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Five Substances That Can Be Replaced By Marijuana


pineapple skunk marijuana strainBig Pharma makes millions of dollars by selling prescription drugs to people. More often than not, these pills don’t actually treat the affliction that the patient is suffering from. In reality, most of these drugs cause severe adverse side effects. For example, commercials for the anti-depressant Zoloft state that the pill might actually make a person feel more suicidal, rather than assisting in the struggle to deal with depression. Cannabis has been shown to improve the condition of many different types of illnesses and afflictions. This list contains five substances that could possibly be replaced by a natural, green remedy.

Doctors caution users against trying to stay awake while on Ambien for two reasons. The first (and most commonly heard) is that the drug is extremely powerful and fighting the effects just isn’t worth it. If you’re required to use a drug this strong to make you fall asleep, you should do just that. The second reason being that the drug has a “hypnagogic” effect on people if they don’t fall asleep right away. What this means is that the drug has hypnotizing qualities. When under the influence of Ambien, people are far more open to suggestion, whether there is a third party involved or the user’s own subconscious. This means that you might end up driving your car, stealing something that you shouldn’t take, assault, or any other number of negative actions. Additionally, there are studies that link Ambien use to heightened death rates and the FDA recommended that Ambien doses be lowered in order to prevent people from suffering from next-day-impairment. Marijuana can put someone to sleep easily, without all of these potentially deadly side effects.

As a strong pain reliever, Oxy has gained a spot as one of the top medicines to treat people suffering with many different kinds of painful injuries. However, while the drug may help some, it has contributed to thousands of death per year. In 2010, more than half of 78,000 deaths were caused by illegal abuse of Oxy and Vicodin. Not only that but people aged 12 to 49 were 19 times more likely to start using heroin if introduced to non prescription use of Oxy. Even those patients who are taking Oxy for legitimate medical reasons have issues once they stop ingesting the drug… Most of the time, turning to Oxy’s cousin heroin to get their fix. If these patients were given cannabis instead, they would realize that the plant harnesses potent analgesic properties that are totally different than prescription pain killers. Instead of reducing the pain that’s being experienced, marijuana distracts the user from feeling the pain. Marijuana also probably won’t kill you or leave you addicted to heroin either.

Most people are beginning to realize that tobacco isn’t the greatest. CVS stopped selling cigarettes entirely and New York has been working towards eradicating these death sticks as well. Since most people smoke due to an oral fixation, using marijuana to quit butts is a great way to stay a bit healthier. Studies have shown that toking the reefer isn’t putting you at risk for lung cancer. If you’re having serious trouble ditching the butts, you could always roll a spliff. The mixture of tobacco and marijuana will give you a bit of the buzz you need but you’ll be able to wean yourself off of the cigarettes fairly fast. Tobacco is a huge industry and even though the effects are known to be negative, people still use this substance every single day. Not only that, but it’s easily obtainable at any corner store.

If you’re interested in becoming part of the walking dead, taking Xanax or Klonopin is what you need. While leaving the user in a severely hazed state of mind, with no real direction or purpose, this medicine if used to “treat” anxiety. Keep in mind that the term “treat” is used loosely here, as I myself was prescribed Xanax for anxiety. Not only did it make me feel as though I was constantly swimming underwater, it erased any feelings I had, along with the desire to do basically anything. People sometimes report, however, that marijuana makes them more anxious. Why? Because marijuana strains (typically) aren’t geared for a certain illness. Since you don’t always have two different bowls loaded with a high THC strain and a high CBD stain, it can be hard to monitor what you need in order to not feel so anxious. But with the advancement of medical marijuana, hopefully there will be more condition-specific strains available for every one.

For years, alcohol and marijuana have gone hand in hand, mostly based on the fact that they both faced prohibition at one point or another. Alcohol has been shown to cause liver damage, brain damage, sleep issues, cancer, and multiple other issues. But while the effects of alcohol can be serious, it is still sold almost everywhere. It doesn’t really hold any medical value and stands as a “this is fun but you will probably hate yourself in the morning” kind of substance.

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  1. No worries. We have a medical cannabis program in our state and she is utilizing CBD/THC products. I’m aware of the CBD hemp products problem, and tell everyone I know. Thanks for posting this for those who don’t.

  2. Whyiowa4medical on

    You should be telling her to be careful with the CBD compounds unless they are extracted from cannabis and NOT HEMP. The American Hemp growers Association state that their product is for no form of medical ingestion as there is less CBDs as there is THC in their product. Furthermore, their product is for industrial uses and is sprayed, treated, and prepared as such. Taking the lions share of these products is approximately as safe as drinking from the Mississippi River at the Louisiana border. If you are healthy, you likely will not die, but these products have caused death as they searched for a name like “Charlotte’s.” If you would like to know more about these products, and how they are sold read http://www.projectcbd.com/10/2014 and you would warn people to steer as clear of them as a rattlesnake. These people are the opposition to cannabis. They claim their product is not psychoactive, but the list of CBD side effects alone are very sedative. So if one buys a CBD product that does not produce this, it is proof that THC must be present. Though it sounds as though they are assisted by the edibles, why should she need more? Does she not trust cannabis? Or is someone selling her a potentially dangerous substance she does not need. When I get to a legal state I will be able to cut my opiate use to a sane level, but I will still need some. The painkiller, tramadol is mixed with a lower dose of SSNRIs (basically weak acid and speed) and when I took an herbal remedy I suffered from serotonin cascade (an effect that is often fatal) and when I switched to 45 mg of Morphine I was so insidiously addicted to the SSNRI I had to continue to take them for 2 months so not to suffer a feeling like my brain was on fire. Imagine that, a painkiller that no narcotic or cannabis will relieve. As a medical professional I had no Idea what tramadol was mixed with, I was told it was merely a better form of Lortab. This was when I learned again, look it up, the doctor did not know and the pharmacist told me it was like Lortab!!!

  3. Xanax, Klonopin, Valium etc aren’t necessarily bad medications, as long as they’re not abused or become dependent upon. They possess muscle relaxant qualities that are extremely useful for people who suffer from certain medical conditions (as well as the more commonly prescribed condition, which is severe anxiety…marijuana, generally speaking, is not a good anxiolytic drug, although certain strains are better than others as far as avoiding paranoia is concerned) and I don’t see marijuana replacing benzodiazepines completely.

  4. Karen Ferguson on

    This is exactly what’s been on my mind. Researching long term effects of ‘big-pharma-psycho-drugs.’ I noticed in 2000, my students were mentioning getting on, or being asked to take SSRI’s. [ie, Zanax] I asked one student, “If you don’t mind my asking, why do your parents thing you need to take an anti-depressant?” She said she and her boyfriend had just broken up. Staying calm, short version: I told her “It’s okay and normal to be sad and upset. Please take this PDR [Physicians Desk Reference] home and look up 3 antidepressants and report back to class for 10 minutes.” She did. I couldn’t have done it better. She told her class…”they cause the very thing they are trying to fix.” Bingo. [2 great sites for more information: beyondmeds.com and survivingantidepressants.org
    Thanks, Johnny. Most appreciative.

  5. If we had not the cowardly prez we have and a completely corrupt Congress, cannabis would’ve been rescheduled a long time ago.

  6. You could send the president a letter asking him to take the action he has promised numerous times during fund raising speeches, but has never acted upon.
    Then again, as so many people have experienced, it’ll likely jbe a waste of paper, ink and postage because there won’t be a response.

  7. If you want to see prohibition end, call (202) 456-1111 and tell them Cancer patients can’t wait.

  8. Just What the Doctor Ordered
    By: Hope

    “We’ll put you on medication” They said,
    “It’ll make you feel much better!”
    The medication screwed up my head.
    I couldn’t even write a letter.

    Then they said “That’s not enough.
    We’ll just add another.”
    Actually I think that all that stuff
    Just counteracts each other.

    “Oh ,NO” they said “We’ll try a third
    And that will help much more!”
    I’ve never heard anything so absurd!
    I’m worse off than before.

    They said “A fourth medication is what you need”
    And that’s just what I got.
    So unnecessary if they’d just concede

  9. if they never had a parent died at 55 years old from cancer they would jump on the train for medical marijuana I wish they had the technology back then to find the ingredients in marijuana the help people I just wish they would legalize it for the whole country it has helped so many people and young kids alike with just one drop under their this 5 year old boy was havinp up to10 seizures per day she read about it on the weed blog so she tried one drop under his tongue and that day he never had a seizure since then she has given him one drop under his tongue and he’s never had a seizure since I’m so happy for that young man God gave us this plant to help us with all kinds of ailments and I thank him for it

    young kids with seizures

  10. i must say-i believe the reason people become anxious is because they aren’t doing/being something/somebody they know they should-something prevents them. could be old memories that are painful or cause guilt, could be fear of failure-i don’t think a pill will help you face ur demons, which is what needs to happen to move on. pot can cause you to dwell in your own mind-that could be really hard on a person who is trying to run from themselves, which is what i think anxiety is. so when they smoke they feel more anxious but when they take the drugs they don’t feel anything at all-perpetuating the original problem for forever. people need to face it and learn to forgive themselves and others-this is the way out of anxiety-not drugs and maybe not even pot-until they are able to forgive.

  11. There is this lady I met at the PT pool I go to, and this Friday, she made my week, maybe my month.

    She is on 10+ Rx – for depression, pain, multiple surgeries, diabetes. Some of the drugs I could remember she took were: oxy, morphine, adivan, lyrica, an antidepressant and many more Rx to combat the drug side effects. I couldn’t believe it. Fucking irresponsible doctors! I suggested cannabis and told her it may just help her cut back on drugs she was taking, because she was miserable, in serious pain and really, really depressed. She got a hold of some Purple Kush and tried it. The next day at the pool she was crying tears of joy for having slept through the night, painless. She asked her pain doctor to fill out the paperwork to get her qualified in NM for the Med Can Program. He said no at first, and then after she nagged him and told him her experience with the Kush, he relented.

    I hadn’t seen her in about a month until this Friday. She got her MMJ card and had discovered CBD and edibles. She was ecstatic, and so grateful to me it was embarrassing, but it made me happy too. She had already stopped taking the adivan, and had cut back on the oxy to half as much just a couple of weeks. She is anxious to wean off some more. I told her be careful with those edibles and to go spread the word to everyone who would listen, especially her doctor.

    That’s the story so far, and I’m sticking to it.

  12. This comment came up as “waiting to be approved by the weed blog”
    I’m a Scientist with a strong interest in Cancer research.
    Please publish this comment. Thank you!

    I completely concur. There’s a great article in entitled Cannabis and Cancer: prescribe 5 different drugs or simply one botanical…your choice
    – See more at: http://www.integrativeoncology-essentials.com/2012/01/cannabis-and-cancer-1-plant-versus-5-common-symptoms-that-affect-cancer-patients/#sthash.fGbpgJ7x.dpuf

    by an integrative oncologist that makes the point that one prescription for Marijuana can safely and effectively replace five prescriptions for five common symptoms that affect Cancer patients, a belief that many clinical oncologists share.

    The American Society of Clinical Oncologists has argued for years that Marijuana should be removed from Schedule 1.
    The DEA, the President, Congress and the Attorney General all have the power to make that happen. It needs to happen immediately. It should have happened a long time ago.

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