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Five Reasons Why More Women Don’t Smoke Weed


marijuana alcohol accidents drivingBy Simone Fischer

1.) Judgement

Women often feel that if they smoke weed or open up about weed they will be judged or not as highly regarded. Generally speaking, when men smoke weed or open up about it people usually remain indifferent. There is a double standard at work that devalues women’s experience with weed that men are often free from. Women need to own their experiences and not give a rat’s ass about what other people think.

2.) Family

Because women were blessed/cursed with the ability to make babies, the conversation around marijuana gets complicated. Childless women can experience shame or guilt when opening up about marijuana, but the backlash mothers endure is often much worse. I blame essentialism and the oppressive consequences it can have on mothers who use marijuana due to gender roles. People don’t bat an eye if mommy needs a glass of wine after a long day, but it hits the fan if they smoke weed. There have been countless stories about families being ripped apart by the Child and Family Services Agency because of marijuana, and it is heart wrenching to watch happen.

3.) Lonely stoner-chick problems

As a female habitual smoker of weed, I had a hard time finding other women who also smoked. Most of the time I would smoke with my male friends and male dealers and the only women I came into contact with were their wives or girlfriends. I did not know of any female dealers and hardly any of my female friends smoked, so I always felt like the lonely stoner chick. As a woman I felt isolated because hardly any woman I knew smoked, and who likes smoking alone all the time (unless I’m chilling with dudes). It wasn’t until I got picked up and started working at medical marijuana dispensary (Brightside) when I finally started meeting other women who smoked. Basically, it sucks feeling like you have no other women to connect to within the cannabis industry except 420 nurses who function under the male gaze. Which brings me to my next point.

4.) For-profit sexual objectification of women

Walking into a dispensary and seeing a young twenty-something women in a 420 nurse outfit isn’t my idea of a great first impression. No slut-shaming intended because I think women should be able to dress however they want, but the overt sexual objectification of women in the cannabis industry is a big turn-off to a lot of women. When dispensaries shamelessly use women’s bodies to attract business, what kind of message is that sending to potential female smokers and female smokers in general? It’s sad that there are so many great female activists in the marijuana movement that women can relate to, but all we are shown are sexualized women. It makes it seem as if the cannabis industry doesn’t take women and the role we play in society seriously, which doesn’t turn women on to smoking or wanting to open up about it.

5.) It’s Illegal

I probably could have summed up the entire post with this, but where’s the fun in that? If marijuana was legal in the first place, none of this black market garbage would continue to persist. Women wouldn’t feel sketched out about getting in trouble, losing their kids, or losing their freedoms. This isn’t to say that all of our problems will be solved with legalization, but it’s a helluva start. The cannabis industry needs to reevaluate it’s relationship with women and understand the pivotal role women play in the legalization of marijuana.

Source: Brightside PDX


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  1. I am a woman who happily smokes and they can ALL KISS MY HIGH ASS…..Fuck gender roles and all that bullshit, if some asshole don’t like it tough fucking shit. I WILL SMOKE TO MY GRAVE EVEN IF I LIVE TO BE 100 OR BEYOND!

  2. who the hell cares about public judgement??? u are living in the FREE WORLD. we live in iRAN and every single fucking thing is illigal here but we dont care. I think most of my friends smoke weed because its illigal, it means breaking rules and just run into ur own world instead of this HARSH place

  3. Not many female smokers in Scotland. When i say ‘smoker’, i don’t mean girls at parties who go ‘omg, i pure love weed’. I have become that stoner loner chick due this problem. When girls at my uni found out i did smoke daily, they judged. (mind you, i told them to p*ss of if they were judging me on that!)
    I’m the only girl i know that can roll a joint even good my male standards. I can outsmoke my dealer! But people think im either a fat lesbo in oder for me to enjoy some good ol’ wakky bakky.
    Keep toking

  4. I dont talk about stereotypes , I just talk about people and woman I know .. and thats the opinion of most of the people here, we are just not prude like you guys =)
    I just dont get it .. whats your problem with big boobies and good looking girls?

    And I never said what I think about female pot smokers…

    My Girlfriend is a nymphomaniac , most of the time I have more Sex than I want to have , that has nothing to do with my opinion on this topic ^^

  5. Larissa Knoche on

    i feel this way…the lonely stoner chick. i don’t have female stoner friends…i have female friends..some..but i smoke while they watch me..

  6. If more women said fuckit and didnt care about public opinion, we can start changing some of the things above. Ive yet to meet a chill girl thats as fun smoking as the other gender . But then again, i dont enjoy being around comatosed people, regardless of gender. In my experience though, men tend to be more talkative in the group . 2 and 3 def ring true, esp 3.

  7. Unwad your panties. He didnt follow it with ” i dont know any hoes that dont smoke”. Im a girl and i wasnt offended by it. People need to chill

  8. I agree with you for the most part. But damn near every company shamelessly uses sex/the female body to promote there product. I believe Carl’s Junior commercials have half naked supermodels eating their burger(like they actually do lol). Sex symbols in America have become centerfold and honestly I don’t see the difference between the sluty clothing we see on TV to the shuttle clothing seen in some dispensaries. As for the rest I was the first person to smoke with my girlfriend some 6 months ago and ever since she’s loved it. But she’s scared of people finding out because she feels that she will be unjustly ridiculed by friends and family. Her parents are pretty old schooled and completely disagree with weed without even knowing much besides it’s a plant that gets you stoned. And if they found out they would pretty much disown her as their child. Which at first I didn’t understand because everybody has always been accepting even when I first started smoking in my mid-teen. Even my family had been accepting. But after discussing all of this with her on multiple occasions I completely get the double standards with women and weed are ridiculous but it’s always by the non pot smokers whom generally have a problem with just everybody smoking that have a problem with women smoking(personal experience) . However double standards go for both sexs in different scenarios( if we open up our emotions we’re ‘soft’ or ‘not a man’ as to yall being able to openly express your emotion). I completely agree if it was legal we wouldn’t even be sitting here having this conversation right now we would be walking down the street enjoying a nice big fatty. Assuming we get out of the house lol.

  9. I can totally relate to this as a female smoker.
    I was living in a large, tri-state metropolitan area where most people around my age(mid to late 20s) weren’t smoking or weren’t open about it. Women in particular were extremely condescending upon hearing that another chick smoked weed, because their judgemental/ignorant subconsciousness would make a connection that cannabis and “lowlife” were incorrectly and unjustly “colloquial” in a sense that they just did not know any better about weed beyond their long-standing bias.
    I’ve recently moved to a college town in a remote area near the mountains where obviously people are much more open to it. I’m now so fortunate to actually have befriended an awesome gal who not only smokes but loves doing everything I love doing(getting high, doing art, watching movies, going on walks) and I can safely disclose that her and I are best buds(lawl). I know it may not seem a big deal to dudes or whoever else, but having her around means so much to me. I don’t feel subjected to smoke with only dudes or my boyfriend or just alone all the time – I can finally just chill with another chick who gets it.

  10. I think that’s really awesome you just don’t give a fuck, and call women bitches. I guess with a low IQ, anything’s acceptable.

  11. Ninn, you are obviously a total idiot and most of the idiots I know are celibate. Although they really like big boobs, they never get to actually see them or go out with good looking girls. :D
    Damn, Germany is still really caught up with unfair stereotypes and incorrect generalizations. Nobody cares what you think about female pot smokers, even if you do drive naked. :D

  12. #4 is no big deal for most of the weed smoking woman I know … most of them are bi sexual and really like big boobs and good looking girls :D
    “a young twenty-something women in a 420 nurse outfit” is a good first impression in my opinion and in the opinion of most of my fellow german dopeheads , no matter if male or female.
    Damn , USA is still really prude/puritan … you can go naked to public swimming Baths or to the beach here , nobody cares how much dress you got on your body, even driving a car naked is legal :D

  13. They do much worse then weed…. And on purpose too….. I know many that smoke and don’t care… maybe You guys are just sexist and hold women back there…

  14. While I am tempted to remark that you should be sleeping right now, because sleep is so important especially when you’re young, I will instead just thank you in return for the interesting posts. Peace out my Aussie amigo.

  15. Kush The Boundaires on

    Hi there painkills2,

    Yes, my friends do other drugs. MDMA and psychedelics. My group of friends definitely includes people who don’t toke. One of my closest friends hates the drug, he’s a big drinker and we constantly bicker over it. For the most part though, I try to be the better man and avoid toking around non-smokers. It bypasses arguments and I’m happy to have 2 or 3 beers with them just to keep them happy. As for female tokers being ‘easy’ or ‘sluts’, certainly not! It’s far more of a perception that is linked with alcohol consumption and females. It’s something I find very unappealing, seeing males or females drunk. Thanks for continuing this conversation!

  16. Women shouldn’t smoke weed. It will mess with their primary function as mothers. That’s what the other side is thinking.

  17. If you ain’t got no Grand Platinum, I’m not interested. You call yourself a dealer? Jeez.
    (Dear DEA, I am kidding here, so don’t flag me.)

  18. I’m an old person, so I’m just curious… Do your groups of friends include people who do other drugs? Now, no need to get technical here, I was just wondering if your group includes people who don’t toke. And how do you deal with toking when you’re around people who don’t partake, or are offended by the smell, or affected by stigma or the plant’s legal status? And does your age group look at female tokers as, I dunno… easy or sluts?

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  20. Kush The Boundaries on

    This is a great post, and something I feel is addressed much on marijuana-enthusiast blogs and in legalisation movements. As Sarijuana mentioned below, you will always be judged no matter what! Males get judged for being stoners too, but I don’t think it carries the same (ridiculous) stigma around girls smoking it. For #2, weed and pregnancy is a tough one. I think you’re completely right about the double standard with alcohol, and that double standard for a lot of people translates into many differing situations, not simply pregnancy. I think pregnancy with bud is something that’s relatively under-researched (well I haven’t really seen much, if anyone has seen anything, throw it my way – would be interested to read) and of course this is directly related to your 5th point – cannabis’ illegality hinders a lot of fruitful research. I don’t think number 3 ever crossed my mind too much, but it’s very interesting to think “do I know any GROUPS of stoner-chicks”. It’s super easy to find other dudes (I’m male) to smoke up with, but I imagine it would be quite hard for girls to do it. For some guys I’ve discussed it with, they sorta see stoner girls like female gamers – rare mythical creatures! It’s a silly outlook, and I’ve met plenty of girls who like a toke – but I do believe girls are more inclined to hide it if they do it regularly due to the stupid labels society puts on it. By the same token, I feel like these values are perhaps loosening. I’m 21, but my younger brother (18) is a regular smoker and he has a group of girl friends that we reguarlarly sesh with. I find them more refreshing – differing perspectives etc – it’s awesome. Totally agree with number #4, and really hoping it doesn’t get to the point alcohol has in sexualising/objectifying women to promote the product. It further fetishizes the idea of the female stoner and will not do anything for the current stigma attached to it. Once again , however, this is the society we live in. Sexualisation to sell products has permeated almost every market. Anyway, love the post Simone, and thanks for taking the stand for stoner-gals and speaking your mind. Let’s break the stigma! Also for content on marijuana legalisation from an Australian perspective, check out my campaign blog and facebook here guys and girls – http://kushtheboundaries.wordpress.comhttps://www.facebook.com/kushtheboundaries

  21. yup, #5 sums it up and you need to find some new friends. It seems more to me that you want to be a victim in scenarios 1-4.

    People will always judge others, it’s what they do, whether it be for pot smoking, for wearing provocative or slouch clothes, or because you won’t let your kids eat sugar, or because you want to go to church once a week…whatever – there’s always someone judging no matter what you do.

    Moms will always be held to a higher standard, just the way it is, for right or wrong, and no one seems to wants to break that rule. Thank God for the ladies I raised my kids with and also for Moms for Marijuana.

    Lonely Stoner Chick? Really? I’d look for another reason and bag that one. I know a Lonely Stoner Chick, and no one wants to hang with her because she’s into conspiracy theories. It’s not the weed. No one wants to smoke weed with her either. She won’t stfu.

    I think the 420 nurses probabaly turn off a lot of women, and it’s too bad for the dispensary that have them, because they may be loosing business to men coming in to gawk at the chickies and buy just a gram instead of those willing to spend more and buy more product somewhere else in order to avoid the 420 nurse scenario. Their problem, not yours. No one is gonna change that scenario any time soon.

    Rise above it and be proud of who you are. Don’t be a victim.

  22. I am pro-fun, so thanks for the post! I walked into a head shop recently looking for a tool and one of the first things I ran into was a life-size advertisement of what-looked to be a Hooters model (don’t get me started). Well, I’m no prude, so I kept walking and asked the guy behind the counter for the item I was searching for. He was clueless. Figures. When I see a woman behind the counter, I will know we’re moving in the right direction.

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