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Federal Survey: Marijuana Use By Young People Is Declining


king kush marijuana strainBy Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director

Self-reported marijuana use by teenagers has declined since 2010, according to annual survey data compiled by the University of Michigan.

Authors state that adolescents’ use of cannabis has fallen slightly since 2010, while respondents’ self-reported use of other drugs, including alcohol and tobacco, are at near-record lows. Young people also reported finding it harder to access cannabis, a trend that has stayed consistent since the late-1990s.

The conclusions are consistent with other studies — such as those here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here — finding that the enactment of state laws permitting the use of marijuana for medical or social purposes is not associated with overall rises in cannabis use by young people.

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  1. The problem I have with anything related to these car accidents and marijuana related deaths are, what do they use as standards for testing who is driving under the influence. A blood test can show thc in your bloodstream over 20 hours (several sources say 24) after you have ingested, or smoked mj. In fact there was a study done on 25 frequent users that showed after a week of abstaining from pot in a facility, 6 still had quantifiable amounts of thc in their bloodstreams. So how accurate are these findings? Did each person in every accident have a joint sticking out of their mouth? Give me a break, let’s look at this for what it is, they’re trying to punish people for being stoners, not people being stoned and driving.

  2. Those states don’t count???

    Stop reading the lies produced by Sabet. The actual report he quotes says teen use is down….HE claims “use is up for the 12 year old and up group”…12 year old and up to 90, yes it’s up when you add in the adults.

    Sabet is full of pharma money so much he can’t see the green!

    SAM’s “safe” approach to marijuana? Keep it as illegal as possible. Yup, for a product that has never hurt anyone. Freaks.

  3. Give it up, guys! Skoallio would not approve of cannabis use even if it was proven to be a sure-fire cure for old-age, dementia and ugliness. I’d hazard a guess that he might need some help in one or more of those categories.

  4. 46 states have no recreational marijuana and more than half have no medical marijuana. Those states dont count. A new survey of thousands shows Colorado is NUMBER 1 in teen marijuana use. Marijuana related car crashes in CO and WA more than doubled. 10 years ago Colorado wasnt even in the top 10 states for marijuana use, now its first. This is serious and Im afraid its going to really hurt the cause for legalization.


  5. Marijuana Use By Young People Is Declining oh my god quick lets make it illegal again so these kids soak up more and different drugs. Prohibitionists can’t stand it when facts up set their little world views.

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