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Fire Anti-Marijuana DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart


michele leonhart dea marijuanaDEA Administrator Michele Leonhart recently stated that the lowest point of her career was seeing a hemp flag flying at the Colorado state capital. Not her co-workers that died in the line of fire. Not when the DEA was working with drug cartels helping them smuggle drugs into the United States. It was when a hemp flag flew over the capital in Colorado…It makes one wonder, does Michele Leonhart have a lot of hate in her heart towards our founding fathers, who used hemp for flags quite often?

Below is a petition that was started by the Marijuana Policy Project, which calls for Michele Leonhart to be removed as DEA administrator:

In a recent speech, DEA administrator Michele Leonhart criticized President Barack Obama for his acknowledgement that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol in terms of its impact on the consumer. Yet there is an abundance of research demonstrating that marijuana is in fact less harmful than alcohol.

Leonhart has consistently demonstrated a reckless disregard of such scientific evidence. Under her watch, the DEA has obstructed attempts to remove marijuana from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act — a classification reserved for the most dangerous drugs — and at a 2012 House committee hearing, she refused to answer a congressman’s simple question about whether heroin and crack cocaine pose more harm to the consumer than marijuana.

Shortly after taking office, President Obama mandated, “Science and the scientific process must inform and guide decisions of [his]Administration …” Whether Leonhart is ignorant of the facts or intentionally disregarding them, she has fundamentally undermined the president’s directive and is clearly unfit for her current position.

We call on President Obama to immediately terminate DEA Administrator Leonhart and replace her with someone who recognizes the fact that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol.

President Barack Obama

In a recent speech, DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart publicly criticized you for acknowledging the fact that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol in terms of its impact on the consumer. In addition to her insubordinate comments, her agency has denied attempts to remove marijuana from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act — a classification reserved for the most dangerous drugs — and refused to answer a congressman’s simple question about whether heroin and crack cocaine pose more harm to the consumer than marijuana.

Administrator Leonhart has fundamentally undermined your 2009 mandate that, “Science and the scientific process must inform and guide decisions of [his]Administration …” We call on you to remove her from her current position of DEA administrator and replace her with someone who will base his or her decisions on science and evidence instead of politics and ideology.

[Your name]

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  1. It’s easy to get discouraged, I know. Conflicts of interest are a huge problem, and I’m not sure how to solve it. There don’t seem to be enough people without ties to industry and capitalism that are willing to work for almost nothing in the government.

    Seems like a lot of people who get into government are not there for the public interest, but more so for their own. Money and power are so very, very tempting… well, at least for some, I guess.

    As I was reading my previous post, I noticed that I said I grew up far away from the ’60s. Just wanted to clarify that I’m not saying that I wasn’t around in the ’60s — it’s just that, by the time I grew up and realized the scope of what had happened, it seemed like the ’60s were all over. I’m like, what happened? Where’d everybody go?

    I guess I’m a little confused by your use of the term “independent entities.” Entities are set up through the legal system, and very few are “independent” of conflicts of interest. Whether it’s a corporation, limited liability company, or so-called non-profit, I can’t think of any legal entity that does not exist to make money (which is where a lot of conflicts arise). One must survive, after all. Perhaps it all depends on the profit “margin”?

    I had hopes for the Occupy movement, and then was really disappointed when it collapsed. But now, I’m thinking perhaps that was just a start. The Beginning. And I’m thinking that, if computers had been around in the ’60s, perhaps the revolution would not have ended. So, all-in-all, maybe we can look forward to the future? Maybe?

  2. I can definitely agree with you on that. Even as I was reading through your message I was thinking about the early 70’s when cities liek New York had companies (and the city itself for that matter) just pouring whatever they wanted into the rivers. At that point the individuals and local groups got the EPA and courts involved and got things done. I remember a guy on a documentary I saw said ‘I just realized one day that these people aren’t allowed to do this stuff’, he took action and got it all going. The EPA was able to help (a lot) in that case and cases like it, but so much of it now is ‘I know a guy who knows a guy so I’m in the EPA now’. ‘I supported this politician, and I used to work for Monsanto, so now I’m director of the FDA’ (!?!?) and things like that. So I’m a good bit disolutiond and jaded and don’t see much prospect of things ‘reverting’ to a place where people who care about the environment are runnign the EPA, or where people who love agriculture are running the USDA etc. That plus the things those agencies do, and how they address and deal with ‘we the people’, along with the fact that there’s no Constitutional basis for them, along with the connection and technology we have today, i think there’s as much potential for other independent entities to do good. I expect you might worry where the money comes from and who gets control of it because of that, and I would as well. Don’t like to bitch and not have a solution to offer, but I just see with the size and ‘we can do whatever we say we can do’ mentality of the federal government theses days, I just think most things are better handled through other means.

  3. You’re right, the EPA has so far been ineffective (in a lot of states, not just West Virginia). But, it hasn’t always been that way, and if the agency were given the right funding and autonomy, I think you would see a difference. No matter how ineffective the EPA may be, at least it is a mostly transparent agency — which is one of the reasons I prefer government over corporations.

    And you’re also right that the corporations do what they want with impunity. (As do the bankers.) So, if you think about it, where does the power lie? It lies with the corporations, who pay the politicians, who then defund and render powerless the state and federal EPA agencies.

    This is what has happened in all levels of government. But, it wasn’t always this way. I grew up far away from the “60s,” but I’ve tried to educate myself on that period — don’t you agree that government was a force for good for… well, awhile?

    I understand how you feel about the government, especially as it exists now. But, as I keep trying to tell people who are so anti-government — the “government” is just made up of people, like you and me. Try not to look at Washington as an example of government; instead, look to your city and state politicians for examples of the good things a transparent government can do. I know, I know, these kinds of examples are hard to find, but if you look really, really hard, you might just surprise yourself. I’m not saying I’ve had this experience… yet.

    In my opinion, one of the reasons the cannabis world wants federal involvement is for legitimacy (and business) purposes. Similarly, medical cannabis needs FDA approval, which means federal involvement.

    Sometimes, I feel sorry for activists who have had to involve themselves in politics, both on state and federal levels. Why would anyone voluntarily enter that poisonous environment? Unfortunately, it looks like a lot of activists have been infected, and it is now hard to tell which side anyone is on. Just so you know, I am not personally or financially associated with any group — I’m just an MMJ patient with a lot of opinions (and insomnia). I’m sorry this is so long, but I hope I’ve answered your questions. Peace out.

  4. Yea, having the EPA really helped them out. The thing is, what are these corporations NOT able to do that they want to do thanks to these regulations? Nothing. they still do what they want. When things go bad, they dump crap in the water. Who goes to jail? No body. Why not? Because the EPA isn’t in the business of keeping bad people from doing bad things, any more than any other agency of the executive branch. They are in the business of controlling YOU. The EPA does nothing about the West Virginia incident, but rather tells rural people they can’t burn firewood for heat any more because it releases a thousand particles and they want 900 particles?!?! Look at all the banking and mortgage issues that caused the recession; federal regulation forced them to make loans they knew people couldn’t pay back. Banks go nuts making even more ‘predatory’ loans. It all goes to hell, and what happens? Do they send the bad CEOs to Jail? Hell no, they get cabinet positions. And we get more regulation that this time will save us from the problems they caused.
    If I may be so bold, as I’m getting back into it after many years, I am astonished at how trusting, accepting and even desirous of the so called ‘federal government’ the folks in the cannabis world are. Years back we knew better than trust people who’s primary job, as they see it, is to take our money and control our lives.

  5. I was hoping that it is mostly the system to blame… I’d like to believe that it has not always been this way — but, we are talking mostly about greed, are we not?

  6. That doesn’t say as much about people as it does about “our system.” – If you call a society based on greed and meanness a success, well buddy, we’ve got a he11 of a success here!

  7. “It has always seemed strange to me… the things we admire in men, kindness and generosity, openness, honesty, understanding and feeling, are the concomitants of failure in our system. And those traits we detest, sharpness, greed, acquisitiveness, meanness, egotism and self-interest, are the traits of success. And while men admire the quality of the first they love the produce of the second.” John Steinbeck, brainyquote.com

  8. Patrick Henry said ” give me liberty or give me death ” , what he meant was if you take my liberty my freedom my property my employment ,my heath rights , my earning my children My civil rights by any means I shall put you to death
    he did not mean he would commit his own death if not having his rights or liberty but would come to kill those who would take his liberty , it is you friend who must decide and the public who must realize that there is a line in sand its why we have 2ed amen all those who are not vocal who stay in silence , say nothing commit acceptance all I said is that when you term a war on citizen for 9o years you have to understand that refusing to change the laws to agree with the liberty and needs of the people is an assault , and further that to police who are army like who make enemy out of millions of citizens who do not abide by the law they can not change , you see this in federal law on going where by federal jurisdiction was strictly limited they been busy making Gemini copy of every beyond the respect of there venue and jurisdiction in law , They have classified cannabis to having no purpose for medical or any use this is an assault again on truth , in the end those police are just being used as agents to collect money and so forth … remember cannabis is free enterprise non taxed that can not think even like this ,,, but greed will prevail just U watch

  9. You’re right, the war is not over — yet. There is still a long way to go. What is sad is that your stories are not unique, they happen all over the world. But sometimes, history can forget all the people who were sacrificed and fought, so it is important to document your stories. Who else will? I would just ask that you not be so violent about it, that’s all.

    I think every American knows what greed looks like — it’s what our economy is built on. Hopefully, cannabis lovers will be able to recognize greed when it appears and call it out. That’s something we can all help with. Peace out, warrior.

  10. I will answer you in this way , Sure the past was war but so is the present … We have not move the war. Feds are calling the two states an experiment . its still here you see the war its there waiting ,….. …waiting for some lawyers to perfect an attack of the Ag office feds are setting up for forfeiture bust setting up banks leaving the laws in place waiting for new president . I can’t tell you without writing a book on my experience in 20 years . I,ve people beaten and others lose there livelihoods I met and watch police try to killed cannabis users or jailed them or consider losing your whole family due to the hell brought by the prohibition and enforcement there culture enforced on system of things that has jailed millions , then there are the men who became cops who have attitude’s and love arresting cannabis users last lease of the considering is being thrown out of school held down by cops 5 while they stick needle as force entry in your arm tiring take your blood against your will. you say NO they don’t care then you get aids did this happen yes I seen it all THis is a WAR The war is still ON you see two states have come to like the freedom and greed … they all watching the greed

  11. In South Carolina they’re on the side of the police, so I assume it’s like that in every other state.

  12. I’m sorry, but that’s just gross. It sounds like the story of a priest instead of a police officer.
    Where’s child welfare?

  13. People use the term “war” all the time — it’s almost beginning to lose its meaning. Do you want to be a part of the conversation moving forward, or do you want to stay stuck in the past?

    For all of those who have been harmed by the drug war, America owes a debt. But if you look at things historically, this country owes a lot of debt for its history of racism and prejudice, a lot of which still continues today. So, who shall we pay first?

    If you’ve been in the movement for 20 years, why are you so militant now, when the tide is finally turning?

    Think of all the people who read your posts. Are you trying to keep history alive, which is a good thing, or are you still living it?

  14. Exactly. That’s why that particular cop should have been punished in some way. So you can get six months for your second time being caught smoking in some states. He did it twice and didn’t face any punishment.

  15. I been in the movement for 20 years . I have no problem in defending my views . I see violence, but if it happen to me I will not put up with it , I ,m not passives as your name reflects .. consider : WE ARE AT WAR realize it .!! please look give me your address and I will give it to the DEA and they will come take your house and bank accounts and car then your lose your job and they will take your kind then your kids later there come to bring legal charges . you will be arrest and place you in prison for years and then you tell me your cool with it … knowing the truth that is , you tell me your cool with all that , Ok then lick my boots as I,m a patriot not anything other , I realize there is a war on going

  16. I’m afraid you’re going to have to be a little more specific… Which part of Colorado pot shops should she have considered as the lowest point in her career?

  17. I see that you roam around the internet, fighting for marijuana, but your language is violent, even if you do make some good points once in awhile. Anyone who loves cannabis should inherently know that violence solves nothing. It just creates more.

    Perhaps you are not ready to move forward into this brave new world of legalization? Perhaps you are going to be one of those people who refuses to let go of the past? I guess only time will tell…

  18. MassVocals wants to go on record stating soon the people will put the last D in DEA = DEAD . As for your fallen agents, We have no pity we been protesting the war for over 80 years In fact we have thousands of citizen lives you DEA have murder and imprison over a law you campaign for you employment , Your bunch of jerks you murder by your so called measure .The DEA is forever wrong in supporting prohibition of marijuana . We measure that death trail as well but on ours not your , my opinion is You should be hung in the tree nearest to your office and left to hang there while the black birds pluck out your eyes have you not used them anyhow , my opinion is we jail the whole agency dis-mantel it , I hope you get it there director … hemp flags piss you off , WELL we have one /MASS CANN has one and we fly it , When citizen come too legalize i hope we come to throw your federal office of the DEA out of the state . The drug war is scam and i hope your get personally attack again and again and again tiill you quit your employment out of being smart enough to gain truth , If we do not make peace with our-selfs because of agency like this , this will cause soon-er or later war it has already people feel circumvented to act , I hope with statement like you said here YOU come to demise you deserved the people deserved truth and you should be jailed for enforcing this mala prohibita law made in 1930s and re issue by Nixon a real president ah >> you all did so much pain and cause so much hell making cannabis criminal you should be hung for the trees to rot there , YOU DEA are the criminals the reasoning simply the government sent a propergada war in misinformation to the public They LIED thge whole base of laws base in lies and misinformation and that enough to work you into prison in my view or earn your self a coffin in deep sea some place in ocean dead zone

    patriots WE R @ war


  19. TO BE Continued on


  20. Writing to our government (BIG IDIOTS) about their worker idiots does not sound like time well spent to me. I would get allot more enjoyment seeing Michele Leonhart taking a hit of cannabis versus a shot of alcohol. Can’t fix stupid.

  21. So the hemp flag is her lowest point of her career? So the pot shops in Colorado did not make her radar? That is telling, is it not?

  22. I signed it. Everyone should. Dump the head Inquisitor on the dung heap. – Do it for the children!

  23. it’s time to change us. the marijuana movements biggest threat is itself. a house divided falls. the medical is against recreational and recreational is against republicans . I am independent but, most ppl in my area are very conservative democrat or republican. You would be surprised how many republicans are tokers rec or med. How many evangelical Christians are tokers or supportive of the medical movement. Yet, we are all divided by these categories in the media. That needs to stop and be realized that we are all on the same side here with this issue.

  24. Mr. Sanchez, I see you’ve been busy here on this website. I will reiterate: This isn’t Silk Road 2.0.

  25. Its All money bro…. that is your country and mine…. only wants money the ppl Do Not Count anymore

  26. Ohio state trooper admits to masturbating with child to teach him how. Didn’t lose his job and his fellow officers are standing by him.

  27. Disband the DEA. Police need to be reeled in, how many people have been wrongly shot, or wives beaten, people of color harassed or cops caught masturbating with children before we notice that the majority, not all, of police forces are in some way corrupt or ignorant to the fact that the drug war itself is curupt? Bring our troops home and start a whole new police force, a national police force voted on by the people and made to serve and protect everyone.

  28. Why do we have to prove cannabis is completely harmless whatsoever when alcohol and tobacco are legal!!! It is an awful double standard ! There are some people who believe pot is worse than actual criminal activity! I’m getting sick of these dumb ass politicians keeping me from a plant that is blessed for human use! I mean Tylenol is more dangerous it actually hurts your liver! Name me one substance people use that is safer than cannabis!!!

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