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Five Jobs The Marijuana Industry Creates


pride ego emotion marijuana cannabis industryThe economy is doing poorly and the people are beginning to really suffer from the effects. No matter if you go to school and get a degree or you go to school for ten years and become a doctor. Chances are, you’re having trouble finding jobs if you don’t have one or just constantly struggling to pay the bills. But with cannabis approval growing rapidly in the US and with more states legalizing the plant, it seems like benefits for medical users aren’t the only positive effect of a legal cannabis market. There are many jobs that the industry could create if allowed. Here are just five of these jobs that could be benefiting the people of the working class.

Much like the more common bartender, a bud tender is someone who gives the medicine to the patients. Different then a pharmacist in the sense that the people working to sell cannabis to patients or recreational users are genuinely concerned about the people buying pot. You don’t need a degree to be a bud tender and while you can’t accept tips like a bartender, the gratification from this job is all you need.

Someone needs to grow the plants to sell in the stores, right? Growing cannabis is a full time job. The plants need constant attention to achieve the level of perfection that’s necessary for store sold cannabis. There are constant problems that present themselves to those that choose to grow. From pests to thieves, having a garden is hard work but eventually, it does pay off. Both in monetary gain and a feeling of accomplishment that the garden will make people happy long after it’s been cut down.

Edible maker
Cooking with bud isn’t as easy as you think, especially if you’re getting creative. Some people can whip up the most delicious food containing weed and some people… Just can’t. Making edibles is more like a science than anything else and the patients who can’t smoke do love enjoying treats. Soon enough, I’m sure little food delivery trucks will pop up, much like Meals-On-Wheels, containing amazing medicated dinners for it’s customers.

The buds aren’t going to look so perfectly manicured by themselves! After the harvest has been cut, the buds must be trimmed carefully to be ready for sale. Trimmers don’t make a lot of money but a lot of the time, they get paid more in free weed that they’ve trimmed themselves. Again, companied with a feeling of self-accomplishment, this job would be great for someone trying to break in to the business and work their way to the top.

Concentrate Master
This profession would only be for someone who knows what they’re doing. Making concentrates can be dangerous if not done under the right conditions and it’s important that these people especially take care with their craft. Creating concentrates that are a high enough quality to be sold is tough. From BHO to ice wax to RSO, this product must be extremely high in quality. Those that tend to gravitate towards making concentrates usually have a background in engineering or chemistry, as the knowledge needed to do this is extreme.

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  1. The cannabis industry needs security for growing, processing, packaging, distributing, retail, money handling and bank runs, (when they can actually use a bank) and probably some more reasons I haven’t thought of. That’s a lot of jobs.

  2. I used to want to pay really good wages???….did you really ever actually do that?…doubt it by your comment.

  3. Has anyone suggested the secure transportation that must be accomplished, to get the bud from grower, to product-producer, to retailer? Reliable, trustworthy drivers are a necessity too, and while also generally a low-paying job, this is still a field of employment in which a few more people could find a job, who didn’t have one.

  4. These are a great start, but there are many more….
    This article has not mentioned the industrial hemp side of legalization and the jobs which will be created there.
    What of the ancillary jobs created by the packaging, lab testing, and health food industries?
    Many, many more jobs will be created from service counter to educated professionals as these laws are changed.
    Of course, the most coveted job has been passed over, that of bud tester, perhaps the most important so that we know what effects we are purchasing.

  5. Budtending, edible making, and trimming are barely above minimum wage jobs. They already exist in analogous terms. If you think these people deserve premium wages, then there are entire industries you are going to have to justify the differential against. I used to want to pay really good wages, but people kept taking and never did anything productive with the gains and opportunities which led me to the conclusion that people generally just want to take more without actually deserving it.

    Growers and “concentrate masters” would be fools to be “employees”

  6. I beg to differ but most of those jobs existed before legal marijuana happened and will continue being done by criminals until politicians hire serious business people instead of policy experts to run the policy.

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