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Females Still Missing From The Marijuana Community


nasty lady marijuana strainIt’s not a secret that there seems to be a strange absence of females in the marijuana community. There have been a few articles that have appeared, regarding why females distance themselves from cannabis. When looking through the social media pages, one might stumble upon one or two ladies that can roll up a crazy tarantula blunt, while there may be five guys who do the same thing. For every one female cannabis grower, there’s at least ten male growers. Is it the image of the female in the community or do girls just not like pot?

The image of females in the cannabis community is one that most people know I’m not fond of. While being able to understand that sex does sell in the media today, I stand by the fact that we cannot market marijuana as a medicine if it is presented by mostly naked females. Pharmaceuticals may not be truthful and the pills may not work but they understand that medicine is not sexy. Since most females involved in the cannabis community use their bodies and looks to gain popularity, it’s the ones that avoid those actions that get pushed to the side. When no one pays attention to the women who are actually attempting to make a difference, those women tend to lose their momentum and slowly fade in to the background, rather than the spot where they belong, at the front of the cannabis movement.

Marijuana was also said to effect women in a severely negative way when smoked, back when the word “marijuana” still contained an “h”. Perhaps that it is this negative scare tactic that makes women uneasy to admit that they smoke cannabis. Or perhaps women are just too afraid to attempt to establish themselves in the community, since marijuana is a cause that is primarily dominated by males. The stereotype has been around for so long that it may be permanently ingrained in people’s memories, much like the negative marijuana stereotypes in general. Unfortunately, even when looking at other industries such as alcohol and tobacco, the women involved always seem to take a backseat. Perhaps it is just the absurd media, dictating gender roles.

Everyone who loves marijuana should be able to be involved equally. Female growers deserve recognition just like male growers. Females need to get involved and be proud of the intellectual contributions that they can bring to the legalization of cannabis. There are some girls who, as said above, will use themselves to promote… Well… Themselves and there are others who will try to promote cannabis to the best of their abilities, in the most positive way possible. Come on, ladies!

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  1. In places where women are treated like people, they naturally tend to congregate. I disagree with this statement, ” For every one female cannabis grower, there’s at least ten male growers.” For example on my website GrowWeedEasy.com, I’ve found that more than 47% of all the visitors to the site are women (via Google Analytics). Women are out there growing and using cannabis, but they’re just not doing it in the same places as men in the cannabis community. If you look at how women are portrayed and treating in the cannabis community, it’s pretty easy to see why.

    Let’s just look at the growing world. Growers regularly refer to their plants by negative terms that apply to women. For example, bud-bearing cannabis plants are all considered “female plants” and you’ll often see growers refer to their plants as “their bitches” and talk about plant training saying things like, “Bitches love when you train them hard,” etc etc. Take a look at the results you get when you search for the term “bitches” in a growing community: http://www.reddit.com/r/microgrowery/search?q=bitches&restrict_sr=on

    This article attempts to point out how the community is not friendly towards women, but this article does not talk about women as if they were people. It’s doing the exact same mistakes that tend to keep women out of the community.

  2. sup im from south carolina i live in the clemson area near clemson university. the herb variety and quality is HORRIBLEEEEEEE!!!!! around here, if your reading this and ships discretely and safely im interesting in putting some money in your pocket. email me: davisrt8@gmail.com i will respond quickly.

    thanks fellow stoners

  3. No I was just clarifying my understanding. I found the disregard for those women who are in the industry working hard and maintaining a lady like presentation while doing it insulting. The blame shifting to the women as if it is our fault that we do not get as much attention as some of the women in the industry who choose represent with sex appeal. We’re not the ones clicking on like and friending that stereotype, men are. I felt like the writter attempts to call women to action while blaming us for not doing it well enough. However, it is 2014 now …. last year was the SMK year of being love – this year will be the SMK year of letting go. Which means that I am not longer affected by this.

  4. The disregard for those women who are in the industry working hard and maintaining a lady like presentation while doing it. The blame shifting to the women as if it is our fault that we do not get as much attention as some of the women in the industry who choose represent with sex appeal. We’re not the ones clicking on like and friending that stereotype, men are. I felt like the writter attempts to call women to action while blaming us for not doing it well enough. However, it is 2014 now …. last year was the SMK year of being love – this year will be the SMK year of letting go. Which means that I am not longer affected by this.

  5. pray to the goddess…
    Where the hell do you girrrrls’ live??
    I toke with the agls all the time..NBFD..
    wow..its still underground for so many ppl…?
    and women in particula…I’m finding out…
    with yer’ help Ladies..
    Thnx’ Hang in there…
    Just keep chiming in!

  6. where do you live?? Im puzzled…ten years.. do you hang out..or talk to women?
    That seems sad to me….and I agree “weird” ..yikes!

  7. 420lasvegaslady on

    I’m a female who is a patient,connoisseur an activist enthusiast and M.S. patient who took back her life.

  8. I know a lot of other females that toke & such. I am an activist myself yet, stay underground due to where I live.
    wish i had the means to start my dream company in Colorado & or Washington…shit even Amsterdam or Uruguay. Us ladies are out there

  9. I’m female but all of my toking buddies are male. I haven’t smoked with another female in over ten years. I have no idea why the ladies in this area aren’t into mj. It’s weird.

  10. Im the only female I know who smokes. I have about 15 stoner friends but they’re all male :( come on ladies!

  11. I agree Jamie….
    Fish Emulsion is just nitrogen…& that’s great fer’ the veggie stage..The plants don’t need all that much after goin’ into the flowerin’ stage. & as U said ,they actually think it’s ICK…hehehLol
    There R many organic fertilizers…( don’t use “synthetics” like M/grow ect…I would advize…uh, readinng the Label.)
    They offer formulars..ready made for you…for each stage of growth.
    If U start with yer’ own Super soil recipe…not much fert. is REQUIRED ta grow a nice strong plant..IMExperience..
    Also, If I was goin’ ta’ thin herbs.. I wouldn’t compost the stuff that could B USED toflavor a nice dish for dinner…or ta’ perfume a room natually.. with a fresh scent, & then go buy “fresh” plastic wrapped herbs…for my stew…
    That would B siily.. ta’ grow sumthin”’and when it isn’t what U expected..ta’ jsut discard it!
    You really can’t predict what a plant is goin’ ta’ do until U have become familiar with it.
    No two R the same..just like ppl.
    If U know someone..its still no guareentee that that other person will “turn out” they way U want them to…

  12. just a side note here…the aquarium water is only during the veg stage, NEVER after flowering because thats just GROSS….if they are poor after flowering and seem not to thrive, they usually get made into juice rather than going to waste…they’re still useful to my body that way.

  13. Jamie..I think when I agree with someone so much, I just end up callin’ them something “homey” like fruits & veggies..are

    A Peach is an accomplished & skilled woman… I also like Hun’ or Huney..cuz’, well U know why..When a mook does a good job…
    “Hey..Bud..Job well done” may slip out…

    Of course I do understand what U mean when you say U resemble a green bean..as I was always called “Bean Pole” when I was younger…

    I was also told that a “TrainingbBra would not B required for me.. as I omly needed band-aids…I never did understand what the eff’ they would B training For..so I opted fer’ bandaids…w/o pitchin’ a fit…

    ouch..Bed time


    Fun is theraphy…fer’ me..Prob’ly tourture fer’ some….I think I may leave a bad after taste in ppl’s mouths…as well!

    So I tell the trolls ta just.. Spit it out…NBD


    They cry & thats funner’ for me! hehehlol…sorry It’s past my bedtime…

    ps..While I was trying to shorten the amount of space my comment took up…I hit a keyCombo on my dear mac and Mac decided ta’ tidy it up better..so now it takes up a longer space & I dont give a shit anymore..Im leaving it to challenge .the trolls..lets say thats what I did..

  14. I don’t know if a peach is good or bad, Kat but actually i’m more like a green bean…too skinny, plain jane and never sweet hahaha

  15. Yes..
    24/7 would def.do dat’! y
    ikes I’ve seen it done…it wasn’t “Pretty””” that much I can say…uh… would WE like ta’ live under those conditions…?
    I “like” to Keep it Simple”..and I think anything with fish waste is da’ bomb”..lol
    Augaculture anyone?
    hope I spelled that rite..I think the typin’ Poooleeace B out…
    opps the sun is out..must run..
    Jamie…Yer’ a Peach!
    My approach is, once agin’.. “Keep It Simple” & let the Mooks do all the Heavy Liftin.. If U can git’ Em’ to do things fer’ free…good..if not,
    hire one thats Handy….ie. handy man….

  16. I have always followed the don’t touch it too much rule. i start with happy frog & good seed, regular water and God given sun. if they need a boost they get a shot of aquarium water. Mine is Bomb every time. No nutes. but yes when locked up in tiny spaces under hot lights with no air flow they do like to die.

  17. uh…I hate ta say this..but must..
    if I look at the posts I git on my FB feed from the dudes in canada, and judge canadian women on that!???..uh……
    Those canadian chicks R showin just a” TAD” More than their enthusiazim fer weed!… If U get my meanin there! hehehe
    Other counties “accept” alot of things in their media than the US. does..
    We tend ta B Prudes “” on most thingss>… & lag behind..
    but here’s Colo.!!!
    I think Im dreamin’..punch me in th eface plzzzz!
    ;-)….splat! aaawwww..finally…

  18. More women turn out ta vote tho’…so wonder how that works in the picture????
    “its time women help” ??? uh..HUH?
    …We have been, we just never get the coverage that the dudes git’.
    Statistics B damned.
    DO.U think those “Soccer Mom’s”, so often mentioned in the media… tell the truth in those surveys???…Yea Right! they do…
    Survey SAAAAYS:
    Oregon has a problem…Its thier turn, along with Cali,’ ta get it done! WTF? they helped start this movement!
    2014 is The Year of Cannabis… with the help of our Gentle-Womens’..everywhere! :-)
    VOTE VOTE VOTE….toke toke toke …Is a Simple & siily motto I think! ??
    There R still PPl that suffer out there….:-(

  19. The baking is one of the little plaesures of weed….to share with yer’ kids…is it not?
    :_0 my duaghter can really cook & bake stuffs…Im Proud! Wish she had some “capital? handy here…its a free fer all in edibles, at home ..I can make as strong as needed…But till they figure out if 100mgs is too much per’ cookie…The shops need ta stock up…..Very Ill ppl may need lots of cookies…
    I think I’ll make cookies today..its cold & snowy..good day fer bakin’
    Thnx fer the link Rhea…& cheers ta yer’ family this new year..>>>munch munch..mmmmmm >>>>

  20. UH OH!
    Someone forgot “LIGHT”! heheh LOLOLOL
    STRONG LIte”would B preferable..
    like….Direct SUN lite….indoors.
    Unless U want spindly, “reaching” lil sprouts & then…

  21. “It will grow”….”Or DIE”! I might add here…B ready to fail at times..Maybe FAIL Big..dont do it fer money unless U have a good grow staff…& lots of tIme ta adjust to the crazy regs they come up with in this proccess..of legalization..At Least us LIL’ Homegrowin’ PPL can grow ta our hearts conent & they pretty much leave us alone…but they always nit-pick on the small stuff..so U need ta B prepared in eithr case
    Utube is a ggod source, & has info that’s easy to understand by the layman…
    easy on th ehands & eyes as well..fer those with challenges…

  22. Right On Joe..!!
    Its common sense..experience with failure…and some basic skills in basic gardenin’ techniques… IMHO

  23. I can not grow Orchids, and i’ve tried HARD!…But my weed is strong & I did as much research, and expended as much energy & time as I do on all the other hundreds of plants I tend in my house & yard…not a problem fer’ veggie growers..It’s an annual flower out doors. If U can grow nice crops or pots of those U can do this…
    relaese the Fear & give it a try!
    my goodness…what a fuss over a Lil’ 0l’ plant…

  24. here” In colorado U can purchase seeds & clones…the dispos have them,so they should have them in the “Leagal” section..Tho’ its not really legal fer out of state ppl ta GROW..they may not B sellin’ ta’ them…double bind agin…
    With a card.. there shouldn’t B a prob. in any state that has MMJ..but, they often create one..depends on the state…
    Im on facebook if anyone wants tips on growin’, I also have some pics posted… in private of course…hehehe ..leave a message here..if U want..katmuse@comcast.net
    I’m happy ta help if I can…

  25. Lets see how the looky looous do today..out in the cold & snow…They will retraet I belive…

  26. Check out rolling stones’ article…I dont have the link..it’s titled “The great Marijuana experiment: A tale of two drug wars””””..they do mention something interestin’…A nice Dispo/PotShop in Boulder…run by a woman..sondz’ nice wish I could visit..no transpot..heheh

  27. Good luck ta’ Oregon..They’ve worked hard for years ..now they MUst legalize…Its only right!
    Up with women!

  28. well where I come from, there is NO absence of females…lol. we love the ganja just as much as males do. and we aren’t afraid to show it here in winterpeg!

  29. The measure failed because of the media was against it .The Oregonian kept running articles against it being legalized.It should had passed.

  30. OregonMedical CannabisUniversi on

    We are women of cannabis! We own and operate a medical cannabis facility in Washington county OR.

    We are the first and only surviving resource center out in the county, anywhere. Others have opened and been shut down by the sheriff. Established in 2009 some of the “men of cannabis” have acknowledged us at the University. Skunk magazine did a great article and so did High Times. We hold over a dozen trophies collectively for the best medicine and medibles. All Won within our state. We will be competing in the High Times Medical competition this year as well.

    When it comes to any recognition locally, there has been none. I see a lot of women in this industry overlooked.

    Who out there is the man who is willing to seek out the “Women of Cannabis” and give them the light they so deserve to shine in? There are more of us out here than you can imagine!

  31. Hope …yoer’ skills & work R important just like Marijuana…I throw weed plants away, if I cant keep them alive..They feed the baby plants in the next round, by becomin’ compost…
    Your’r articulate & urge ppl to vote? Thats important…

  32. Yes I know there is an edit…I don’t use it enuff’, and I rarely finish in one sitting..Up & down doin chores…in other brwsers posting for some causes ect……hehehe
    I’m useually in a hurry..I get frustrated & refuse myself the luxery of seemin’ “smart”..and end up postin in a HUFF..I’ve accepted the fact that if some one wants ta “hear” me they may have ta’ slow down a bit…
    I’m a woman after all & I really cant do ever thin’ at once …
    women tend ta’ git’ emiotional dont they? Thats me too.
    I noticed that the women I know plan ahead,,yet are always at the ready if somethin’ unexpected comes up…great managerial skills btw…
    Flexible …and imoveable at once…
    Happy new year to all..
    Sarujuana!!!…. is a great nameIt look like a typo….Join me in THe:::::::::::Fite fer the rites of the typin imared************splat…heLol.
    BTW i used the edit …I can see dirty dishe from here and ….
    uh….now I forgot wht the efff I hit edit ta begin’ with FOR…must not B someone BB or B,,,,, so’is no biggy…back ta’ work…
    I do have fun….and meet the nicest ppl….


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  35. huh it’s a choice nothing else no man holds women back anymore ( only men get held back by feminized education, drugging boys in school, and lack of tits for the job. stop the only comparing women to the top 10% of men lets try comparing to the other 90% of men who suffer work hard for nothing, women hate them for not being the 10%. women are vile and cruel to men based on looks and lack of money in a personal level.

  36. they got all the bud tender jobs i do not know what you are talking about it was very sexist towards men in my experience i was more qualified but lacked the tits for the job

  37. Female Medisinal Cancabis grower here!! And life is good. The medicinal properties are amazing. Patients do you homework and know what your smoking. Some growers just grow. I on the other hand have been studying Medicinal Marijuana for 4 years and know who should be smoking what for whatever purpose.

  38. I’m a female and I’ve been smoking Cannabis for 50 years now. And I will continue to do so as long as I live. Unfortunately I am not a grower, but that does not diminish my affinity for the plant. Not everyone is blessed with a green thumb, and it is sad to say that every houseplant I have ever owned died shortly after coming into my possession. So, I would not even TRY to grow anything as important as Cannabis. But, I can roll the perfect joint and a pretty good blunt. I figure that is all that is necessary. That, and I am an ardent activist and promote the plant to everyone I come in contact with. Hopefully I am doing my part. I also make sure everyone I know is registered to vote and I see to it that they DO vote. VTLM

  39. But you aren’t required to smoke it … you can go with Smokeless Cannabis Remedies! My daughter and I make them all day long – and no, we don’t show boat, we’re busy helping people get well. We just passed two years of having our doors open, we are so blessed! Learn more at http://www.cannakitchenandresearch.com/

  40. Thanks for proving you’re the ass i thought you were from the first post and too young too even know that you are one

  41. You are being a sensitive little bitch because after that last comment you are just proving you just want to fight with people, if you seriously thought i meant that i would force every single person without considering things like that then you are just fucking stupid.
    i would probably never invite people that have those kinds of problems to my house because i would be most likely smoking and i wouldn’t want to tempt them and why would someone with a situation like that go to my house if they know that i am going to be smoking? seriously just shut the fuck up please.
    ps. how am i missing cool people? i don’t invite strangers to my house so people that go to my house i usually know for a while, so no i’m not missing any cool people you stupid fuck

  42. Not a sensitive “little bitch” More like Mean Old Bitter Bitch and i was just saying that you are well on your way to being an A S S the rest of your life probably so you should check yourself…what if there was a pregnant girl just hanging out would she be required or is it HER CHOICE? what about a girl thats a real cool chick but facing a pre-employment piss test? What about a cancer patient that has to ingest capsules or foods? I’m just saying you are a jerk and missing out on some really cool people by being that way

  43. wow what a way to be a sensitive little bitch, every person that has come to my house knew that i would be smoking and that i expected them to smoke, if they were against it they wouldn’t be in my house because people(friends) know that i don’t really like visitors.

  44. You are a COOL GUY!!! *Sarcasm… I thought cannabis was about love and peace and FREE CHOICE? people like you make the weed a party and that too is a form of disrespect. After a year of using you should be better educated and not just “hey 420 YO”. are you only on this article because it was about the female?

  45. Man, that website has some in-your-face advertising, doesn’t it?
    And I can’t imagine that Ms. Shuman represents anyone but herself…

  46. Funny how these days everyone thinks u need a degree, most of the people, in any field of endeavor that know what they r doing, got that knowledge from trial & error experience. Not from books or classes

  47. Michele From Ohio on

    Thanks for your perspective, Joe. Marijuana is a forgiving plant is all I’m saying. You don’t have to have a degree in agriculture to get decent results. Or so I’ve been told…

  48. Yes, anyone can grow it, but if u want to produce something worthy of smoking, something long time smokers only need 2 hits of, u need to spend some time studying, a few crops practicing with. No one produced “top shelf” quality weed or anything else without working at or. Just like the orchids u refer to

  49. I have known a few female growers over the years, usually quietly doing their thing without seeking attention. I’ve known more farming couples who are just as much in the background as the women tending their gardens, but, particularly for single females, I think that it might be more because of set and setting: Children, single apartment dwellers, full time jobs etc., as well as our more quiet nature. Women have lagged behind in everything: organizing, writing, speaking, growing for all the above reasons. Since men previously dominated the field, it’s been difficult for women to get a foothold, but our innate strength, thought processes and quiet courage have kept us going and emerging. I foresee the future overflowing with female growers as we gain momentum. After all we are the nurturers. Growing things is in our nature. After all, who raised all the activist men?

  50. Michele From Ohio on

    Then there are other things like the fact that there’s probably more of a
    stigma associated with female marijuana consumers than male ones (for
    some reason, I don’t know why…attribute it to gender roles or societal
    perceptions I guess *quote*

    I think the stigma comes from the fact that you have to be somewhat of a rebellious free thinker to be willing to break the law when it comes to smoking pot. And if you are willing to risk going to jail to get high, who knows WHAT else you might be willing to do! *wink wink*

    Everyone knows women are supposed to be at home, making sandwiches and knitting baby booties.

  51. Pandorah_Pandah on

    While as a female I’m a bit offended at a guy trying to make statements on my behalf, I am kind of wondering why there aren’t as many stoner-chicks in my town. I do live in a small city and there are some, but including myself there are only about 35-45 tops. And just so you know, we have our fingers in many pies and if we felt like it we could turn this entire WORLD upside down.

  52. All women are beautiful doesn’t matter what size they what shape or hair color it’s in their essence. Just like cuteness is in the essence of babies puppys and kittens.theirs is more akin to flowers sunsets and snow capped peaks. Raven 420 is right.

  53. I think there are a lot good folks involved in this movement. Both men and women that we are making progress is due to the efforts of all. This issue is not only about recreational use or medical use it’s about constitutional rights and civil liberties. It’s about thousands of pow’s of the war on drugs being held in prisons through out the us.for nonviolent crimes.

  54. Some of us have been out there in the streets, on the road, in the courtrooms, at the prison doors stomping to end prohibition for years without a whole lot of support. I’ve been educating the public for over 20 years now (Re J4J and MTWT). I’ve worked with dozens and dozens of amazing women, strong women, women who write books (Joan Bello), women who fight the government (Elvy Mussika), women who pour their heart, soul, and money into the effort (Cher Ford McCullough), women who have given their lives for this cause (Jean Marlowe), I can’t even begin to name all the beautiful women out there who get no recognition for all their work. You can imagine how it makes us feel when someone says, “It’s time for women to get involved”.

  55. Kc Kush Taynor on

    There have been so many times that i was ready 2 walk away from this movement, and i owe my strength 2 stick out this fight because of a fellow soldier, who most likely was a woman! Thank u mothers and sisters!!!

  56. ☠ Raven 420☠ ‏™ on

    Maybe this guy and others are threatened by scantily clad women. If no one has noticed, women have generally become more comfortable with showing their bodies off? And it’s not just the mainstream skinny, big breasted, blonde type either. Shouldn’t women be allowed to enjoy and yes, even flaunt their sexuality after thousands of years of social repression? And as for women not being a part of the movement, I find that to be personally insulting. Cannabis activists come from all walks of life. Don’t insult us with your misinformed ignorance.

  57. Kc Kush Taynor on

    Holy crap Johnny Green, is this an average glance into your intellect, or did u throw that out the window in order 2 try and score some brownie points from the snobs of the cannabis movement? Well no matter your agenda, i think u fell on ya face buddy! This brief posting (in no way considered article worthy) is more offensive 2 women in marijuana than any nude model could ever be…Im so ready 2 break this down…

    “It’s not a secret that there seems to be a strange absence of females in the marijuana community” Say what? What’s not a secret is the way knobs like yourself over look the women who are actually fighting 4 prohibition repel! Your blindness, like many other idiots i know, is the number one factor that ends up pushing women into the “background” as u put it. Just within that one statement u belittle the work that women are currently doing and have done 4 years now!

    “When looking through the social media pages, one might stumble upon one or two ladies that can roll up a crazy tarantula blunt, while there may be five guys who do the same thing. For every one female cannabis grower, there’s at least ten male growers” Is this almost even close 2 a fact, or some B.S. u pulled outta your A.S.S. just 2 try and give your own rants some kind of credibility? Making up statistics does way more damage 2 the credibility of the movement as a whole than (again) any nude model could ever. Not only can people fact check in this day and age of technology, then call u out on the crap your spewing, but those who don’t might think u have a clue of what you’re talking about, and spread your ignorance as if it were an s.t.d.. And if u even spent a weekend on the same social media pages that i live on, u would find a plethora of women kicking ass and taking names along their journey!

    “The image of females in the cannabis community is one that most people know I’m not fond of” I hate rewriting 4 someone who has no busy writing in the first place, but…what u meant 2 say was “the image of nude models being the only representation of women in the canna comm, is something your not fond of” But again blindside, it’s not the only representation of them!

    “I stand by the fact that we cannot market marijuana as a medicine if it is presented by mostly naked females. Pharmaceuticals may not be truthful and the pills may not work but they understand that medicine is not sexy” So why are there so many very successful, long legged, SEXY AS HELL women reps 4 the big pharma companies Mr. Smart Guy? Oh let me take a guess, u don’t feel women in tight ass business suits and high heels are sexy!? Oh well, there’s a whole fetish market that disagrees highly with that train of thought. And tell me this, is every advocate out here supposed 2 be looking at the marketability of cannabis the way u do? Can’t some of us want the freedoms that we as Americans were given in the constitution, to live the way we see fit 4 ourselves?

    “Since most females involved in the cannabis community use their bodies and looks to gain popularity” WTF??? Do most of them do that Johnny? I work predominately with women in this movement, and to my own dismay, not one of them will send me a proper topless selfie! I can’t even get side boob, and this is from women who claim 2 love me!!! Please give me even a few names of the women u refer 2, cuz im dying 2 meet them. “When no one pays attention to the women who are actually attempting to make a difference, those women tend to lose their momentum and slowly fade in to the background” Whoa! U just stated that women in this movement only have drive if their given attention by their male counter parts, and im gonna leave that comment all to it’s own stupidity!!!

    “Marijuana was also said to effect women in a severely negative way when smoked, back when the word “marijuana” still contained an “h”. Perhaps that it is this negative scare tactic that makes women uneasy to admit that they smoke cannabis” U just stated yourself that was a scare tactic from the days of old, does your browser search beyond 1971? Could the number one reason women don’t admit 2 their canna usage today have anything 2 do with the fact that cps will bust down their door and take their children from them??? YES, YES IT IS!

    “Unfortunately, even when looking at other industries such as alcohol and tobacco, the women involved always seem to take a backseat. Perhaps it is just the absurd media, dictating gender roles” So dictating gender roles didn’t start until the birth of media huh? Or maybe cats like yourself don’t give the mainstream media facts about our powerful “women ran” cannabis forces, for them 2 report on!?

    After all my ranting about your ranting is said and done, the fact is, there are, have been and always will be women in this movement doing more than myself and those who follow slow wits like U. Whether u want 2 accept the fact that nudity in the movement has it’s place in our culture or not, don’t dismiss those of us who enjoy having a good time even while trying 2 educate people. I’m sick of reading all the boo hoo’s about tye died t’s, hippies, and silly stoners doing what they have rights to do, as we don’t have that many rights left- 2 begin with.

    I wonder how many people foresaw the hatred spawned by medical cannabis advocates coming? I wonder if the 25 some years those hippies shedding their t’s 2 smoke naked in protest, without the aid of know it all medical “activist”, will ever be respected by this “new breed” of “activist”? There’s a good chance the answer will be no, as most new gens have no clue of the history that brought us 2 this point of cannabis, past the same regurgitated timeline synopsis that we teach over and over, that this said gen has been eating up since finally opening their own eye’s! Only occasionally are people acknowledged in this movement, and much like artists, that is only after they have suffered 4 many years, and most times not until after their death! So in the end i wonder how many women will be recognized long after their work is complete, and how many of them were comfortable with others expressing their own sexuality and right 2 choice!? Im willing 2 bet there will be more of them than those who are cool with being referred to as “non existent females” repetitively! Just my long ass opinion :) Blaza la Revolution Ladies!

  58. Ick. That description is pretty disappointing. Not living somewhere with any kind of legalization, I’ve never attended such an event. I’d always envisioned a cannabis market in which the quality and pricing of the product for sale places your business ahead of the competition, not the amount of skin you have on display.

    I mean, I thought it was obvious years ago that anyone who puts so-called “eye candy” in front of their product are trying to misdirect your attention *away* from their product because that product is flawed, overpriced, and/or inferior. Honestly, I thought the cannabis industry would learn a smarter lesson from the people who hock cars and beer. Seriously — if their product is so inferior that THOSE are the two markets they’re hoping to scalp customers from (cars and beer — fairly low-hanging markets) what they’re selling probably isn’t worth buying for the price they’re asking.

  59. WOW. Just WOW. 2001 called and wants it’s article back. Let me throw a few names at ya – Tanya Davis, Allyson Myrden, Marla James, Cheri Sicard, Allison Margolin, Cathy Jordan, Kandace Hawes, Steph Sherer, Dianne Wattles Goldstein…
    And I could go on. Since joining this movement, I have followed and met literally hundreds women who are out there working for the movement. and even a few of ’em grow. But it seems, you only see the 420 Nurses (who btw, are very nice girls) and other youngsters used by the carpetbaggers, instead of the women who really are involved in this battle. And worse, you seem to be implying that the only way to be involved in the cannabis movement is by growing it or even using it. But the fact IS that there is much more to this fight than becoming a grower or being a stoner or even a medical user.

    But be assured, there are plenty of women that are involved in the movement, and more joining the fight every day. What we really need is for those who do not use cannabis to be able to accept its legitimacy and understand how prohibition harms their lives. Perhaps you can’t see the women I named among others are who lending their support and because your peripheral vision doesn’t see to clearly outside the choir.

  60. Michele From Ohio on

    Tour buses with stripper poles sounds really, REALLY counter-productive to getting out a serious message about the medicinal benefits of marijuana. What bunch of frat boys thought that up? Pathetic.

  61. Michele From Ohio on

    It’s just a weed. Growing MJ isn’t like growing orchids. If you have grown a tomato plant you can grow MJ.

  62. Michele From Ohio on

    Ugh, I hate it when women are referred to as “females” too. Always seems vaguely dismissive, as in “You females need to sit down and be quiet now” kinda thing.

    I have had nothing but problems from men I have been in relationships with when it comes to recreational marijuana usage. Men seem to think they have the right to tell me how much I should smoke, or even if I should be “allowed” to smoke at all. I am currently single, lol

  63. Thanks Johnny! I 100% agree with you! I’ve been working at mmj events for years now. I have found the majority of women patients who come to our booths are uncomfortable with the half naked girls used as advertising. Their presence creates a different type of atmosphere that is far from informative or medicinal. It’s hard to be taken seriously and provide positive information when your booth is next to a group of bikini clad girls in green wigs twerking to music Pandora censors.

  64. Thanks Johnny! I 100% agree with you! I’ve been working at mmj events for years now. I have found the majority of women patients who come to our booths are uncomfortable with the half naked girls used as advertising. Their presence creates a different type of atmosphere that is far from informative or medicinal. It’s hard to be taken seriously and provide positive information when your booth is next to a group of bikini clad girls in green wigs twerking to music Pandora censors.

  65. Ballot Measure: Oregon Measure 80…

    (cannabis legalization)
    Male: 50% in favor, 50% opposed
    Female: 42% in favor, 58% opposed
    …it’s time women help get MJ legalized!

  66. I shared this on my Facebook page with this comment. You will notice I use my real name. My children are adults now so I have no fear of CPS.
    I am professional both in appearance and in person. I can spell and use correct grammer.

    “There are a lot of women in Colorado that are involved in Cannabis & Medical Marijuana. There are some out of state posers who have had very little/nothing to do with passing Amendment 64 (not mentioning any names but flying in from CA to hold up a sign does not mean you “worked” on the campaign) I do not support or frequent places that feel scantly clad young women with strategically placed leaves, is the way to market. Tour buses with stripper poles? Really?”

  67. I only recently learned that AZ has 420 farmers market in Phx. Clones available in all types and sizes for those who are still authorized to cultivate on card. The dispensaries here will not tell you that this exists…i actually found out through the wonderful weedblog replies…I am sure with OR being so progressive where Medicine is concerned there should be some kind of somebody around to help you out. Look up Leafly online perhaps? My state takes cards from other states if you are travel friendly but i don’t know exactly how it works since i don’t really go anywhere. and U tube videos will teach you all kinds of grow friendly stuff. I was once told by my favorite grower, “It’s a weed! put it in good dirt, give it love and water, and it will grow.” Good luck

  68. You can do it! Don’t give up. No green thumb required, you just need the will to find the way. I suggest speaking with someone in a dispensary about the best strains that suit your medicine needs and desired growing technique (indoors or out). If they aren’t helpful, keep trying until you find the right soul to guide you. Don’t the dispensaries in OR sell seeds and/or plants and clones? Wishing you the best, MrsG!

  69. Stonerella – I like your pet peeve. Right on. I didn’t even notice that he was doing that female thing. Does that make me an awful excuse for a woman? God, I hope not!

  70. Kat…I love your posts and am really happy you contribute here! Your posts are pretty hard to read, though. Did you see there is an edit option? I’m not very good at typing either. I edit ALOT

  71. I don’t think the context of what he is saying is that far off base. We do stand in the background more so then men, and the reasons why have been sounded by many women here. The reasons are valid.

    The women who use their bodies to sell pot related shit? It’s their right, but I don’t think they help the cause. They just help some guy sell his shit using their bodies.

    There was a guest blogger here on the Weed Blog a few months back who was a woman, and basically said the same thing as Johnny. At least he is asking us why. She didn’t, but rather told us why. It’s here:

    And here is another one of her posts about Women and Marijuana:

    No lack of opinions here!

  72. The women in our state who work for the DPA are fine ladies, well spoken, smart and out there. I’m glad they represent us. Now I realize that is their job, but they chose that job and are proud of it. Also, Dr. Holland, of Calif, is very outspoken and thought provoking. I’m glad she is chosen to do a lot of interviews nationally. I believe she is the one who turned Sanjay Gupta around. That was BIG.

  73. yes I have dispenserys here in Oregon. But traveling to get the meds are hard on me so everyone tells me to grow. yes I have house plants as for the the card its my medical marijuana card.

  74. thnx im smiling…its sooo true…jeez…’ “individual”””””” would pertain ta’ this here….sityouation…..

  75. yes…I am!…I went there… thnx’ agin’ gal…I “iked””” it & will go back when Im Browsin agin’, after chores done…..I use sarcasm & laffter ta distract myself .some ppl find it very irritatin”’
    they don’ understand me half the time cuz… typeNsux…so…i laff it off.

  76. I have a question…Do you have any house plants? oh, and….Don’t they have dispenserys where you live? You said. You said U had a card…Im puzzled :-/

  77. I am a card holder and have been told I can grow but have no idea where to get plants. I really dont think I could grow anyways i dont have a green thumb. I am not ashamed to smoke my medicine. It has given me so much pain relief. I think people just arent aware of what the benefits are of marijuana. Oh Hi my name is Shannon and im new here, I love marijuana and use for lots of medical issues I have.

  78. Every person that helps spread the word about weed is important…Every State that we support in ant way is a step forward for the whole Nation. Marijuane must B reclassified…It does have medicinal uses…& those R many! we have all seen the worldwide reserch on this.
    pass it like a Jay…& have a good day…. :_) happy face

  79. I dont know if I “know” him, but I git alot of ppl thatt want me ta pass info. Its pretty overwhemin’ cuz’ I run my household, keep all the livin things happy, & try ta have a “life” with out pain its…challengin’! >>> The information, on thsi leve, is crucial..”word of mouth” has done more ta help ppl understand that weed is pretty harmless & in Fact! helpful, then any other tactic… As these squares realize that the dude next door is productive & well behaved AND he smokes weed…The air goes outta the argument they have been havin’ with themselves about the evils of Marijuana….
    Its comin…the facts cant B denied for long…We have livin’ breathin’ examples walkin round, that disspell the sterotypes of ALL pot smokers, as bein stoopid , lazy. forgetful, & in a haze half the time….If they can organize events & make availible information to help this cause, all while tokin up? Thts an acomplishment! They would B hardpressed to pull ANYTHING off…. if they been drinkin’ alcohol all day & nite!

  80. Dana M. Arvidson on

    Thank you! I am so happy for you. I hope one day it will be the same for us here in TN. We have a really good shot this year to get our Bill passed and I am doing everything I can to that end!

    HAVE FUN! :)

  81. Thanx for the love… some of us girls(and our loved ones) would not survive the PMS without the good ole Mary Jane.

  82. Happy holidays…it was a good xmas…so far so good..But new years Im stayin home…first year of legal weed is gonna B too much fer thsi gal…lolhehe

  83. Just saw a meme, and the woman is wearin weed leave as pasties….very cute…posted by a male…
    I do know some beautiful & brifght women that dance in a weed bassed burlesque show in Denver….They have some control about what material is acceptable…..and what they want ta participate in. Seems they R treated wiyh respect…but U can imagine the jokes that R bandied about, if they post anything slightly sexy. Oh, they get stalkers of course….

  84. Dana M. Arvidson on

    WOW! Sorry..doing too many things at once…whew..I meant to say the Women’s Organization for National Prohibition Reform (WONPR)…lol

  85. I’m happy ta be here ta disscus it…..we need some women ta keep addin their opinion on thsi subject…its not enuff’ the way it is.. IMHO

  86. Have any of you been takin’ advatage of by these men?..Seems these guys want ta get weed from the few gals that do have & grow it….J…sayin…..erg…I hate that the most….They give weed ta impress my daughter & wanna’ take from me…think Im stupid…I dont typew but im not dumb….when I need something done around here I dont look ta the men friends I have ta help me for free……But I do plenty of things fer them without asin fer somthin’ in return….

  87. Thnx the common name would B Cottage Pinks”””they smell delish….The buttaflys luv it…. ;_0
    I meant ta post a rose of “welcome” with a Bee onit….heheh

  88. I dont “get” why this is …. Women R defineatly more vurnaerable when they drink too much…If I snoke “too much” huh? I ask someone else ta serve up the muchies & I relax….Its a perk of sorts…lol

  89. I get the “Not Hungey” more than the munchies.. & when I do munch its less…hehehlol Lots of missinfo.
    It effect evertone diff. WE know that…hehe

  90. They did end up suppoting the repeal..I belive…Women will fight on either side, as they R flexable, when circumstances change… …( If U have been around kids, U know this is somethin’ U have ta acceopt in the process, while still remainin’ consistant? Theres those expectations agin’…LOL)…Maybe PPL gettin gunned down by machine guns effected their Stance? Btw the men still drank & abused their families..Prohibition nevr changed that fact!

  91. Good point. They suffered many indignities while they fought the men in the local Bars & Taverns..Cold beer thrown on them whilst they stood in the freezin cold…Women R tuff! History shows us what lenghts women will go to ta’ makr brtter lives fer themselves & their familys….

  92. I thank the goddess evry day & ppl tell me Imma’ go stright ta hell…dont pass GO…hehehe Men do dominate…Im finally meetin’ some women ta exchange ideas with. They R out, there if U seek them out….The men were floodin’ the “friend Requests, & perhaps they were lookin’ for more than friends…..? LOL
    I git’ questios from these Buds all the time…about findin them Girrrls….Am I Madame””” ? No, I’m an “older” woman…hence the sterotype?
    Short Attention Spans R rampant….BTW

  93. Thx fer the links…I like ta pass this info. around…Alabama is also workin’ hard ta’ change their laws & stop the Missinfo. I post their links & articles often. PPL dont think they can Advocate by passin’ this stuff around,..but I find that it’s pretty effective. The more we see images of women & men causually injestin Marijuana…it will become “normalised” in our Society…..We need ta have some of those images Un-Photoshopped”””? & then we have aan inclusive environment in which ta’ shine…..

  94. In the USA most votes are cast by women. Women deserve much credit for the status quo. Alcohol prohibition is exemplary. Women were instrumental in banning alcohol and touted their children as victims of mens’ alcohol abuse. Eventually women could no longer deny that prohibition is an abomination. At that point, women campaigned to undo their earlier campaign. During both the prohibition movement and the repeal movement, women touted their children as victims of bad policy and insisted on controlling the political dialog.

  95. huh? The American Temperance Society (ATS), was a society established in Boston, with 170,000 members who had taken a pledge to abstain from drinking distilled beverages… they WANTED prohibition!!

  96. I dunno, the last female marijuana advocate I saw in the media was that woman from, was it Beverly Hills? I saw some video of her on HuffPost, and it was not a pretty sight, not pretty at all…

  97. I am a girl who does grow and i have used cannabis now 25+ years.Yes we DO like it! As a mother i have been “offered” CPS services several times (all of which i declined). If we stand up and say “we smoke pot” our children are ripped from our grasp by agencies lined up to do so. That may be the number one reason mom’s don’t admit to using or wishing to use something with such a negative or criminal reputation. All the boobie photos selling seeds and pipes don’t help our cause any either…some of us just humbly go to work and get dirty and grow fine herbs without makeup and hairdos or tie-dye tshirts. In my community it is far better to go unnoticed.

  98. Women don’t need a spotlight to do our work.
    It is in the management of dispensaries and caring for patients where women will shine.
    And from this source, information will continue to spread, with or without marketing.

  99. Screw the stigma! You go girl and do not fret. Do what you need to and do what you believe in. Anyone who has a problem with it, seems to be that they have a problem, not you.

  100. Screw the stigma! You go girl and do not fret. Do what you need to and do what you believe in. Anyone who has a problem with it, seems to be that they have a problem, not you.

  101. True Dana. I don’t crave them much, just the usual munchies I get with or without smoking anything previously. Sometimes, I even become “not hungry” for awhile after I’ve smoked. So the MJ stigma is simply not always true!

  102. He speaks of us as if we are a “species”. We are women, chicks, ladies, girls, not just a species of female. I also advocate weed and have been a long time supporter and smoker of the herb. I’ve been arrested over it, sadly so! On this blog, don’t know where the premise of the assumption is coming from Johnny? What makes you say what you have? I think men may like to post and boast more about things like smoking weed, that’s a maybe but I can assure many millions of “females” too enjoy and support the fine herbal remedy of MJ.

  103. Back in my hometown in Mexico it’s the same, it’s almost impossible to find a girl that smokes and its even harder to find a cute one that does.

  104. Dana M. Arvidson on

    That is true, however, The American Temperance Society, which consisted of up to 60% women, were instrumental in ending that prohibition

  105. Nichole Snow Dawson on

    I’m an activist, wife, member of my community, I spread the good word whenever I can. I am proud of my contribution and my City is proud of me.. I am woman and they heard me roar.

  106. I’m not a feminist but i am a female horticulturist and very passionate about what i do.
    I think i like to remain lowkey because i am also a Mother.

  107. Hi – feminist, female smoker here :) I’m not an activist yet, but I’ve been doing my research and I’ve smoked more than enough to assure you that yes, girls do like it. I don’t know what you mean when you say, “since most females involved in the cannabis community use their bodies and looks to gain popularity,” – but I’d like to point out that our entire society encourages women to use our bodies and looks for EVERYTHING, while telling us that our bodies and looks are the most important things about us. If you want more women in the marijuana community, don’t assume that beautiful women or women who show off their body don’t have any substance – know that they’re doing it because it’s what our society has trained them to do.

    Also, just a personal pet peeve – female is a descriptive word, not a synonym for “woman.” I don’t really hear any guys referring to themselves or each other as “males” – they’re guys, dudes, men. When you describe women as “females,” it kind of sounds like you’re talking about animals or scientific specimen – not people. That kind of language isn’t very inclusive. If you want women in the community, call us women, ladies, people – not females, please :)

  108. sorry, but it was the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union that got Alcohol Prohibition started in the first place, which was later repealed by congress/Roosevelt in 1933 (all male politicians)

  109. Dana M. Arvidson on

    Tell your lady friend that once she intakes on regular basis, that that side effect becomes negligible..:)

  110. Dana M. Arvidson on

    I disagree…I know just as many women fighting for change as I do men…thank the goddess! :)

  111. Dana M. Arvidson on

    TENNESSEANS I could use your help! I have so many things going and am just one person..lol I wish I was about 20!

    I am currently working on

    1. The Tennessee Patient Project ~https://www.facebook.com/events/708110839200441/

    2. The Tennessee Patient Project Video ~

    3. The National Cannabis Bill’s Registry ~

    4. Tennesseans Testifying for the Koozer-Kuhn Act ~

    5. The Tennessee Activists Resource Registry ~

    and all that those entail and my 5 main FB groups!

    WE NEED PRESS!!! And LOT’s of it…so…I am also currently working on a press release.

    I am wanting to know if any of you can help compile contact info. for Newspapers, TV channels and Radio Stations in your perspective area???

    It would be a HUGE help to me and much appreciated!

    More importantly however, you would be helping yourselves and everyone that lives in Tennessee!

    Thanks in advance, and Blessed be!

    The Tennessee Patient Project

  112. I really believe that women will flock to cannabis once it is legalized. women tend to believe all the “official” negative pronouncements about cannabis, and thus are hesitant to experiment. once the word gets out that cannabis is actually safe, I think that cannabis will actually be MORE popular with women than with men. time will tell…

  113. I had alot of friend requests from stoners after weed was legalized here…I had some MM weed memes is alls…hehehlol It was a free for all!,
    We were, of course promptly,banned from FB cuz,’ U cant ask ppl ta B friends TOO much Its considered Harassment…They all do it tho’…
    I use their “language” ta open up the converstion ta the health bennys of weed. There R little kids that R sick.& could use the cbd strains…
    These “stoners” R bright, funny & they have open minds..The crucial ingredient…
    It takes time & patience on my part ta tolerate the sexist memes… I find on my feed all day long…BUT aside from violent images, I do tolerate it, so I can Pass the info. that Means so much ta all the ppl out there that just want ta have a little seesh…..
    And Relief from thier pain & sufferin’….

  114. Seriosly Bud, good luck in yer endevors….We could use Retail Shops fer the less fortunate among us….LOL
    I bet U need investors……

  115. I’ve heard many a man here, my son included, complain that girrLs drink… but don’ get high on weed as much…….hmmm

  116. They will B much shorter ads…side effects’ list shrinks ta’ nada’….lol
    We have little research, as yet…
    most is antidoCcal lol hehehe
    It doesn’t help with typin’…..Anticdotal?

  117. A former lady friend who had a weight problem always got a case of the munchies. I believe she limited it for that reason. I also have sensed that women don’t go on the mental trips that men do, that they connect with nature, and love it with sex, but guys like to “fly” more.

  118. warning: this may B hard ta’ read I “slang” ta make it easier on me…I do not type well, I have Arthritis in my hands…
    Preface: I have no idea where U live. This is my experince in Colorado.
    Barb j… You too can grow Good/Great Weed…. noy just media orgre’….
    You R not a Criminal in my eyes & in the eyes of my community here!
    Those ppl that took yer’ family shoud Be!!!! well, I wont say HERE! Then U wouldn’t see my comment, cuz’ it would B too obscene;;;;;They would censor it here… But I DO SAY elsewhere…And it ain’t pretty!
    >>You will be in my thoughts… I Feel fer U…

    If U need basic info. Im a pretty good gardener…I grow weed, legal in my state .

    Im a mom & grammy…
    _I called_ DHS local, after I had surgery & tol’ them I was raizin my G.Kid & smoked weed. Nobody calle back or bothers me…
    ..I smoked weed durin pregnancy & always had shame over that! (My kids are.. smart as whips..& they Look Good TOO!)
    I don’ feel that way now, tho’ ppl judge me harshly when I admit it…
    ( I better stop disQUST in my emal!)
    I have read the recent studies on that matte.r
    I’m happy …less pain..no Pharm meds.. strictly weed. I grow & make everything here at home…almos..t…

    I do not use Synthetic Fertilizers or pesticides/fungicides…
    My gardinin’ is not technicail at all.. I never
    waste water…in the garden.
    The Mens don’ like that…They like all the numbre s & fancy shite…They pretty much think I’m stupid & uniformed…un-educated… I “like” it that way…I then can observe unmolested by info’ I don’ want ta fill my head with.
    I am self taught. No “formal” ed……You can visit my FaceBook page ta see what I can grow in Colorado/Front Range….A challenging climate at best!….( Kathryn Curry on FBook,send me private message if U want to.)
    One of my secrets:
    I am always willin ta fail, & lose plants.
    This is one thing PPl L find hard ta accept..like havin some insects or a little ick””” on the palnts will DOOM it!
    and, if it does?…well, I learned sumpin’ & start agin..
    ….I don need ta make Money off this…..Lots of these dudes are.goin ta make boatloads here, if they don’ lose crops…… They need the science ta profit…thats okaaay too…
    Any advice I have ta offer is just a result of keepin stuff alive & Thrivin’ ever day…
    Its down ta’ The Mother Earth” tips & tricks…so ta’ speak…
    I “specilize?” in Roses, Zeric plats, south African Exotics, Native Plants, & my yard is a certified wildlife saburban wildlife Refuge. So, I grow weeds fer the bees & butterflys…etc. OUTDOORS…
    I also have about aa hundred house plants…give or take…they grow INDOORS….
    If I don’ kno’ the answer ta a question… I probly kno’ where ta find it….I do alot of reserch…then I ignore half of it & wing it….
    I wasn’t goin ta read thsi article…But now Im here typin all this!
    I feel better now & Just hope U read this…I have some girrLfrens that would want ta support you …..as I do!

    Plz’ take care of yer’self”
    We R out there! we have yer back…women wit’ weed & Mom’s fer’ MaryJane…
    Its’ nick’nme is “Female gendered’…. after all….
    A boquett fer’ you…
    I grow these in my garden…..A Mile High……In The Sky….

  119. Start lookin at the facebook pages on weed & “like” Like a shedevil….hehehlol
    U will meet lots of ppl here…we R the friendly sort…..I have gardein advice…no one has asked me question One.. bou’t that.. but they luv’ ta talk weed… 24/7.. girrrrL and lookin fer nice single girrls…I’m 60 & female so….

  120. I only started smoking weed a year ago and i can say that so far i have met so much more males that smoke weed but when i manage to make a girl try it for the first time they absolutely love it.

  121. I have a few comments… imo… I am female over 45 … disabled… single… unemployed… attempting to grow my own because my income doesn’t allow me to purchase my Meds… how ever I can spare fifty a month to grow mediocre Meds. Being allergic to narcotics and in chronic pain I have no choice. I stay low profile because men won’t teach me to grow nor answer specific questions and also society stigma make me an unfit grandma… fifteen months out of the closet and haven’t seen my grankidse or kids since.

  122. I think to promote it as a medicine then a modern ad should be produced, as a medical ad aswell as a motivational movement ad similar to ads we see today for pharmaceutical commercials. Nothing will stir attention better than the 40 year old woman who says that medical marijuana changed her life for the better and it didn’t hurt anyone in the process. But when you put it in the style of a documentary I believe people notice that change is needed but not necessarily by their actions or voices

  123. If I had a friend like you, I would make the move, if your financial situation is about the same as mine.

  124. I don’t think I will get married again, but if I do, she must be a cannabis girl. That and honesty are the ticket for my train.

  125. I agree with you. I am reminded of a cartoon passed around on facebook recently, where in the first frame a girl is being talked down because she dressed frumpy, and it said “how do you ever expect to get laid looking like that”, and in the next frame she was dressed to the nines and was blasted for looking like she was “asking for it”. Sigh. This is our lives. I think, (my opinion) that women concern themselves with appearances more than men. It’s what we have been conditioned to do. And if the cannabis culture marketing was less about sex and drugs and getting wasted continuously and looking like a “stoner”, and more about just making a life choice, more women would step to the front. I believe the marketing being done in Oregon for legalization is hitting that nail on the head. And I’m betting it will work.

    It is what it is, and since cannabis has been forced into the illegal side of life for decades, the marketing was to appeal to those people who don’t give a shit about appearances. This too is changing because the real target market has grown up and been realized.

  126. I am a 40 something year old female whom has been known to have a green thumb, would love the opportunity to share my gift in Colorado but don’t know how or where to start? single and ready to do my part .

  127. Well IMO “marijuana culture” (and by this I really mean marijuana marketing and what have you) is unapologetically sexist. Probably moreso even than other types of products being marketed towards male audiences. Then there are other things like the fact that there’s probably more of a stigma associated with female marijuana consumers than male ones (for some reason, I don’t know why…attribute it to gender roles or societal perceptions I guess). I’ve always felt that, as a marijuana consumer and fan, the marketing directed at me is just really dumb. Really, really dumb. It insults my intelligence. As does “marijuana culture” in general, to a large extent. I love smoking weed recreationally and I know a lot of women who do as well, but that’s just been my impression.

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