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Feds Vow Enforcement of Law Regardless of Prop. 19 Outcome


Federal law enforcement agencies intend to aggressively go after marijuana possession and cultivation even if California voters vote in favor of legalization in a November 2 referendum, US newspapers reported Saturday.

The reports cited a letter from Attorney General Eric Holder to former chiefs of the Drug Enforcement Administration vowing no let up in enforcement of marijuana laws.

“Let me state clearly that the Department of Justice strongly opposes Proposition 19. If passed, this legislation will greatly complicate federal drug enforcement efforts to the detriment of our citizens,” it said.

Holder did not spell out exactly how he will proceed but said the Justice Department was “considering all available legal and policy options,” and intended to “aggressively enforce” federal drug laws.

According to the latest polls, a slight majority of Californians support the proposition.

Moreover, the measure has been defended by California officials, who argue that the indirect costs in police and prisons needed to enforce a marijuana ban are too high for the fiscally strapped state.


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  1. Ian_t_macleod on

     “what ever happened to the states right to govern their people in their own way?”

    It’s been usurped by the Feds; they are now criminals.


  2. Such a decision would be treason – a violation of the Oath of Service that the military and all government officials take TO DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION! Not the country, not the people but the Constitution! The government has been slowly taking over State’s rights illegally using main force, sheer military might. If states must use their OWN military to stop them, then that’s the law. The Federal government has NOT GOT THE POWER – LEGALLY. A sheriff can stop the Feds from entering his county; if they try to ignore that, it IS a declaration of sovereign power over the states, in other words a military coup. We’d better decide soon what we’re going to do.


  3. What happend to Obama calling off the Feds in this issue. As commander in chief, he controlls the Department of Justice, just as he controlls the military.

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  5. obama already knows he wont get re-elelected sadly and sadly MM is a bit of an issue. there are many people who are being arrested by the feds for MM… at this point we are losing so many of our rights its not even funny any more! if the feds are gonna wage war, then they need to be prepared for MANY people revolting, its only a matter of time

  6. Obama can not afford to use the DEA this way, since his chances of getting re-elected would be next to nill if he allows the DEA to run rampant. There is another issue, as soon as California legalizes, many other States will too and then the feds will have to be agressive to more and more states, stretching themselves to far. That is not going to happen. I am a Canadian, so I am in a different set of laws from the US. I thought that your federal power derives from the state powers, not the other way around. Also Cannabis is a healthcare issue not a criminal issue. The States (as far as I seen) have the power to regulate healthcare issues. Obama will be forced to keep the DEA in check or risk losing power, it is that simple.

  7. Sounds like a declaration of war to me. The federal government will be declaring war against the law-abiding citizens of California if Prop 19 passes. I just hope that law enforcement in CA stand up for their rights, and don’t allow the DEA to run wild in their state. Given the outspoken law enforcement position against Prop 19, I doubt that will happen. They will most likely be traitors, working for the other side in this war.

  8. what ever happened to the states right to govern their people in their own way? i know we still have that right! they cant do this kinda shit still under the guise of morality and saving us from ourselves. the fact that they are telling us “aggressively enforce” the laws tells me that we need to make some changes in our federal government

  9. When prop 215 passes in CA and OR. all the other states will follow
    just like MMJ

    thes DOJ is panicking , look at the pictures they are so afraid of cannabis

    The gravy train these people have created from cannabis prohibition is unbelievable

    people are and have been prosecuted recently for cannabis ,

    this guy just likes to get his pic in the paper
    media whores

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