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First-Hand Knowledge Converts Marijuana Fearing Grandma Into Medical Cannabis Activist


grandma medical marijuana joni whitingBy Monterey Bud

Meet Joni Whiting. Joni is a reluctant warrior for medical marijuana. You see after Joni’s daughter Stephanie was diagnosed with melanoma in 2000, she underwent several experimental surgeries, and consumed fistfuls of ‘promising’ pharmaceutical drugs – to no avail.

As Joni watched her daughter’s face slowly disfigured, one inch at a time, and witnessed the agony she was made to endure, Joni could only sit back and watch as her daughter wasted away. Sick from this aggressive form of cancer.

Suffering, sad and dejected. It was there in the hospital that a DR. Suggested to Stephanie’s mother that she might consider allowing her daughter to try medical marijuana. Trapped between fear for her daughter’s health and the real possibility of criminal prosecution should she follow the good doctor’s orders, Joni declined the advice and continued to watch her daughter waste away.

After Joni received the disheartening news from Stephanie’s oncologist, that her daughter only had six months to live, Stephanie continued to live strong and suffered through unimaginable pain. Regardless of the mad amounts of Oxycodone and Oxycontin consumed, Stephanie’s pain was off the chart – receiving little to no relief from her mind bending discomforts. As Stephanie’s extreme nausea caused the wasting syndrome many with cancer are familiar with, Stephanie’s siblings stepped in and begged their mother to allow Stephanie to use medical marijuana, to lessen the pain and hopefully increase her appetite.

When Joni refused to allow medical marijuana to be used in her home, Stephanie’s siblings again showed their true love for their suffering sister. Removing her from her mother’s home, so that Stephanie could use the medical marijuana they believed would help her.

When Stephanie visited her mother several days later, she appeared healthier than Joni had seen her in several months. After going days, weeks and what seemed like months without being able to hold down food, or have an appetite - she was now eating three meals a day and showing normal interest in food.

While Joni was reluctant and fearful over the idea of her daughter using medical marijuana at first, after witnessing her daughter’s miraculous weight gain and improvement in overall health, she quickly became a cheerleader for medical marijuana in her community.

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  1. Ciara Raven Blaze on

    well, thankfully, legalization is on its way–it’s happening (slowly, but surely) whether people like it or not. :)

  2. AND – the act that ended alcohol prohibition also made marijuana illegal. Their stupidity overwhelms me………..

  3. See, nobody said anything about guns until you joined the conversation. You must be from Texas.

  4. Thank you for speaking out and telling your story! My wife has survived twenty years (as of April 24) of breast cancer treatments. She is currently involved in a phase 1 clinical trial that has all but eliminated her cancer. One of the drugs, Kadcyla, was recently approved by the FDA. The other one, GDC-0941 continues to cause her a great deal of nausea and spontaneous vomiting if she doesn’t have access to cannabis. She is now the only person “on the face of the earth” that has been able to tolerate the side effects of this drug and continue on the trial. We need safe access now! I began to actively pursue getting a law passed in New Hampshire, where we live, in order to provide a way to access cannabis without having to go to black market sources. Often times the black market source is of questionable quality and this is unacceptable for a cancer patient with a compromised immune system to have to take such a risk.

    Last year’s attempt to pass a bill that would have allowed patients to grow their own, but not have access to dispensaries, was vetoed by our then Governor Lynch. So I ran for office and with the support of the good people of my district, I am now representing them in the NH House of Representatives. As a co-sponsor of HB 573 “The Therapeutic Use of Cannabis” bill, I have been able to help get this bill where it is today.

    Now, at the last minute, the New Hampshire Chiefs of Police Association has convinced the new Governor that immediate access is not worth the risk to allow patients to grow their own while we wait years for dispensaries to come online…

    If you get the chance, we would greatly appreciate it if you would consider signing our petition to the Governor and tell your story in the “reasons for signing” space provided. Even if you don’t live in the state, your story is compelling and hearing it may help our cause!

    Thank you,
    Ted Wright

  5. as bad as it is for you, I strongly disagree with the statement that alcohol should be banned, because it was banned once–and people still drank it at the cost of breaking the law, etc. and so on.

    that point alone is the only reason why I disagree, though–the fact that prohibition doesn’t work, I mean.

  6. I am an 11 year breast cancer survivor, enduring chemo and radiation. When I was young I used marijuana socially, occasionally. During chemo I became so sick my friend insisted that I use it again. I did and I was able to eat. I have always had a weight problem, but after treatments I ballooned up to 300 lbs. At that point I insisted the Dr. take me off the anti depressants and from then on I was able to lose the weight by eating healthy and by daily walking. To this day I have lost 110 lbs. and I smoke pot daily still to help keep my stomach calm. It does not make me eat constantly. Smoking marijuana does affect people differently. In my case it doesn’t “stone” me, it relaxes me. I walk 3 miles a day, and don’t drink. We as a society have to understand that this substance is not a dangerous drug. It grows from the earth. Alcohol should be banned and pot should be legalized. At my age of 58 I am healthier and more fit than most others around me, yet I could easily be labeled as a “pothead” because I smoke daily. I am surrounded by people either drinking or taking a myriad of prescription drugs (or both). Why are pills o.k. and smoking a bud isn’t? And this business about marijuana being a “gateway” drug. It is amazing how many people believe what they read or hear even today. As a nation we need to get a grip and stop putting marijuana in the same category as harmful and dangerous drugs. It was encouraging to hear this woman’s speech. It isn’t easy to stand up and go against what her peers may think. She did her daughter proud! Thank you for fighting for the cause of medical marijuana.

  7. So sorry for the loss of your daughter! No one should
    have to go through pain when marijuana will help. I’ve talk to so many people
    that said it will help pain and help people eat food.

    I’m a paraplegia! Was in an automobile accident in October
    of 2000! Now I’m using pharmaceutical drugs that the doctor gives me. I’m in
    pain around my waist all the time. The only time I’m pain free is when I’m
    sleeping. People say you are paralyzed you shouldn’t feel anything. They are
    wrong. Where the good nerves meet the dead nerves they are on fire. That’s what
    it feels like. Like it’s been burn!

    I have a few friends that
    keep telling me to try marijuana. I’m really thinking about giving it a try. I
    don’t want to get caught with it in my home or smoking it. Work to hard for my
    home to lose it over having a small amount of marijuana or smoking to stop the
    pain. I’d like to see Virginia where I live legalize medical marijuana. They
    could get the taxes from the sales. Everyone would win.

  8. Having gone thru 48 weeks of chemotherapy for my liver, followed 3 mos
    later by 4 1/2 months in intensive care for uncontrollable vomiting
    during additional chemo & radiation for neck & throat cancer I
    tell the same story. You might be skeptical about “Medical Marijuana”
    usage but I know it saved my life and continues to help keep me alive
    several years later. Now 66 years old I “Medicate” daily. The only
    thing that helped bring “Quality” back into my life, rather than the
    “torture from treatment” was my “Medical Marijuana”. Unable to swallow
    even a sip of water for 3 1/2 years and no solid food for over 5 1/2
    years I lost any form of appetite. Treatment was long and harsh and I
    had lost over 100 pounds of my normal weight (220lbs). Fried by chemo I
    no longer have any short term memory and I am considered 100% disabled
    from this side effect. I found out the hard way that I
    could go for more than a week and not realize I hadn’t eaten at all…. I
    was back in the hospital nearly dead from dehydration, starvation and
    not having remembered to take my pills. The only time I ever find
    myself looking in the fridge for something to eat is when I have the
    munchies (from smoking pot). Taking over 35 different pills daily, they
    had me on oxies & morphine for 9 1/2 years. Since starting to use
    my illegal Medication I have gained back 50 pounds, no longer rely on
    “Pain Medication” or sleeping pills and take less than a dozen
    medications that I consider necessary daily. Believe me when I say
    Marijuana helped and still helps keep me alive…. If you can’t accept
    this FACT on your own, I hope you never have to suffer like I did to
    learn for yourself, “Medical Marijuana” works better than half the
    “Pharmaceutical” pills they had me on…………..

  9. Sadly enough until every senator and congressman in office has a first hand experience like
    this family they are unlikely to change their opinions on miracle of Medical Marijuana. Lets hope thats not the case. We were all put here to Love one another, Treat everybody like your Sister and Brother

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