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First Ever Legal Cannabis Cup In Denver Is Sold Out


high times cannabis cup 2013 denverI am lucky enough to be going to the first ever legal High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver, Colorado later this month, are you? If not, it looks like tickets are sold out. There was a limited run of additional VIP tickets for sale this weekend when I checked, but it looks like they are officially gone. It’s going to be the hottest ticket in town.


The first-ever HIGH TIMES US Cannabis Cup is coming to Denver! The two-day cannabis expo will feature cultivation seminars and activism sessions with HIGH TIMES editors, leaders of the marijuana movement, and major cannabis celebrities.

Plus, a night concert featuring Cypress Hill and Slightly Stoopid at Red Rocks! (VIP Concert is now SOLD OUT)


April 20-21, 2013


EXDO Event Center, 1399 35th Street, Denver, CO 80205


You must be at least 18 years of age to attend and 21 to drink and smoke recreationally. All attendees and vendors will need identification as it will be checked at the door.


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  1. What’s up everyone. Trying to score VIP passes to the cypress hill concert at the amphitheater. If anyone wants to sell tickets or if high times bobby black or Rick kusick by chance get this message its Nate with LAS VEGAS HIGH HOPES CAREGIVERS. COLLECTIVE CANNABIS MUSEUM Somebody help me and a very eager medical patient Kevin to get in this event.thanks for any help that can be provided. We Will be smoking a ton of ganj for anyone that wants to get us in.
    We have high hopes! Please contact us at HHCLIVES@gmail.com w info:) or call 702_5422249
    Check us out on KTNV Las Vegas
    channel 13 News April12th
    Happy 420everyone! Be safe! Be Smart!

  2. Coming from lil ol sioux falls SD. Where we have sum of the strictest marijuana laws in the nation. Can’t wait to have a stress free environment where I don’t have to watch over my shoulder 24/7

  3. Got my SuperVIP in january. Should be a blast. Only thing that woul make it better is if it was legal to sell/buy and if my VIP meant i was the judge like in amsterdam. Either way this WILL BE AWESOME!

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