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Fight Legislation Seeking Increased Penalties For Marijuana Possession In Wisconsin


wisconsin marijuana legalization forumLegislation is pending in the Wisconsin Senate and Assembly that seeks to allow municipalities to penalize marijuana possession offenders in instances where the District Attorney has refused to prosecute.

Under state law, local governments prosecute first-time marijuana possession offenses involving 25 grams or fewer. Repeat offenses, or any offense involving a quantity of marijuana over 25 grams, is prosecuted in state court at the discretion of the District Attorney. Senate Bill 150 and its companion bill (AB 164) would allow local jurisdictions to enact ordinances allowing for municipal courts to prosecute repeat cannabis possession offenders and/or those charged with possession more than 25 grams of cannabis in cases where the District Attorney has explicitly declined to do so.

At a time when many states and local jurisdictions are moving away from spending limited resources to target minor marijuana offenders, it makes little sense to enact legislation allowing for the continued prosecution of such persons in instances where the District Attorney has decided to forgo such actions.

Additional information about this legislation and efforts to oppose it is available from Wisconsin NORML here.

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  1. THC is legal in a pill. Look up Marinol. Just because you are bitter that it isn’t completely legal for you to smoke doesn’t mean that the mountains of scientific research supporting the use of medical marijuana don’t exist.

  2. Something is Fishy on

    What use does POT, and yes I capsed that to make a point, do you get it, have that one of the other 40 million perscription drugs dont??? If THC was legall in pill form would you still push for legalization?????My whole point is that if you can smoke it to cure headaches, or God only knows what other Aliments most pot smokers would come up with just to be able to GET HIGH, then DAMN IT I should get to Smoke a Joint, BECAUSE I WANT TOO……….

  3. Chris Pelner on

    Consider for a second that marijuana really does help people with certain medical conditions. Your post would make you sound very selfish that your against them having legal access to marijuana w/o fear of being prosecuted because you like it for recreation.

    I am a chronic complicated migraine(very serious type of migraine that causes mini-strokes) sufferer and I have been my whole life. I have also smoked for recreation for two decades. Funny thing though, I never smoked when I had a migraine because I was in to much pain to think about enjoying a little smoke. One day I read that marijuana helps with my condition so I decided to try it for the first time for that. Much to my surprise it helped better than any triptan or narcotic I have ever received for migraines. Now days I rarely have to take anything other than marijuana. It has helped my quality of life beyond what I ever thought as a recreational user like yourself.

  4. Really? This is where you’re gonna try and make your stand?

    You’re on the wrong side of history Jerry.

  5. First, this isn’t about medical marijuana. Second, stop using caps… it does the opposite of helping your point be made. Lastly, do some research before you post making claims that marijuana has no viable medical uses, as that is certainly not the case.

  6. Something is Fishy on

    I am someone who has smoked pot for 20 years, I belive that the MEDICAL use of pot is a JOKE…..If it is going to be LEGAL I think it should be for RECREATIONAL use…The only thing Leagalizing it for Medical use will do is FLOOD the Doctors with needless appointments..All the Potheads in the State will develope some sort of Medical problem in order to get WEED…..You people are pushing for the wrong REASONS and should sit back and think a little more about the REASON you want POT Leagalized……..If they legalized THC in the Pill form would YOU ALL still WANT it LEAGAL???????Bet NOT becuase it is NOT about Medicine it is about getting HIGH and MAKING PROFITS..Re think your REASONS and Present them to The MAN…….

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