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Feds Raid Oregon Medical Marijuana Grow Despite Full Compliance With State Law

Medical marijuana grower James Anderson

Medical marijuana grower James Anderson - AP Photo/Jeff Barnard

By Jeff Barnard
The Associated Press

An insurance agent whose rental homes were searched by dozens of federal agents said Thursday that he made sure the 20 people he allowed to grow medical marijuana on his property had checked out under Oregon’s medical marijuana law.

But that didn’t stop the Tuesday raid in which 30 agents broke down doors on his five houses in the Southern Oregon town of Gold Hill, pointed guns at his wife, ripped out hundreds of plants and seized shotguns, cell phones and a tractor, Keith Rogers said.

He said that if state drug officials had searched the property, “they would have happily drove off and did nothing.”

But he said “it was strictly (the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration). They are throwing their weight around and saying the voters of Oregon don’t have any rights.”

Read the whole article at : http://www.katu.com/news/local/130830348.html


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  1. I smell a revolution is going to happen soon unfortunately. Really, when the feds do this crap its time to start shooting some DEA agents. I wonder what would happen if you had a militia there protecting this guy’s constitutional right (state law says it’s legal and no commerce is moving over state lines). Start with the head of Jackson county Sheriff’s dept. He’s the guy that’s got a bug up his @ss over pot!

  2. Beware of sites requesting any opinion or information about your status as a gun owner, taking classes, or any questionnaire or petition regarding the legalization of pot. ( I know, I’m doing it here, but I don’t keep arms, allergic to pot, sucks, lol. This is about The Second Amendment. This is about DISARMING decent, non violent citizens, as many as possible through this loop hole of the medicinal marijuana dispensaries, patients, growers, etc. They took the GUNS…. That’s what they wanted… That’s what won’t be recovered at all.. Nor will you be able to replace them, as you’re now not qualified as a legal gun owner. This is another sleazy, deceptive, back door way (THE OBAMA WAY) of stealing your rights, livelihood and FREEDOM. Don’t fall for this by putting yourselves on any lists for owning guns or being part of the medicinal marijuana program. You’re opening yourself up to lose it all. Best not to partake in the medicinal marijuana program as it is. This government can’t be trusted, and if they’re going to raid these people, wait til they get hold of personal records they’re trying to get hold of… EVERYBODY’s… They’re looking for gun owners first of all, and the personal records have info. on prescription drugs, etc. The info. they get an instant warrant for, then it’s law abiding people taking pain pills, or sleeping pills, or anti-depressants, or any of those weird drugs for something but list a whole bunch of ailments and conditions from schizophrenia to allergies… It’s all about seizing guns and creating legislation against gun ownership and destroying the Second Amendment.. What did Hitler do before he took over? Disarmed the people….. I am around attorneys, law enforcement, and more brilliant (not the cheesy ambulance chasers) legal counsel every day.. This is just the beginning and it makes perfect sense for the anti gun agenda. Obama was willing to sacrifice lives of those who serve and protect, he’ll run over any individual with no mercy. JUSTICE FOR BORDER AGENT BRIAN TERRY.. A hero that our president’s Fast and Furious scheme is responsible for killing. Obama’s negligent corrupt sleazy tyrannical style has gotten people murdered. He has blood on his hands. Don’t let ANYONE take your GUNS.. NO MATTER WHAT… Sometimes you have to break a few eggs for your safety and to retain your rights.

  3. I feel bad for the girl who got hauled outside in her bra and underwear. I cant imagine opening my door and having people destroy my things. poor guy.

  4. The DEA has all their eggs in one basket, whilst they walk a slippery slope.

    Being the fall guy in this charade (and they know it) their on a time limit, and they’ll be the first under the bus.

    Whichever political cabal get’s there first, before the energy wave, will be well placed for ushering in world peace…or so it would seem.

  5. The Security State is in panic mode to gain control of a population that has doubts about 9/11 and the bin Laden hoax.

    The DEA are GOONS. Whacked out on steroids and speed, they break down doors to make up for colossal screw-ups in Iraq and Af/Pak. They’re all frustrated.

    The DEA wants to provoke an armed rebellion so that they can really crack down hard. Sick puppies.

  6. Obama opened up his WhiteHouse Petititions ” We the People” and we spoke, #1 petition was to legalize Marijuana! Obama and his administration said they would have a fast response… This was fast! The fact that Citizens in legal states are also no longer allowed to bear arms because ” We the People” are addicted to a Drug as bad as Heroin was Faster! Blog this fact on public blog sites and lets make some noise! or dont and have it all slip away!

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