and will continue to be for a government that is totalitarian – who gets paid what, what we can smoke, who is capable of gun ownership, etc.

  17. My 2nd Amendment rights as an MMJ patient are stripped away anyway Ms. Warren! Reefer back to 1972.

    I see Ms. Clinton starting her presidential run by coming out for marriage equality. I wonder if she’ll listen to Bill on legalization? Who will have some balls and back the right thing to do? Right now Repubes 1, Demons 0.

  18. I can shoot my 30-6 200 plus yards, my .22 rifle 100 yards open sight, and my semi auto 12 gauge 100 yards open sight. Yet I smoke. So all of our troops during W.W.2 were all stoners?

  19. I expected better from Elizabeth Warren regarding the issue of marijuana. I must say I am royally disappointed.

  20. stellarvoyager on

    I never said anything about gun control or not supporting the second amendment. I am saying that she is a hypocrite for singling out cannabis users when it comes to gun control, as if we are so dangerous that we cannot be trusted with second amendment rights. Is it fair for cannabis users to be singled out in this way?

  21. Yes alcohol and guns are a bad combination, but I support the 2nd Amendment as well as ending the cannabis prohibition. Prohibitions as you know, only help criminals, and hurt innocent people.

  22. stellarvoyager on

    It is such a disappointment to hear such an ignorant statement coming from someone like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, whom I admire and respect, and who has also come out in support of medical marijuana. Of course, like most politicians who make such statements, she seems to have no problem with alcohol and guns, a far more deadly combination.

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