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Feds Seek To Increase Marijuana Production Quotas


federal medical marijuanaBy Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director

For the second year in a row, federal officials are seeking to increase the supply of cannabis the government makes available for research protocols.

DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart filed paperwork today announcing that the agency is seeking to increase its marijuana production quota for the year 2015 by nearly three-fold.

Federal regulations permit a farm at the University of Mississippi to cultivate set quantities of cannabis for use in federally approved clinical trials. Regulators at the DEA, the US Food and Drug Administration, PHS (Public Health Service), and the US National Institute on Drug Abuse must approve any clinical protocol seeking to study the plant’s effects in human subjects.

The agency says that the increased production is necessary because “research and product development involving cannabidiol is increasing beyond that previously anticipated.” The agency further acknowledges having received increased requests from NIDA “to provide for ongoing and anticipated research efforts involving marijuana.”

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  1. It is my understanding that the program was only suspended by George Bush 1.0 (no new applicants). But in reality, actually not closed because some individuals are still receiving MMJ from the Fed program. My question is this. Does anyone know were to “download the old application forms” for this program.
    My plan is to apply and wait for the explanation of rejection. Think about this scenario.
    If as many people as possible make application to a program that is actually still running, but closed off to new applicants. This action may prove interesting as to see how the Feds handle the influx of new applications of which will be rejected. It would be interesting just to see how they handle the rejection.
    My thought is, that this action would be more interesting than signing somewhat worthless on line petitions of which no agency or politician will pay any attention to. But an application such as this will require a response from the Federal agency that oversees this program (if their is one).
    Just imagine the Feds getting thousands ++++ of applications at one time instead of one or two every 5 years +/-.

  2. This is only about Government and U.Mississippi monopoly. There is only a few government approved patients left out of the few that was approved many years ago. So technically the test they do on persons is pointless. But they do a lot of scientific test probably on grown cancer cell and other kind of cells. Witch may be beneficial but since they do public publish their findings we won’t ever know From them. On the other hand 20% of Americans have been testing Marijuana on their own which is more per person and for a longer duration than any pharmaceutical medication ever produced.

  3. I wonder when the feds will grasp that there are many varieties of cannabis and the effects differ. I was just reading, Israel is studying whether cannabis is effective against cancer, preliminary results are encouraging, they are using 50 (!) different varieties of cannabis in the study. Is the U of M farm growing only 1 variety?

  4. legalize it Idaho on

    The feds are going against their own act with cannabis not being legal first of all and second still busting nonviolent users when they are more aggressive with this then people so why are they taking control over us with this? They have acknowledged that is has medical properties but its still a schedule 1 substance. Our government sucks

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