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First Medical Marijuana Business License Lawsuit Filed In Illinois

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Illinois’ medical marijuana industry is off to a rough start. It took longer than expected for the State of Illinois to issue medical marijuana business licenses. The process was largely shrouded in mystery, with accusations about the process being unfair being hurled early and often. Now that most, but not all, medical marijuana business licenses have been announced in Illinois, the entities that were denied a license are deciding if they want to pursue cases against the State of Illinois. One such company became the first to file a lawsuit this last week. Per the Chicago Sun Times:

What is believed to be the first lawsuit regarding medical marijuana licenses in Illinois was filed Friday in downstate Coles County by a business that lost out in its bid to get a license to grow medical marijuana.

The business, Shiloh Agronomics LLC contends that the company it lost out to, Shelby County Community Services Inc., was improperly given the license because it is a nonprofit organization that receives tax benefits from the Internal Revenue Service, a federal agency.

“The concern is that because Shelby County Community Services is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity, it is not eligible to apply for a permit to engage in an activity that violates federal law,” said Jude Sullivan, whose father, James Sullivan, holds a large stake in Shiloh Agronomics.

It’s a very interesting legal argument being presented. I’m sure this will open the litigation floodgates in coming weeks in Illinois. To date Illinois only has roughly 1,000 medical marijuana patients. None of them have safe access to medicine, and don’t have the right to grow their own. Hopefully lawsuits don’t further hinder the process of getting medicine to patients.


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  1. Oh I am am sure it is definitely a trap.playing with people’s lives is no joke.I thought Michigans laws was bad and poorly defined. Illinois laws suck.

  2. A for profit entity suing an NPO because it is engaging in federally prohibited acts? Can anyone say hypocrisy?

  3. let me explain what’s going on in Illinois for you . the people there know the state is not serious and they’re skeptical and don’t want to put their money and identify themselves when they know they can’t buy marijuana there could be 20,000 Illinois people come out when they can buy what they need right now they’re paranoid and think this is a roundup

  4. 100 medical patients there is something wrong here. Let’s see Illinois has roughly 7.8 million adults roughly 6% population use Marijuana per state that means over 400.000 people smoke black market Marijuana in Illinois. The medical Marijuana laws must suck. These businesses can not make medical Marijuana legalization any worse. The should be suing someone

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