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Feds And Denver Police Conduct Large Raids On Marijuana Gardens


stop dea raids medical marijuana michiganIt’s not that often that I write articles about raids and busts. I have always felt that doing so breaks my soul a bit, because I don’t like highlighting the work of the opposition. But the raids in Denver, Colorado yesterday were so large, and could potentially become a public policy issue, that I felt it was worth covering. Apparently, the raids were a coordinated effort between the federal government, and the local police in Denver. It is alleged that the gardens that were raided were potentially part of a larger investigation outside of Colorado. Per the Denver Post:

Denver police officers, some in hazmat suits, raided multiple marijuana-growing operations Tuesday, part of an investigation into illegal marijuana sales in Minnesota, a federal law enforcement official said.

Federal agents assisted in the raids, which saw investigators haul dozens of high-intensity grow lights and thousands of plants out of the operations. The federal official said as much as $1 million was found in large bags during the searches.

The official, who was not authorized to disclose information about the case and spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity, said investigators believe the people involved came to Colorado from Minnesota, where marijuana is illegal outside of a restrictive medical-marijuana program.

Officially, authorities released little information about the case.

On Twitter, Denver police wrote that the investigation involved “illegal drug activity.” But a spokesman for the department later said he did not know if the operations raided were licensed marijuana businesses or if detectives believe they were exclusively illegal.

There are a handful of things that stand out to me about these raids. Number one, no one was arrested. Number two, no one really wants to comment about it. Number three, the article referenced above ends with a statement that law enforcement plans to seize just about everything involved with this investigation. So I pose the question – was this really about an investigation in Minnesota, or was this really about asset forfeiture? It’s sad how the cops can just swoop in, take everything, and ask questions later. It’s beyond time that the laws involving asset forfeiture were reformed. This case highlights that just because marijuana is legal in Colorado, and just because the Obama Administration has thrown around a lot of rhetoric, doesn’t mean things have changed all the way.


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  1. Kushington Budz III on

    A lot of public trust for most police departments are just not there it’s good to here opinions that differ from reader to reader. In my opinion WHO WILL HAVE THE MILLIONS AS A REWARD? The police dept and the court systems have several other stream to collect rewards. I don’t think rewards should be allocated through these means to line pockets instead of doing something constructive for the communities in need.

  2. Asset forfeiture is not criminal, because “due process” is defined by those doing the process.

  3. True, but then it would mean that the DEA couldn’t build a real case, so they just teamed up with Denver PD and took everything they could get their hands on. “We’ll have the millions of dollars now, as a reward, we won’t spend any of it prosecuting you.” We do not want our law enforcement to devolve into thugs that just show up and take everything, but forget to enforce the laws; many of the laws not related to cannabis still have a good bit of value to them.

  4. Kushington Budz III on

    It’s unfortunate that this had to take place if the story stands true it was a investigation stemming from cannabis being transported across state lines if thats the case participants knew the reward and the risk. I’d be upset if they were by the book and got jammed up.

  5. This is an issue that gives politicians a chance to flap their mouths, but NOT ever do anything about the issue. They’re NEVER gonna change “Asset Forfeiture” laws. They allow politicians to be able to fund their buddy’s projects without really taking money away from the taxpayers to do it! (Their logic, NOT mine)

    After all, Marijuana’s “THE MOST DANGEROUS DRUG ON THE PLANET” & taking EVERYTHING he’s got, including his home, in which puts he AND his kids on the street! But, that’s no big deal… After all, the SCUMBAG was a FUCKIN pothead!

  6. If it WAS part of a “larger investigation”, why was NO ONE arrested? This was about Asset Forfeiture, plain and simple. I GUARANTEE YOU they found out about those bags of CASH and THAT’S the “Larger investigation”! The DEA are “Domestic Terrorists” and need to be DISBAND or be TRIMMED BACK to an agency the size of a Metropolitan Police Dept.

  7. not that I agree with raids and prohibition in general, but if it does turn out cartel related, then good. Not sure I believe that though. As I found out a couple extra plants can negate your entire legality and they will take it all. De/re schedule it is the only answer first of all. Follow the laws in general and stay out of trouble. Be careful bending the rules. Notbthat they are really just, yet.

  8. mark_lee481 BSHA on

    This is how our beginning will end, and successfully I must add. The decisions of an anal retentive governor, like Iowa’s can create a false sense of security that we are, in fact, the United States. We will not be the United States again until this helpful plant in most every arena is accepted. People must read the real history of our country, not the 5th grade version. America was built on the farming of every type of cannabis. George Washington had a favorite indica that he smoked regularly as indicated in his diary. All Thomas Jefferson hated was the mixture with tobacco!!! We must get over this prolonged prohibition. Maybe a few counties could refuse, but not along a necessary public highway.

  9. They’re going to say that Colorado bud was ending up in another state, apparently Minnesota. And so these businesses got bitch-slapped by the Obama administration.

    These growers aren’t criminals — they are angels, helping patients who suffer from pain and disabilities, regardless of where they live just because of some line on a map.

    Instead of spending billions of dollars in resources going after marijuana, just remove it from the scheduling list.

  10. Hummmm! Cops and DEA stealing drugs to sell! I can’t fathom what else it would be since no one was arrested.

  11. First of all…hazmat suits? Really? Now playing devil’s advocate, I remind some of you that one of the raids done in the past did expose ties, huge knotted ties, to cartels to the south. How absolutely shitty is that? I believe that the feds had been watching them for over a year before they pounced.

    I don’t have a clue to what will come from this recent raid, but with Colorado being so strict and concerned about getting this right while the whole world is watching, it will be a real shame if this turns out to be grows that were operating without regard to present Colorado law, a law that that so many growers have taken great pains to work within. It will be an even worse shame if they were legit, but I don’t think that will be the case. Something was amiss. I know it’s hard to read stories about raids. I hate it myself, but hell…the whole world IS watching this “experiment” and those who flagrantly disregard this are making it bad for those who want to make it work. I hope I am alive to see the day when it won’t matter.

    Edit – per the HuffPost…”A DEA agent familiar with Tuesday’s raids in Denver, who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to speak about the investigation, told The Huffington Post that the alleged misdeeds of the targeted grow operations fell within the Justice Department’s 2013 enforcement priorities as well as constituting violations of state marijuana law.”

    And that remains to be seen.

  12. Obama is responsible for drone-strikes against innocent women and children, what makes anybody think he gives a shit about protecting cannabis users in the US?!

  13. Here we go again. All the comments (on other threads) praising the Obama/Holder administration and yet they continue to break our trust with questionable actions that go against all their rhetoric. If they would simply change the schedule, change the law (asset forfeiture is criminal) and truly support reform (this ‘inaction is support’ bullshit needs to stop) then these things could be prevented. But I guess the profits and corporate lobbyists are still to big and influential for complete reform.

  14. ”…raided multiple marijuana-growing operations Tuesday,”

    Sounds like a fishing expedition to me, here we go again. You need to vote for anyone that isn’t supporting this shit. Go vote or we’ll be set back 20 years +.

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