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First Native American Marijuana Trade Organization Launched Today

native american cannabis coalition

(via niccdc.org)

Recently the Obama Administration announced that it would allow Native American tribes to cultivate and sell marijuana if a tribe wanted to do so. Some tribes have already started taking advantage of the policy change, while some are still opposed to the idea, and some are still exploring options. A trade organization was launched today dedicated to the Native American marijuana industry. The organization is called the Native American Cannabis Coalition. Below is information from their website:

NICC is a clearinghouse for Tribal leaders for accurate information on the multi-layer process of financing, designing and construction of an effective cannabis cultivation and manufacturing enterprise. Each tribe will have unique interests, needs and regulatory restrictions to address which requires a strategy specifically  designed for their success.

This new industry has the complexity of the tobacco industry and the regulatory pressure and profitability opportunity of the gaming industry. It is a scientific high tech form of agriculture that requires a structured level of professionalism in security, financing and management.

Those on the legal and policy fronts are important for Tribal leaders to consult with directly.

NICC has been formed to help move Indian Country leaders through the information hurdles of creating  working cultivation and manufacturing facilities. NICC will serve as an educational resource for information on the medical benefits of cannabis; economic development opportunities for building a self-sustaining cultivation project from seed to sale; and investing with consideration for public health and safety.

This is a great thing. There is strength in numbers, and by the Native American community launching their own trade organization, they will increase their voice and influence. Native American tribes have a unique opportunity to get in on the next great industry. This is especially true in states that have no marijuana industry yet, recreational or medical. I hope to see as many tribes take the leap as possible, and for the new revenue to help their tribal lands and their citizens.


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  1. Because “not all men” have a unique government status, like said 566 federally recognized tribes. Technically, Indigenous peoples are first citizens of their tribal nations before the federal government.

  2. MiCreeNi QuashMah on

    after traditional adoption you would as a new born.regardless of your age.

  3. MiCreeNi QuashMah on

    however unless that tribe has retained their full blood rights as sovereigns or have joined a “Saturday” counsel. as in opposed to current tribal counsel. you would be only eligible to vote under the Saturday counsel govern. this is some thing you would have to consider many Parents had to do so for their children that were born under dual tribal nations … like myself I am half Sioux and half Kickapoo…… still during those times considered a “half breed” an unwanted by either tribe …. HOWEVER in today’s roll the 1/2 quantum is predominate to a majority of 1/4 blood which if not amended will be the end of tribal enrollment for many nations this comes as part of the educational package negotiated in 1985 to regulate dwindling tuition funds from the fed when they were feeling the economic crunch back then and carried through to the actual enrollment … never intended to be used this way but unless there is an individual tribal amendment to the tribal constitution those tribes will be at an end when the 1/4 bloods die out. every year there is an annual tribal enrollment sometimes monthly this is when your enrollment would be considered …. speaking with several tribal elder in California many of the tribes are aware of and amending their tribal constitutions to eliminate this oversight…

  4. Would the “Traditionally Adopted” give me the legal status as a member in a Government recognised indian tribe?

  5. Mike Johnson on

    There may be money for a while, certainly in the states where it is illegal. But as it becomes legal in more states the big money may drop off. But if they adopted outdoor growing with good strains, there will probably a fair amount of money to be made for many years.

  6. MiCreeNi QuashMah on

    true but who wants to be on that census…. Americans? you want to be part of this United states governed by rules that make sense funding war on innocent people supporting banks and corporation instead of veterans and families here on this ground …… true we have the democracy but where did it come from Natives that is correct ……. Know that when the laws we chose to govern ourselves by become corrupt we naturally return to tribal traditions and look into the hands of those that belong ferreting out the imposters and lunatics as a collective governed by natural reason and science.

  7. MiCreeNi QuashMah on

    Take your admiralty laws and go back to europe. I am a sovereign and I will choose who my relatives are by declaration. read about it and cry .

  8. MiCreeNi QuashMah on

    Cyndysub……..come to the annual Mary’s peak Burning ceremony and become traditionally adopted into OUR native American Tribe……..The Kickapoo Indian Medicine Company. our methods and practices are protected under federal law…… IACB registered since 1991.

  9. MiCreeNi QuashMah on

    WHERE IS THE NICC who are they what nations this is a farse to create noise…… does not identify any tribal nations because the use of tribal name is restricted by the IACB ruling of 1991 bring on the racial noise now go ahead abuse native american rights even farther. it is an empty website of clipart images and scenery. nothing of written content identifying any tribal connection

  10. MiCreeNi QuashMah on

    there is no coaltion email contact the address is a dead end it is a farse……

  11. From the article, ” Native American tribes have a unique opportunity to get in on the next great industry.”
    Why can’t everyone else have the same opportunity? Remember the little phrase…”All men are created equal”?

  12. Are you claiming that you are part of an NA tribe living on a reservation? A DNA marker does not make you part of a Native American tribe.

  13. Link says they are called the “Native American” Cannabis Coalition but they clearly call themselves National “Indian” Cannabis Coalition. All down with political correctness but if their group used the word Indian maybe that is how it should be addressed?

  14. The US government doesn’t recognize all of the indian tribes that it should. I have indian blood from both sides of my family and they will not accept DNA markers of indian blood. During the 1800’s many people lived on farms and did not let the people in town know about their indian wives and kept it on the down low. My Cherokee tribe will miss out on this and much more.

  15. Cannabis will be a multi-billion dollar industry. HEMP will be a trillion dollar industry.

  16. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    Cannabis will become a trillion dollar industry. Wish I had the money to invest in it.

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