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Five Lies About Cannabis


Canworld's largest marijuana joint seattle hempfestnabis has had a bad name since 1906. There are hundreds of lies about the plant, when it reality, the only bad thing about it is getting caught with it! Cannabis benefits all different kinds of people, from recreational users who just want to unwind to cancer patients suffering through chemotherapy. Of course we couldn’t include all of the lies that people have made up about cannabis so we picked a few to debunk!

1. It’ll kill you.
Chances are, you’re not going to die from cannabis consumption. You have a higher chance of being eaten by a shark and even those odds are low. Most people who ingest a good amount of cannabis end up passing out on the couch or eating all of the food that you just bought at the grocery store. No, cannabis is less dangerous then most of the stuff you find in your medicine cabinet.

2. Cannabis is the gateway drug.
No, it’s a person’s inability to say “no thanks” that is the gateway. Cannabis has been given a negative name and is then associated with other negative things (people assume that every person that sells weed must also deal coke, heroin, and meth). This terrible misconception is taught at a young age, deterring young people from even giving the plant a chance. Cannabis is NOT a gateway drug but instead is used as a scapegoat for people who have no backbone.

3. It’s illegal for a good reason!
What reason exactly? In all of my time blogging about cannabis, I have never heard a legitimate argument as to why the plant should be illegal. In fact, the hate towards cannabis makes me think that everything should be illegal. Did you know that 100% of people that drink water die? We should probably ban that shit too!

4. It’s bad for you.
While smoking anything is sure to have a somewhat negative impact on your throat and lungs, there are many other ways to ingest cannabis that don’t involve smoking it. Cannabis has actually been shown to improve brain function, the digestive system, and help manage pain relief in a safe, non-addicting manner. Not to mention that cannabis doesn’t have the awful side effects that pills give certain people.

5. People who smoke weed are lazy, stupid, and unmotivated.
Absolutely not true! There are hundreds of upperclass people that are ripping bongs in their free time! Recently, there was a huge hype about the FBI having trouble finding computer hackers to fight cyber terrorists… Why? Because people that sit behind a computer all day, reading HTML and binary, are also smoking a joint at the same time. Since the FBI’s policy states that an employee must be cannabis free for three years prior to their hire, they’re having a huge issue finding employees and may be forced to remove cannabis from their policy or face falling victim to cyber terrorists. And if the FBI has to change their policy regarding pre-employment, hopefully other places will as well (including Wal-mart, CVS, and Sears).

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  1. Educated A Hole on

    No shit mushrooms are fungi, I thought it was obvious that I was introducing a new category there.

    Cannabis did not evolve to produce chemicals that will trigger receptors in humans, it produced chemicals that happen to produce a great feeling. Yes, chance. It only has those chemicals because it produced some advantage for the plant. People wanting to burn the plant and inhale it (yes there are other methods of consumption however this being the oldest and most common…) Does not give it an advantage.

    And yes, chance evolution is quite improbable, that’s why it took some time for multicellular organisms to move about. There was not any guiding or design in it, you might not possess this “deepened perception” to appreciate this.

    While you proclaim to have a greater level of understanding if the cosmos and the formation of life itself you say (and I’m paraphrasing here) that “science [sic]” has been and is continuing to find evidence of genetic manipulation in plants and humans. Now, I may have smoked about in college (though from what you tell me that must have been a boon to my grade) but in my years of studying genetics never once did I come across anything like that. Unless your talking GMO, which I gotta infer your totally cool with given your deep connection to life and it’s manifold methods of modern manipulation.

    Yes, people’s actions effect the evolution of life, but that is what we in the educated world refer to as selective pressure. Just like a forest fire or flood, shits gotta change to survive.

    People like you give us advocates a bad name. The prohibition of this plant is silly and I do all I can to educate anyone who will listen. But I don’t go try to convince them some mythical being blew a load, spat it out and there was life (going ancient egyptian mythos here, but yes trying to be a bit inflammatory) so its all good. I use god old fashioned facts, backed up by recent, citable research.

    I don’t care what you believe in. But if you bring it up as a reason someone should do ANYTHING or say I’m ignorant for not believing in your fantasy of the universe I’ll call you out on it. (I realize that’s what I did to Marky-mark, but that guy is asking for it. “if it was bad for you they wouldn’t have put it on earth”, I mean seriously)

    And yes, I’ll be an A Hole while doing it.

  2. Mushrooms are fungi not Plants and Marcus is just making a general comment that cannabis is safe for humans in fact it has evolved to mimic the exact molecule in our digestive tract and brain that regulates our healing, hormonal balance, gives us a deeper introspective of life, and yes, increases human intelligence. As for deities that is a misinformed term ignorantly tossed out of the mouth of those who lack understanding of the great cosmos and the probability of chance versus design. while evolution exists, it is also acted upon by intelligent beings (Dieties) both now (us) and in the distant past (dieties). Science continues to uncover more and more profound evidence that humans and plants have an extremely high probability of genetic manipulation by a concious intelligence, that we currently do not understand – and mathematical algorithms prove “chance” in evolution is highly improbable. These two science anomalies together with the facts that life is everywhere and is magnetized to act upon other species for a seemingly purposeful task … survival and to organize higher complexity life forms of even more intelligent consciousness makes it clear for those with a deepened perception of the cosmos (potheads) that chance in evolution is preposterous we are conscious program of someone, something so intangible that it serves us well to call it a “God” …. But when we finally evolve enough to understand what “it” is …. It won’t be magical but it will be very intellectual, scientific (beyond the realms of our current event horizon) and it will surely be an epiphany of all the hyrogliphic evidence of intelligent beings before us that were more evolved and played a role in our evolution. Until then “deity” works for me. … shit doesn’t just happen. You are definitely an A hole … But educated is a relative term.

  3. Educated A Hole on

    What the hell are you talking about? First off, the life on this planet came about through evolution, not magically spawned by some deity. Second, are you seriously saying that no plants are bad for you to ingest?!? There are so many toxic plants on this planet that I don’t even know all of them in my town. How about mushrooms? Are any mushrooms bad for you? You should go out and make some foraged mushroom soup and then get back to me.

  4. When I wake up, I lay there thinking how far we have come in 2014. When I go to sleep, I think how far we have to go. In some cases, we are so primitive. Cannabis laws being just one.

  5. This is a great list. We need the list of way prohibition is bad. 1- empowerment of street gangs and cartels. 2- the jailing of good people for nothing. 3- wasted taxes to throw good people in jail for nothing. 4- weed is a medicine and has tons of medical properties and with prohibition you are stopping this plant from helping people and maybe even saving lives. 5- it stops weed from creating jobs and making tax dollars from it. And how about a Honorable mention that weed is great for recreation way more so then alcohol

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