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Federal Study Shows Marijuana Legalization Does Not Increase Teen Use


youth teen young adult marijuana usage medical marijuanaOne of the arguments frequently used by marijuana reform opponents is that medical marijuana and recreational marijuana legalization will lead to more teen use. Like a broken record, marijuana opponenets repeat that claim over and over. They claim that when marijuana, medical or recreational, becomes legal it will result in a surge in teen use of marijuana. Unfortunately for these opponents, a federal report suggests that they are wrong.

The United States Center for Disease Control releases a biennial survey report titled ‘High School Youth Risk Behaviour Surveillance System.’ The report for 2013 was recently released, and it shows that there has been no spike in reported teenage use of marijuana. In fact, since 1999 the opposite has happened. In 1999 nearly 27% of survey participants said that they had used marijuana. Oddly enough, that was the year I graduated high school, and I specifically remember answering yes on the survey. Compare that nearly 27% result in 1999 to a reported 23.4% usage in the 2013 report. This is very inconvenient to people like Kevin Sabet, who fight so hard to spread false anti-marijuana propaganda. I can’t wait to see how he tries to spin this one.

The CDC’s findings are similar to those in a recent report published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, which compared 20 years of CDC YRBS data about high school teens’ marijuana habits in states that have legalized medical marijuana compared with neighboring states that continue to ban the plant. It found that legalization of marijuana for medical purposes did not result in greater illicit use of the substance by high school students.

As recently as this week I’ve heard the claim that legalizing medical marijuana will result in a surge in teen use. The claim was made by medical marijuana opponents in Florida. There’s almost no way to spin the new report to fit their unfounded claim. Legalizing medical marijuana and/or recreational marijuana does not increase teen use, period. And keep in mind, this isn’t something that I pulled out of nowhere, it’s based upon data from our own federal government.


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  1. Cristina4Jesus on

    Another faulty study that did not look at use in CO and other states that HAVE seen a large increase in teen use. Of course having pot shops on every corner increases all use, not just teen use. You potheads have brain damage and are zombies who go against common sense and believe anything that backs up your addiction. George Soros wants you high for a reason,

  2. Don’t forget that not only Sabet, but the NIDA and DEA still use the “1 in 6 teens get addicted” statistic that’s been shown to be faulty math multiple times.

  3. It’s been said before, but it deserves repeating: Legalizing offers at least an effort to control control teen us. The legal places at least have a rule prohibiting sales to minors; street dealers and drug cartels have no such rules. My own opinion is that legal or illegal makes very little difference for teens–or anybody else for that matter. Where there’s a will, there’s a way; if they want it they’ll find a way to get it.

    I would like to hear what a few teens say on the matter, but fear that TWB isn’t a preferred venue for many of them.

  4. Thanks Johnny! There’s a green tsunami headed our way. What will Kevin Sabet do? I guess he’ll move on to the hard stuff.

  5. Too much competition for you? That’s not a glowing recommendation for your products.

  6. Great article Johnny… This won’t stop Sabet from CONTINUING to make that claim though. If he throws that out there with no one to refute his claims, they’ll still be believed. It’s sad that the American people have become SO Fuckin lazy that they don’t do their own research on an issue. If you tell me the sky’s blue, I wanna know WHY? Not just that YOU say so, but today’s society is a sound byte society. If it’ll fit on a bumper sticker people will believe it!

  7. Exactly what the reports have shown us! Thanks United States Center for Disease Control!

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